Babylon : Gate of the gods

BABYLON : Gate of the "gods"

Why Babylon provoked God to anger ? Babylon is an ancient empire, we may say a world power in ancient history. Babylon is a pioneer in civilizing the world. Its people were energetic, intelligent and talented in sculptures, arts, mathematics, agriculture,etc. They had their legal system, set of laws that govern their social conduct. The Babylonians were also very religious people . They have priests through whom tithes and offerings were made in honor of their gods. But despite their religiosity, the whole empire is object of God's wrath As it is written . AS it is written

: "Flee from Babylon ! Run for your lives..Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the Lord's vengeance , he will pay her what she deserves ." Jeremiah 51 :6

"Come out of her my people ! Run for your lives. Run from the fierce anger of the Lord." Jeremiah 51 :45

People of Babylon were hardworking people, craftsmen, experts in trade and agriculture. They were prosperous and very progressive nation. But they were an idolatrous people. Rather than seek and remember the true and living God, who gave them all those rich blessings, they rather turn to worship and pay tribute to idols. Babylonia is derived from the native "Bab-ili" which means "gate of the gods", what a coincidence. Babylon represents the world. The world represents a godless society though it maybe preoccupied by a religion who does not honor the true and living God.

Exactly like the Babylon, the world is full of "gods". Its subjects have many idols. Idols do not refer only to the images, it refers to anything that preoccupies a human heart and steals away your focus or attention from God. This may refer to your own self, your ambition, your wealth and possessions, titles and positions, a certain person, a career,a religion. Anybody who is excessively preoccupied with these idols can be considered an idolator, a Babylonian and an object of God's wrath. God alone must be the one to be enthroned at the center of our heart. To please Him and escape his judgement we must surrender to him anything that will hinder our fellowship with Him and displease him. For He alone is the giver and sustainer of everything.

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Eddie Perkins 8 years ago


Very well written hub. Thank you for writing and sharing. ~ eddie


cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

thanks Eddie Perkins for appreciating this hub.

talford profile image

talford 8 years ago from U.S.A.


As always, you have written a good hub. Tom

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks talford for appreciating this hub.

childcen profile image

childcen 8 years ago from New Zealand

Very well written. Just wanna show my appreciation too.

funwithtrains profile image

funwithtrains 8 years ago from USA

Nicely done -- yes, there are still many types of idols that people focus on.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thank you childcen and funwithtrains for appreciating this hub. Best regards to you.

kit 5 years ago


Spyder Jack 5 years ago

I heard a couple of weeks ago in a mainline online magazine that the real reason why we went into Iraq was not for their oil or for the WMDs but because the US discovered a God Gate or Ancient Portal. Can anyone shed some light on this subject? I believe this ties into Revelations.

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