Beginners' Guide to Tarot: Card Combinations and Their Meanings Revealed: 0 The Fool

Reading the tarot takes more than just knowing the meanings of the 156 cards, upright and reversed. Certain card combinations produce additional meanings. When the card in question is said to be “following” or “preceding” another card, it means the card DIRECTLY following or preceding. “Proximity” refers to being nearby. The closer, the stronger the meaning. “Surrounding” means the cards immediately preceding and following the card in question. “Any position” refers to reversed or upright.

The Fool- fresh start, think before decisions, a new job or love affair may be just around the corner
Reversed- bad choices, the grass is not always greener, a person may not be the right one

0- The Fool (with)

The Chariot- If the Fool precedes the Chariot, important news is on the way.

The Hermit- If the Fool precedes the Hermit, a secret is safely kept. If the Fool follows the Hermit, a secret will be revealed.

Wheel of Fortune- If the Fool precedes the Wheel of Fortune, the Fool is cancelled out.

The Devil- If the Fool precedes the Devil, the Fool is cancelled out.

The Sun- The Fool preceding the Sun predicts joy from an unexpected source.

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