Being Born Again, The Death of The Flesh

The Body of Christ-Broken for YOU!


The Ultimate Transformation

In my church, we are studying the Gospel of John, and I felt it is important for me to be on the same page as my “spiritual body” as far as my writings go. For it is in the first chapter of John, that we are given some great spiritual insights into the nature of God and are relationship with him.

John does not wast any time proclaiming that indeed Jesus is God, and he has always existed. God even created the world though Jesus! Then, when it came time for God to redeem the world He allowed his Son to become flesh. He sent a prophet to prepare the way for this event. This was John The Baptist who's purpose was to proclaim that Jesus was indeed the one who the scriptures predicted. Then, as Jesus came on the scene, he created quite the stir with the leaders of the Jewish people.

I have often imagined what it was like when Nicodemus met with Jesus in the dark of night. After all this was a big wheel who was well verse in religious law and had much clout in the political arena. For that was the roll of Pharisees in that day. I am sure that he dressed very inconspicuously and was doing everything he could to keep a low profile. It was also clear by the way he responded to Jesus that he had much respect for him and thought that he had been sent by God.

Nevertheless, Jesus does not waste any time dropping a bomb on Nicodemus by saying that there is no chance what so ever of seeing the “Kingdom of God” unless one is born again! Of course this confused the heck out of this learned man, for he could not perceive how this was physically possible. It was then that Jesus asked him why it was so hard for him not to see that a spiritual transformation had to happen. After all, this was a man well versed in scripture and he still could not grasp the importance of what Jesus was trying to impart to him.

One of the things that kept me from becoming a Christian for so many years , was that I was convinced there had to be a better way. So I turned over ever stone I could find, tried drug after drug mantra after mantra. Got the Holy Poop scared out of me from experimenting with complex rituals and Astral Projection techniques. I had talked myself into believing that it was useless to try and change, for I would always fail! By the way, I was right. There is no way that it is humanly possible to stop sinning! Our best efforts will fall short every time, it is only possible though the power of the Holy Spirit living in us. Or in other words, being born again. Another thing I discovered was that just like in life, having a spiritual rebirth is much like being a new born baby.

It is just the beginning of spiritual journey that will (hopefully) last a life time. I say hopefully, for “dropping the spiritual ball” is something that is so easy to do! The reason why this is that we our flesh, and as the Apostle Paul stated, the flesh is weak.

One thing I have discovered that the more I open to spiritual things, the more I find “The ways of the world” starting to loose its meaning and appeal. I still find myself hanging on, to those things that use to have such a power over me. This rebirth has been a slow process and not at all painless. Even with all of this, God has shown time and time again, that he has not given up on me. The more I seek him the more He shows me his love. This love has not been sugar coated, and has not magically changed my life. For God does not force himself on a person, the spiritual growth depends on how much we surrender.

This remind me of a song done by The Carpenters, when I was young. The Song is “Love is Surrender.” In fact there is one line in that song that sums it up for me, “you must surrender if you dare!” For it is true, it takes courage and faith to say “God your will be done, not my will!” This is something that needs to be done on a daily bases, the conscious surrender of our will to our father. Yes, this was another thing Paul speaks about, dying daily. When you really put it in perspective, Christ was will to die for us, he surrendered to death its self and then defeated death!

In the same way, we are joining our Saviour, Jesus, in that eternal life he promised us! For it is the obsession with the things of this world that leads to death. It though the rebirth of water and spirit, that gives us the inheritance promised to us when we become adopted by God to be his Children! It is a gift that is given freely from God and yet, there is also a responsibility for us to share this gift with others.

For if we are to truly be the children of God, we must take on the attributes of God. In fact my Pastor has challenged those in our congregation, to develop a mission statement. To know with out a shadow of doubt, what are lives are all about. After much prayer, I realised that my Mission Statement is as follows..."To Seek the Truth, then live it." That is why I write the material I do, I want to get to the heart of the matter. I want to to understand what I believe and then share it with others. I do not desire to be guilty of what some would call "Bible thumping" and instead I desire to come from the heart and speak of the things that the spirit gives me! That is my story and I a sticking to it!

Very profound and based in scripture

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bambamnpebbles profile image

bambamnpebbles 5 years ago from Iowa

Quuite charged. I can't wait to read more!

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Thank you so much for dropping in, and welcome to HubPages!

HOOWANTSTONO profile image

HOOWANTSTONO 5 years ago

Jhn 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.


MonetteforJack profile image

MonetteforJack 5 years ago from Tuckerton, NJ

Very interesting. I pray you be sturdy in your spiritual journey and your faith in God never waivers.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Yes, Hoowantstono, you are right water and spirit. My question is, then what will do once we are born of these two elements? Monetteforjack, it is so good to have you drop by! God bless you my friend.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 5 years ago from Wisconsin

I just love your hubs, they are so uplifting. I read somewhere that Jesus fulfilled at least 500 prophecies and still the Jews would not accept him.

You have changed from a force of darkness to a force for good, and you touch so many people's lives with your hubs.

I am hoping that you will write something on the rapture. I would like to see what you think about that.

Lots of people believe that humans will undergo a "change" where our vibrations will get faster and we will be transformed. To me, this means the rapture. Of course the new agers think this will happen on 12-21-12, which would be nice, but I don't put much stock in anything to do with ancient pagan religions.

Dusty Farrell profile image

Dusty Farrell 5 years ago

This hub is great. I really like your writing. I watched the whole first video. I wonder where he puts the spirit element of man before physical death? The Greek and Hebrew languages use three very different terms for man, spirit, soul and body. He obviously views man from a physical perspective, maybe a little intellectual. He actually says humans are made of dust and not spirit. What will go to heaven if not spirit with the soul intact? This kind of sounds like Hebert Armstrong who said man "sleeps" in the grave until the resurrection. If so, Jesus used an invalid example with the rich man who dies along with Lazarus. The witch of Endor conjured something other than the spirit of Samuel. What about the mount of transfiguration? This is fascinating to me. Anyway, your hub is good. Thanks.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Thank you Dusty for dropping by, I put the video in there to see what kind of feedback I would get for his views were a different take on things. It does not mean that I agree with them.

Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 5 years ago from Roseville, CA

"spiritual growth depends on how much we surrender" - to that I say a BIG AMEN!! He is yet teaching us, and we can only 'learn' by yeilding to Him. 1 John 2:27 "As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him."

HOOWANTSTONO profile image

HOOWANTSTONO 5 years ago

Highvoltagewriter, In reply to you...what will we do...That depends on the indwelling Holy Spirit, and how he chooses to lead you and what desire he places in your heart.....

Jhn 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Jhn 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:


Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Hello Judah's Daughter thank you for dropping in, I will also be "dropping in" to your site soon to catch up on my reading.Hello Howwantstoknow, very good answer! I may use some of these verses in the home I working on now about spirituality. Thanks so much for dropping in!

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hello, and God bless YOU, Highvoltagewriter. This is the first meeting with you and this hub and I have to be hoenst: GREAT; TRUTHFUL and TRUE!!! I voted up and all but funny on this hub. And I agree with ALL of your text. We must 'crucify' our flesh and die daily in order for more of Jesus' presence to be seen by the dark world in our lives. I also believe that due to that evening meeting with Jesus, Nicodemus DID have a soul transformation. He was seen again when Jesus' body was taken down from the cross. Anyway, not to bore you. I love your work. Keep it up. Sincerely, KENNETH AVERY, from a rural town, Hamilton, in northwest Alabama that resembles Mayberry, the little town on Andy Griffith Show. Peace and may God bless YOU.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Thank you Kenneth for dropping in and letting and also giving me such great fan mail!

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

YOU ARE MOST-WELOME MY FRIEND, Highvoltagewriter. You earned it. And keep up the great work.

sharewhatuknow profile image

sharewhatuknow 5 years ago from Western Washington

Hello once again HVW. This is my theory, just a theory.

To be "born again" means that we ALL were with God before we were born. Thus, to be "born again" means we went from some spiritual form and then were born as a human.

Just the same as Jesus had done.

After all, the Bible states that God knew us before we were born.

Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..."

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Great theory, that would be a pure and perfect state, correct? I have approached this concept this way before....Thanks!

Lone Ranger 5 years ago


You are proposing a Mormon doctrine which is not Biblical. We never existed before we were born. The Almighty knew us, just like He knows the future. He knew you before you were born because He knows the future intimately. And, when The Almighty looked into the future, you were there.

But, in the case of Jeremiah 1:5 ("Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart....") you must understand The Almighty was talking directly to Jeremiah. People have a tendency to personalize Scripture, but in this case The Almighty was telling Jeremiah that He foreknew him and that he was set apart.

Although The Almighty "knows" everyone who will ever be born before it happens, He only KNOWS and SETS APART a select few (Jeremiah being one of the few). To be KNOWN by God is not to be confused with God knowing who you are. To be known by God implies a deep, spiritual togetherness or union, which is uncommon in this world.

To be "born again" simply means to be born of The Holy Spirit {of water and Spirit(referring to baptism)} years after your mother delivered you from her womb. It does not, in any way, refer to pre-existence in a spiritual state or form or as Mormonoids believe - in the form of spirit children. Peace be with you.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

No I do not believe in the pre-existence that you refer to, as Mormons and others speak of. However the Bible does make some interesting comments on this subject. For example, John the Baptist was said to leap for joy while in his mother's womb. Also there is the account of Jacob and Esau. In rereading what I have wrote, I do not see were you think I am speaking about some form of past physical life. My view is it is the spirit that gets transformed when we make a decision to become baptised by water and spirit!

Lone Ranger 5 years ago


Greetings, my friend!

Just to clarify, but I think you may be under the impression that I was addressing you with my last post, when, in fact, I was directing my thoughts toward "Sharewhatuknow" as indicated by my greeting to her. On a personal note, I liked your article and will reread it again very soon before posting any more thoughts. Hope all is well. - L.R.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Hay LR, I realized after the fact what you were saying! I guess I am just a little slow on the up take today!

WD Curry 111 profile image

WD Curry 111 5 years ago from Space Coast

We need to talk.

jesusmyjoy profile image

jesusmyjoy 5 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

great post just wonderful

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Welcome to my hub, Jesusmyjoy! What a great "handle"!

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

Interesting, I believe that when it comes right down to it we all are born again to some various degrees throughout our lifetime of course having had a spiritual awakening it is easy for me to say that and I certainly could be wrong.

However I will continue to learn and to grow . . . until I don't,

I suspect the great mystery will be solved at that point, hopefully what I have learned and given will be enough.

profile image

CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

Strong Hub, Highvoltage, thank you!

One of the thoughts I liked most was when you said, "This is something that needs to be done on a daily bases, the conscious surrender of our will to our father."

So true. How can one serve the Almighty and His Son when one's own will is in conflict with His? I think the Word of God is very clear when it says that one cannot serve two masters.

Voted up and interesting! :0)

urmilashukla23 profile image

urmilashukla23 4 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

Great spiritual hub. Thanks for sharing it.

Peter Geekie profile image

Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

Although I believe in a higher being, life after death and living my life in a humane and compassionate way, I do have problems with the actions of certain churches and their clergy. There is much hypocrisy and self-serving with which I can't agree. Perhaps on the day we are all judged I will find out.

Kind regards Peter

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 4 years ago from Savannah GA. Author

Yes Peter, I do agree with the fact that there is much hypocrisy and self-serving within Christianity, this is what kept me from believing in Christianity for most of my life. Then something amazing happened....And to find out more read my hub "My search for truth."

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