Benefits of Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is counted as amongst the most auspicious and powerful of Yantra, which also derive it with the title of being one of the most popular of all the Yantra. The term of ‘Shree’ defines wealth, and that of ‘Yantra’ means an instrument, thus collectively making it an instrument of wealth. However, one should not mistakenly confine it within materialistic wealth, as it goes beyond that to bestow one with spiritual wealth as well.

It is graphically designed by amalgamation of nine triangles of varied sizes in a certain way that their positioning and size affects the collective positioning of the entire Yantra. As a cause of the presence of these nine triangles, it is also referred as ‘Navayoni Chakra’. Their interlocking with one another form a total of 43 smaller triangles, which is believed to be a representation of the entire cosmos as well as non-duality. The centre is surrounded with a lotus of eight petals and sixteen petals, besides an earth square similar to a temple structure with four doors.

The prime source of its power is considered to be its centre point or bindu. It represents for Goddess Laxmi. Other than her, it is also believed to be a representation of the form of Goddess Tripura Sundari, the affirmed beauty of the three worlds. The five downward facing triangles are believed to collectively denote for the form of Shakti, the supreme form of feminine. The four upward facing triangles are believed to collectively denote for the form of Shiva, the supreme power of masculine. Therefore, it is one effective and absolute amalgamation of feminine and masculine divine.

Yantra of Goddess Laxmi

Shree Yantra has been described as the much loved Yantra of Goddess Laxmi, as stated and further confirmed by several sacred ancient texts including Laxmi Tantram. In Hindu mythology and beliefs, Goddess Laxmi is believed and worshipped as the supreme Hindu deity of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Anyone who is under her gracious blessings gets conferred with abundance of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and comforts. Possession of Shree Yantra is one effective way of worshipping and pleasing her. One can sense the aura of positivity building around with its mere possession. In addition, if one willingly and devotedly puts in contemplation of Goddess Laxmi with assistance from Shree Yantra, then the impact gets far more beneficiary and intense.

Other Benefits

The place where it is established never sees dearth of wealth or lack of any sort of martial comforts. It is a source of fulfilling all unconvinced aspirations of life, in particularly the materialistic one, in a way too less struggling way. It augments one’s mental strength and inner cosmic power to make one get enable enough to face, fight, and conquer adverse circumstances. On the whole, the life of the host changes for better, with no problems and negativities, whatsoever. All the obstacles which were otherwise hindering the plans of success get eliminated with the possession of this Yantra. It also brings in seas of peace and harmony.

Worshipping Appropriately

There are many ways with which Shree Yantra can be worshipped. They primarily distinguish on the grounds of the impact they create for its host. The way with which it is worshipped highly influences the whole prospective of the nature and intensity of benefits which its host derives out of it. For instance, coronation of it with Panchamrit ensures fulfillment of all dreams and desires. Similarly, reciting the recitations of ‘Shri Sukta’ or ‘Devyatharvshirsha’ is believed as auspicious. For the coronation purpose, the Yantra should be in a three dimensional form, preferably in the shape of a pyramid, and should be of the element of gold, silver, or crystal. Among these, crystal form is considered as the best. Similarly, offering fresh rose flowers while worshipping or chanting of its associated Mantra on a Kamalgatte Mala (rosary) is considered as highly auspicious and productive.

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