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To get a handle on the direction to choose. To erupt in a way that finds faith a gift and love a strength. To create and use the mind as it was intended, because it is there for you through thick and thin and creates avenues no one man would seem possible. The mind carries out decisions before the second is complete and proceeds to more tasks at the same time and chooses its path based on the excitement and emotion the body provokes.

You want to know more so the mind begins to figure out what it is you want so it can continue to please you. All in seconds the thoughts mediate toward each small step to the thought of the gift that your God left for you. Never alone, always secure, pushing forward toward each and every dream through time forever if you so choose giving yourself the opportunity to make the choice to dwell.

As it has been said by so many people, a belief so powerful that people tell their story of their informant, how fascinating. That your life is your choice and the path you are on is your choice. How ironic. With that we can only justify the outcome based on your choice because if what they are saying is true we must have been somewhere before in order to be given the opportunity to make that choice. Powerful stuff, and think about it, it all derived from the choice to dwell.

pjf/pjb 1/22/11

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More Than Words profile image

More Than Words 5 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ Author

Yes. Many years and many paths. That may be where my words are derived. How do I know? Hmmmm Do you know where I have been? No. But, you feel where I have been. You may know more than I.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

It's nice to see an article that speaks such a truth. It takes many years and many paths to come to this level of understanding. Thanks for writing it for us to see and appreciate. voted up UI

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