Oklahoma,Blessed Rain, Somebodies Prayers Might Have Been Answered

Do Not Forget To Watch For The Horses

All Rights Reserved by Photographer
All Rights Reserved by Photographer

Cooler Temperatures and Much Needed Rain

Blessed is Oklahoma for we have broken some of the heat wave. We were soaring in the 109 temps here, and I just noticed signs along the road that said fire danger on our interstate highways. Near Edmond, Oklahoma they were battling fires a few days ago and houses were going up in flames. Then came a rain storm that broke power poles in half. It was said we had 90 mile and hour winds in Oklahoma as the front came through. It was called front line winds that tore roofs off houses.

In attempting to go to the store two days ago, then stop lights were off and everyone was having to stop and yield to the stop signs. It slowed traffic up, but it is better than the ground receding away from the cement as the earth dries out to crack. All summer it has been 100 to 109 degrees with averaging temps at 105. This rain and cool fronts that appear to be coming from above us are sweeping against the hot temps that are in our state and in Texas. These fronts are bringing in much needed cooler air, and the finally we have lifted the water band on watering our plants.  This morning I was awakened for the second day in a row with thunder and cooler temps. 

This author talked to you before about the drought that we were having, and I left it in a prayer to get cooler temperatures and help the poor animals like our horses. This state was running out of the option to give our horses hay. I also told you to watch for horse dumping because that was on the news as well. Our horses should not be victims of this, and as such we all need to be diligent in our watch to protect them. Baby colts cannot survive this starvation and heat. Then there are other animals that people have dumped. Please call your shelters and seek help for them. Blessed are we this day for rain. I will take thunder and lightning any day, if the results brings forth rain. H2O as it is called in chemistry. The essence of life. Without H20 we could not exist. Thank you God for this much needed rain. May you always bring forth help to your people and to all people everywhere in need. We endure many things, but with your help we can move mountains with faith. Do not see people that are your people only in a church but bless those of us who need you and who walk in the world.  May your eyes be awakened to a greater love, as I love him who moves mountains. 

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ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

The drought is continuing and now we have fires broken out in Oklahoma City, and around the state of Oklahoma. We still need prayers for people, their pets,property and their livestock. We desperately need rain. There are those carrying on prayer vigils. People are being evacuated and some having to leave their animals. There have been rescue teams trying to save animals but some have perished. Some have now tied up their horses in areas where they hope to be safer. While hurricanes have hit areas of the East, then wild fires have hit the mid west in Oklahoma City, and in some other cities.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

I am posting better news for now. We have a cool front that has dropped our temps to feel like fall. It is no higher than in the 80s now. Oklahoma did drop down in the 30s in some places and where I live in the 50s. So we are not out of the drought but have significantly cooled down.

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