Beyond 2012-WARNING-Welcome to the New Era-Extraterrestrial

Shocking Revelations Universal UFO's

By Dale Ovenstone 2012-Brand New Alien Extraterrestrial Footage & Very Strange Unearthly Events Caught on Tape-Could This Really Be The End Of The World?

If you came to this page to read an angelic nursery rhyme to send your little one to sleep or to read a witty little poem to banter the love of your life to make them even more addicted to you just because of the title above you’d soon get bored & leave but because I am just as open as the next open guy and, I really didn’t intend to spoil your day but this is going to scare you senseless because If you want to discover how our world is changing so much so that human kind HAS to take notice, for the signs of extraterrestrial invasions are unwittingly revealing for all to witness, just read what I have to say, &, to top it all you will be even more fascinated when you watch these brand new amazing informative videos below.

You see, something not so nice lurks in our atmosphere.

Extra terrestrial & aliens, what about UFO's? Of course there are other being living in & around this vast empty galactic space called the universe & beyond, but after watching films such as ET, Mack & Me, Escape to Witch Mountain Ice age 4 & the like I really hoped that the word alien, or extraterrestrial, would mean ‘friendly.’

Now, I think I may be wrong.

I must ask you a question though!

Do you believe in Aliens?

What about the end of the world?

Life after death maybe? (I sure hope so)

What would you think if I tell you that our planet, earth, is frying because of the two mysterious suns, whilst being torn apart slowly, ripped & twisted like a gigantic watermelon exploding through an invisible impact from its bubbling core, menacing its way through our earth’s crust from deep within, also, despite this heartbreaking drama as our planet deteriorates even more rapidly day by day what if I also mentioned that super powerful alien forces from way beyond our meager atmosphere are setting the stage for an almighty vicious attack. To devastate our world!

Seems like, no prisoners will be taken.

Sounds strange I know, but, like I said, these are modern times & because I’m as open as the next guy & if there is something unusual to discover I like to get my two pence worth of research out to you so you can make up your own mind.

What I saw from these two videos below shocked me, when you watch them you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Really…not a lot frightens me now, I’m all grown up you see, I stood in the face of fear on so many occasions but last night, when I saw these videos I became restless all night long, I tossed & turned I turned & tossed & to top it all, I tossed & turned even more, that’s how bad things are about to become for you & for me & everyone else for that mater.

Our planet is wrecking, & not only from the interior, but strange powerful mysterious unworldly forces creating events surrounding earth are also to be reckoned with!

And I’m not just talking about the concessions of damageable earthquakes throbbing wildly thus breaking through the crust, or the adverse weather contradictions worldwide effecting earth, & I daren’t mention the copious stories following the strange animal deaths, in mighty quantities, from deep inside the ocean to the highest might’s of the vast expanse of the sky, & all of this mayhem partaking itself within a very, unusually, short period of time, very recently in fact, at the beginning of 2012, reports from all over the world following strange anomalies from earth & from outer space, & all these eerie incidents occurring around the same period of time.

The sun, our vital planet, see for yourself what beholds within this burning star, see what footage has been recently picked up on powerful space tech cameras then you’ll try to understand ‘what on earth are those objects FEEDING OFF the sun itself?’

New footage, spacecraft, strange & eerie, more flying saucers all caught on camera, worldwide, brand new, all within a very short period of time, the beginning of 2012?

What does this all mean?

Lock your doors, turn off your phone, turn off the lights & watch the videos below with an open, & honest mind.

The first video will ASTOUND you.

The second video will SCARE you!

Watch them in that order.

Then maybe, just maybe, like me, you will have something new, & very dangerous, to ponder over, let me know, leave your comment in the box below please.

Today, were living in dangerous times, a brand new war, a war like nothing you have ever witnessed before, a brand new era of extraterrestrial rule & mayhem over mankind & there will be a show, very shortly, we will all know the truth, it is out there, waiting, getting closer, nearer, have our time on this planet really come? We, as human kind MUST stick together instead of fighting each other.

So, why are these strange events suddenly occurring worldwide?

This First Video Will ASTOUND You!

You Ain't heard Nothing Yet!

And this second video, wow, just make sure your speakers are turned up & I’m sure you’ll find that these mysterious sounds could be the creepiest out worldly noises you have ever heard!

This Second Video Will SCARE You!

Your Thoughts Please

Hope you enjoyed this article please let me know your thoughts & experiences

regards Dale Ovenstone

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Comments 19 comments

robhampton profile image

robhampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

Yes, interesting. I believe these sounds are trumpets in Heaven as described in Revelations. End times are very near

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Indeed, strange things seem to be appearing all around us even more so nowadays, thanks for commenting hope you enjoyed the hub


QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

I thought the one in Canada sounded really pretty. Noises didn't scare me at all but nothing like that really does lol. Very interesting hub!

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

QuirkyMooki I was surprised with the Canadian video noise it, sounded quite 'angelic' really but, scary, I think only because of the sheer power emanating from (where) making one think that, if this thing decides to kick off us little humans are all doomed (or something like that lol)

I love mysteries, surprised, things 'not of this earth,' paranormal activity & all things that are considered to be 'unusual' I really think that we are now at a time in our universal live's something major, maybe even frightening is about to take place that will effect the whole wide world, & the more I write such as this, it is nice to hear from others who have a similar notions because, ideas & theories are put forward for all to consider.

Anyway, excuse me for babbling on, this is your writing box not mine Iv'e had my say so thanks for your comment


QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

I agree with you fully Dale :). It does all depend on how you look at it you know? whether your scared or not. I am kind of jealous I haven't gotten to hear anything like that. I would have totally freaked out being in the woods by myself doing whatever it was I was doing and stopping because I heard an omnipresent sound. Lucky they had recorders.

QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

Oh and the weird thing that looked like it was eating part of the sun. That was something new I haven't seen and weird. Instead of the end of the world I am hoping for more of an enlightenment instead but that is just my wishful thinking. I have been looking into all kinds of Extra terrestrial stories these past months because they seem to be trending even on Netflix. Have you read any about the Sumerians? There is a belief that the alien race that may have had interaction with that particular ancient civilization could be on its way back here to take over the world. Encounters of 4th kind I think it is called would be an interesting watch if you have not seen it already.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

I have heard of the Sumerians but like you, I was, & still am, because deep down I do think it really could be, a sign of 'enlightenment' & not the other way around I have always hoped for this but, after watching these films & others like it recently, I'm not so sure now.

QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

It blows your mind for sure. Here you are going to bed thinking about this kind of stuff and other people are thinking about what they are going to wear the next day lol. It is amazing.

Ves1227 4 years ago

Sorry to disagree with the other comments but it seems to me these sounds from the second video are hoaxes. I saw this video on youtube a while back and it seems to explain it quite well

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Ves1227 , thank you for your input, hoaxes & debunks are always welcome, in fact, they are essential allowing us to get to the bottom of things, there are loads of answers to the so called unanswered questions & for anyone finding these incidences out, we would all love to hear the news.

Within the video you share your link with above it is quite acceptable that a 'made up noise' from inside the apartment could be happening but, I still think there are questions remaining compared to some of the other clips on the videos here on this page.

Regards Dale

StrategyCoaching profile image

StrategyCoaching 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

Truthfully, even if it isn't a hoax, it's likely not as "amazing" as it seems. The gov does regular testing of sound waves, feedback and various remote devices. Interestingly enough though, whether it's fake or authentic "sky sounds", I recognize the notes they are using, it's different Chakra tones. The lowest ones are for the Root Chakra, which inspire FEAR.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thank you for commenting StrategyCoaching These sounds did actually inspired a certain fear in me, but why would the government do such things so mysteriously in the first place, there are tons we don't know about & for this reason, I love the internet where many aspects become uncovered with realisms & various theories. These are in fact, exciting times (exciting in goodness, or quite the opposite, we shall soon find out???)

Regards Dale

QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

The government hides 99 percent of what really is going on especially here in the United states. They even lead us to believe we actually choose our president, which we do not. But that is another story ... a story as old as time I think lol. Was an excellent hub and well put together. Probably the most interesting one I have read.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thank you QuirkyMooki I am glad you enjoyed my hub, hope you like my other topics too here on hubpages.

Have a nice day. Regards Dale

QuirkyMooki profile image

QuirkyMooki 4 years ago from United states

I am definitely going to check them out when I get the chance I did read your bio today lol

Jai89 profile image

Jai89 4 years ago from Cardiff

oo. on the second video, Canada's clip, 8 minutes in, the noise sounds like something screaming. it's like a warning. But warning for what? very strange.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 4 years ago from Wales UK Author

I know, I think it is all creepy but, very exciting all the same.

Thanks for commenting

Regards Dale

just amanda profile image

just amanda 3 years ago from Cardiff

Wow, amazing videos, left me feeling a little scared. They are quite creepy and it really does make you wonder who is out there.

Well it is the second week of January 2013, I wonder if it will happen this year.

Inspired to write profile image

Inspired to write 3 years ago from Wales UK Author

Thanks for your comment Amanda, only time will tell. Definitely, we are not alone

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