Being Human (a Poem)

When beginning to write about the human heart,

It suddenly dawned on me: where do I start?

Such incredibly complex creatures we are,

Expressing it in words’d be like swimming through tar!

So I decided, pushing aside my locks,

To grit my teeth and pull up my socks,

And to you, fellow humans, did I so ask

That you answer one question in a challenging task.

This exigent question did I thus pitch:

“As humans, what is our biggest glitch?”

Is it our fear or anger or sadness?

The responses I got caused a brilliant madness.

Surprisingly, no one mentioned our body;

That we cannot run fast because we’re so cloddy.

So, it seems from it all we have underlined

That our ‘superior’ stance is all down to our mind.

Yet, how ironic it appears that our biggest strength

Has now turned against us and swum another length;

Our intelligence, once used to help us survive,

Now means that from other humans we rive.

Yes, we imagine, we create, but most of all

We have a knack for causing other humans to brawl,

Be it simply by scuffing on a Saturday night,

Or be it by the abuse of a human right.

All of these things make us lose sight

Of the truly important issues about which we fight.

“An endangered species? Why should I care?

It might just taste good, so who cares if it’s rare?”

Yes, gluttony is what I’m getting at;

Selfishness is just what makes humans get fat.

But this is not the sole sin of our mind;

Many more flaws in the human being can we find.

The human soul is full of greed;

It’s almost impossible to do a selfless good deed.

The dollar bill tells us "In God we trust",

When money itself is a thing of lust.

All these imperfections we are unable to hide;

Our greed, our gluttony, our lust and our pride.

Admittedly, in this moment I am displaying such a sin

As I am hoping this work will soon be a win.

Sloth: another of our flaws

(Although this is also displayed in creatures with paws).

I can’t even be bothered to reach for the TV control

Which explains very well why I’m also on the dole.

And don’t get me started on the envy that’s in us

And the amount of times that it’s caused us to cuss!

“Who’s she? Where are you? What are you doing?”

In marriage, this can even end in a suing.

And now, here it comes, last but not least,

As we look at ourselves in a critical feast.

Who could forget the emotion of wrath,

The anger, the rage, the fire we hath?

Other people, this poem they surely will smother,

As it is written by one human and read by another.

No one of us can please every human being;

While one person’s thriving another is fleeing.

It’s absolutely true that we humans are flawed;

Indeed, despite all our luxuries, we still can get bored.

But the fact that we have all these complex emotions

Shows us nature is more than just land and oceans.

We see the patterns on a butterfly’s wing

And think “Wow, nature – what a wonderful thing!”

When all people around each and every nation

Forget that we actually are that wonderful creation.

We are all beautiful, complex and unique

Even when our wicked minds think “That person’s a freak!”

Open your eyes to the beauty around you

And let nature and its handiwork engulf and surround you.

Let’s admire our generosity, our humour, our kindness,

And stop seeing things through our short-sighted blindness.

We, as humans, with our each and every blunder

Should just close our eyes, smile, and gasp “Nature – what a wonder!”

Daniella Wood © 2015

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hfortinberry profile image

hfortinberry 2 years ago from Connecticut

Great work Daniella! It spoke so much to my thoughts of late. Suffice to say, I wrote about it in "Entitled to Kill?" on my blog:

DaniellaWood profile image

DaniellaWood 2 years ago from England Author

hfortinberry, thank you! I'll be sure to check out yours, too. Thinking outside the box has always been something that fascinates me!

Daniella x

MsDora profile image

MsDora 2 years ago from The Caribbean

You share very practical and relatable information. In a word, "we have all these complex emotions." Good job!

MaTeresaVSantos profile image

MaTeresaVSantos 2 years ago from New York


shprd74 profile image

shprd74 7 months ago from Bangalore


Pl read my short poem 'bloom' o n similar lines.


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