Born again, what does it mean?

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One must be 'BORN AGAIN' to enter the. Kingdom of God
One must be 'BORN AGAIN' to enter the. Kingdom of God

Am I Born Again?

To be ’born again’ what does this mean? Many that come to this page will know what it is to be,’ born again.’ The phrase born again sounded very odd to me, when I first heard of it. Why would one ask me if I was born again? I believed in a God of my understanding. I knew little about God, I thought that was for the special few. I thought about religious view points and wondered if I had missed something? Would not be the first time. I had little use for church. I went as duty, per my parents. I thought more on the Ten Commandments. It was up to me to attempt to keep them. I thought I was ‘saved’ from hell, by works. Born again, I thought was a phrase and an odd way of saying you knew God and were His child.

This is what led me to write this hub. Maybe you have had thoughts similar as mine once were. Maybe you think you are ‘saved’ and ‘born again.’ If someone would ask you, ‘are you born again? Since you know about God, the Son and the Holy Spirit so you are likely to answer,’ yes’ If someone asked me, ‘are you a child of God’ my answer would be,’ yes.’ Somewhere inside I felt I might be missing a point about God but I knew I had made heartfelt attempts at being good. God created me so yes, I was His child.

I knew I did not live up to the Ten Commands. Maybe a few of them like do not kill, do not have false idols, and do not commit adultery. I thought I would end up in purgatory or the likes if I died because I was still a giving and loving, good person. It was only when I was truly born again that I understood what people were asking me. Nicodemus asked Jesus, "How can a person be born when he is old? He can't go back into his mother's womb a second time and be born, can he?" Nicodemus was a religious man. He did not realize our spirit needed to be born again. (John 3:4) Jesus answered him, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born [a]again.’ 8 The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:5-8)

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Why we need to be born again!

God formed man from the dust of the ground. He breathed into the nostrils and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7) God made the body from the dust. The dust was not moving, eating, drinking, or talking. God breathed into the dust and man came alive. It was not anything in his body. When God breathed into the dust, He breathed in His Spirit of God. The spiritual brought man alive. Man is a spirit being, inside of a body. We have a mind body and soul. We are spirit, soul, and body. Our body accommodates the Spirit. Gods plan was for man to have peace like God, to think like God and to talk like God.

When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, man died spiritually. That means the nature of God; the spirit man lost Gods Spirit. Adam did not cease to be a man. He stayed alive physically, but died spiritually. We now have a dead man walking. Man is born spiritually dead. Man is alive, but dead. Therefore, we must be born again of the Spirit. God never wanted anyone alive physical that was not alive spiritually. He wanted His Spirit in man. God wanted man to have His nature. Now Adam had sinned against God. Everything is about to be destroyed. We have a renegade man walking around. He is illegal in the sense that His spirit is dead.

Lucifer the greatest of angels created wanted to be above God. Lucifer then now called Satan was kicked out of heaven with one third of the angels that choose to follow him. When Adam sinned, he was banished from God. Man is now thinking in the flesh. He does not understand the mind of God any longer. Cain killed his brother. The dysfunction being passed down and all of humanity is born spiritually, a dead man. Everybody is born spiritually dead. ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it? Without Gods nature (dna) inside of him’ (Jeremiah 17:9) the very nature and the core of man is a spirit of evil. Every person born has a wicked and evil heart. This is what Adam passed on to us,’ the curse’. There is capacity and potential to do God knows what?

This is why it is so important for parents to teach God right out of the gate at home. We do not need to learn sin. We do things we thought we would never do and after it is done, we cannot believe we did it. When we close our eyes at night, we think about what we are doing. Inside of the heart we have the capacity, if we go unchecked, to do anything wicked or evil. Until we are born again we have the same capacity to do as others do. You cannot know the heart until born again. The heart is desperately wicked. When one is born again we have lived to long, as a dead man. Anger, jealousy, pride, greed, lust, idolatry all comes out in the man.

When people steal they may start with lolly pops but in time move on to banks. One small lie leads to a bunch of lies. If someone smokes weed the heart wants more because it is wicked. The alcoholic, the meth addict all want more. The rich want more to secure their future. One can clean up their act temporarily with behavior modification but the symptoms are still there. The wicked nature is still born in us and will tap on our shoulders at any given moment. We have no defense against it. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.(John 10:10) That is his only reason on planet earth. He hates you and me. He hates that God loves us and the devil wants to take all down to hell with him, for eternity. He is a liar and thief. He convinces you that evil is good and good is evil. It is working in our society today. Man has it all twisted up in thinking. Tolerance reigns just be in tolerance with one another. No! LIVE as God wants us to live and the devil will flee. One must be born again to escape damnation. God does not want anyone damned to hell. It was designed for Satan and his followers.

When born again the Spirit of God moves in us to transform us into the likeness of God. When we have repented of sin and sincerely asked Jesus Christ into our heart as Lord and Savior of our life, we are born again and saved. We now belong to the family of God. We are His child. We are given a new heart through Jesus Christ. Our old nature starts to fall from us through the grace of God. We are forgiven our sin. The transformation becomes evident to others. The light of God shine’s in us to touch others with the love of Christ. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but transformation takes place. We continue to grow and mature in Christ. Many may see something in you they long for; peace, assurance, hope, and joy in a world that is ripping apart at the seams.

Nothing fills the hole inside until we receive Jesus as our Lord. We were born with a longing in our hearts. God placed the desire to know Him, inside of us. He has given us authority to cast out demons, lay hands on the sick, resist the devil, and let our light shine to reach others that are lost. He has given us evidence that He is God, creator of Heaven and Earth. He has sent His son to die for our sins so we could be made spotless before God. The blood of Jesus covers our sin. Jesus paid a heavy price for the entire world at Calvary. He does not want to lose one to eternal death; He died so we could be made free.

The most beautiful gift in all of time is the gift of eternal life. Jesus is the only one that gives it to us. There is no other source. No one else or nothing takes you there. Our Jesus is alive. He is waiting for you. .He is going to return one day to end all sin. The devil and his follower's will go to hell. Gods children will be with Him forever. Time is moving quickly. The day is coming sooner than later. Do not make a decision to spend eternity in hell. You must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God.

When born again we are now, ‘Children of Almighty God’. That is right. Our heavenly Father has our backs covered. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. God wants us to abound in all things. He has so much He desires to give to us. How can we know His will for us or His promises if we do not hear His word? It does not mean we are not saved if we never open a Bible or go to church. We are only shorting ourselves of the many gifts and blessings God has already given to us when we do not hear the word. When we do not fellowship with other believers or open the word and hear we could wonder why we are miserable when God has saved us. God loves to bless His kids but we do have a part to play. We need to get to know Him. The Holy Spirit dwells in us to reveal Jesus Christ to us. When we spend time in prayer, worship and His Holy word we are filled with the love of the Spirit. Our faith is strengthened. We have wisdom that only comes from knowing God. It is nothing we have done but everything that God has already done for us.

God has a plan for our life. It is written in His word that has never changed. Yesterday, today and tomorrow His word is the same. God does not change with the times we live in. Everything that is happening in the world today has happened in history. There is nothing new under the sun. When we draw back from God, our Blessings start to fall from us. It is nothing He has done. He wants to bless us. We need to hear. His grace is sufficient. He will pick us up when we fall short. He knows we are human and will face trials and tribulations. He has the game plan for us to get through the difficult times. God left nothing out of His word. Every answer we need is written in His word. Everything that we are going to face as a child of God, as a nation, to the end of time is written in His Word. He has foretold us all things. Many will be deceived. Many will believe the lies of the devil. Even the elect if it were possible. Elect being the children of God.

To stay in God’s word is vital for our spiritual health. The more one gets to know God the more one wants to know Him, the more one knows Him, the more they love Him and want to know Him. The more the love grows in us for our Lord and Savior. We just want more of Him. We go from glory to glory, grace to grace, and strength to strength. We have a choice to do our part. Faith without works is dead. The benefits are amazing because God is amazing love. He only wants our love. He gave us a love letter to follow.

Faith takes practice, similar to playing the piano. The more you practice the better the melody sounds and comes together. The music starts to really flow. It is like everything you have learned starts to come together into a beautiful piece. It can always improve. If we stop practicing, we will not get better but remain the same. If enough time lapses in-between we can forget and go backwards and forget all the new keys we learned. Time is precious and we never know when our time on planet earth is up. Therefore, to absorb into our Spirits all God has for us we need to keep going and persevere. It is for our benefit, not Gods. He really wants us to have an abundant life. (John 10:10) We can when we know Him. He molds and shapes us for His plan, purpose, and Glory. If you think, you are used up and have no purpose in this life think again. In Christ, we have a purpose and a destination. Perhaps the sin has buried any dream or vision. It is not too late to know Jesus. He is the transformer and waits at the door. He knocks. Are you going to open it or stay in your own boat and coast your own ship?

Today I do not think I know what the ten commands are It is not about living the ten commands or being religious. Being born again is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Law of Moses was written to point us to the fact that we do need a Savior. Not one, no not one can keep the commands of God. That is why His grace is sufficient to us. He does the transforming. We stay close to Him and His gift and His favor are on His children. When we know Him, we long to know Him more. He is love, why would we not want to know Him more? There is nothing like the presence of God.’ His peace transcends all understanding and will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.’ (Phil 4:10) His grace abounds especially when we make errors. We are forgiven yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What we used to like, we no longer like. What we thought we needed, is no more. The desires of our heart manifest before us. This is Jesus Christ at work in us. Our nature changes more like Jesus Christ. Hello we are created in His image

If you are not born again into the family of God then do not make haste and put this decision off until tomorrow. Tomorrow may not come. We must decide in this lifetime on which we will follow. When we die, we go to Paradise. We will be on one side of the gulf or the other, heaven or hell. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. His blood makes us clean as snow from our sin. We are made pure. We can only go to the Father God through His Son Jesus, who died for us. If you deny Jesus and die then He will also deny you. There is no turning back.

We have free will to choose whom we will love and follow. It would not be love if we were programmed to only choose love. Love is a choice. Whom do you follow? Is it the creator of all the heaven’s and earth; God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit of God the way, truth and life or do you follow the enemy of our souls, Satan? The father of lies. He is evil and dark and he only leads to destruction and death? (John 10:10) We are talking about eternal death, separated from God forever.

Choose wonderful Jesus today and live-forever in His Light and Glory. Please take a minute to answer the poll above and vote! I love you my beloved brothers, sisters, and friends. Jesus loves you!

My Love, Skye

© Copyright Skye Tudae

I am Born Again

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skye2day profile image

skye2day 24 months ago from Rocky Mountains Author

schoolgirl Praise the Lord sista. Thank you. Let us pray that every eye that needs to see will open up to the word of truth. The Holy Spirit goes before us to prepare hearts. He is so awesome how He paves the way for us all the while pointing us to Jesus for His glory. No man can shut the door that Jesus opens. Glory to God. I love you girl keep going. We have a firm foundation Jesus Christ. Alleluia. No one can blow our house down, Amen. King Jesus be for us. I love you sista. Skye

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 24 months ago from USA

Sharing this on fb! God bless you Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 24 months ago from Rocky Mountains Author

You are precious beloved sister. May the favor of God be with you in all of your comings and goings sista! Hugs galore your way. Skye

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 24 months ago from USA

Thank you Skye! Love you too

skye2day profile image

skye2day 24 months ago from Rocky Mountains Author

schoolgirl. My sister. I wrote one comment to you last night and it does not appear. Hmmmm. Well darn anyway. Dear child of God. We do not need to keep asking to be born again. When we have asked Jesus into our heart as Lord and Savior and repented of sin and confessed with our mouth we are saved, born again and in the family of God. You do not need to keep repeating the prayer. That is like saying I do not believe you God. It is like saying we have to earn our way. Our works do not get us into heaven. We will be rewarded for our works. Our sin past present future is forgiven. Sin starts to fall from us. What used to be OK to do becomes less to us. Only God can change a heart. He is the heart changer. He is working on you. All He wants is our Love and Hearts. Jesus died for our sins. You are made righteous if you love Jesus. No one would inherit the Kingdom of God if based on works. Salvation is a process a walk. Jesus is with us all the way. He is strapped in on the ride. He is going with you the course. You are forgiven. We can not count the sin we do each day. Really think about it but God shapes us up. He so loves you school girl and has so wonderful a plan for you. I love you and I am so glad to have met you God put you on my path for a reason. I am blessed by you. You are humble and transparent. God so loves you sister. Never doubt His love. He saved you and just think how a father so wants to bless his kids. Think how much more Almighty GOD WANTS TO BLESS YOU for His glory and good purpose. Keep going school girl. Love you so much. Skye

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 2 years ago from USA

I thought I was born again but I kept repeating the same sins over and over, feeling miserable doing it. So I just prayed to God again, and this time I think things will be better. I think we have to continually ask God to make us born again, because for some reason we may not know for sure.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful article.

Ms Dee profile image

Ms Dee 2 years ago from Texas, USA

Just tweeted this! :)

skye2day profile image

skye2day 2 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Jackie lLynnley, Precious sister I thought I replied back to your heartfelt and loving comment. Oops. Please forgive me. I do not know how you and the sweet faith reaper write as you do. God does make variety Amen. I just love ya girl and I am always touched to see you for a visit. You are an encourager and God works in you to bless many with your writings and hugs. Keep EM coming girl you are doing amazing work for our Lord and Savior. His favor shines on your sister. Thank you so much for stopping in. c u real soon. My love, Skye.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 2 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Barbara Kay, Dear and precious child. I do pray many are led to the love of Jesus Christ and salvation. AMEN and AMEN. I am so grateful to be His Child. Honored to share HIS word and truth. It is by the Spirit of God this is written. All for HIS Glory. He loved us first so we too can love.

I am thankful you stopped in for a read and honored by your comment. My heart is touched with your presence. I will be over soon to visit your neighborhood Barbara Kay!

My love. Hugs Galore. Be Blessed in Him. + Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 2 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

schoolgirlforreal. Precious rose that you are! Thank you so much for pointing out to me an error. I will change that sentence. God Bless you for it too.

I love your heartfelt love for the Lord and your courage and strength to speak the truth out loud!!! Dear sister I do agree many spew God out of their mouth or spit on His name. I pray that they too will be plucked out of the devils demise and lies. Prayer and love is all we can do for those that are lost. Let the light so shine through us for HIS Glory. AMEN. God will never leave nor forsake us and HE is faithful and true. The older I get, the more I love and long for Him. Each day I need HIM more. He is amazing love and grace. His mercy endures forever. He so wants to Bless His children. I think we will be shocked at the big huge box HE wanted to open for us. If any lacks wisdom, ask and it will be freely given. James 5:1. Precious gem that you are I pray you be so blessed in Him. Keep going rose. You will I know it. Phil 4:13. In His love. Jesus Christ.

I am honored by your comment and in knowing you. One day we will meet and how glorious it will be. My Love, Skye

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 2 years ago from USA

Hi Skye

I love this article but I would say this statement is incorrect:

"Lucifer was authorized to be like God."

I think maybe you meant, he was the highest of the angels and favored by God?

I love your analogies of how wicked we can be without God's spirit in us, and of course we can still backslide if we do, but this is what is not understood by most people- anyone unsaved or born could they understand?

I believe at one point, when I was in the hospital, that God gave me the ability to read people's hearts, because 95% were unsaved and I could see it in their eyes.

It was only around the saved I felt any peace. It was a torment to be there, at the hospital, where practically no one honored God..and it was "dead like" and depressing and full of darkness.

I imagined what hell must be like, and what heaven is like..hell being without any light and heaven being peaceful with light. Hell would be full of fighting and envy, lust, greed in the highest degrees.

But no matter how hard people tried while I was there, to "undo" my spirituality, it could not and would not happen---Thankfully in the bible it says "No one can pluck them out of my hand" John 10:28 What a consolation.

I love this, "Many may see something in you they long for; peace, assurance, hope, and joy in a world that is ripping apart at the seams"

and it's true!

There will be a time though when people will have chosen the devil over God, and many may have already- would you agree?, and won't be able to turn back- just like once saved, always saved. Again what a blessing.

Praise the Lord. :)

And God bless you :)


Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 2 years ago from USA

You've done a good job on this hub. I hope it helps many to understand. God bless you.

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

Sorry I missed this one, don't think there could be one more important. I felt the love of Jesus and power of God when I was very young so I was very lucky but like you I don't think I really understood salvation and I thought it was all about being real good, sometime I could and sometimes I couldn't! lol

You are doing a wonderful thing letting people know we just cannot earn Heaven; it is a free gift but one we must appreciate if we love Him! Love, that's what its all about! ^+

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Nell Rose . Darn I lost first comment Well here goes agin girl. lol I am sending hugs, lifting you in prayer and I encourage you to keep going dear sister. God is faithful and true. He has the very best plan. Believe the unbelievable and receive what seems impossible. God can, we can not. The ole enemy has tried to put skids on my writing but no way no how My God is greater. When God be for us then who can be against us. Love you nell, Skye.

dianetrotter profile image

dianetrotter 3 years ago from Fontana

I have 2 November birthdates. November 13, 1950 I was born. On Sunday, November 5, 1978, I as born again.

I had prayed about "joining" church. On that Sunday, around 12:30 my spiritual eyes were opened. I realized that I as a sinner, asked Christ for forgiveness and asked Him to come into my heart. I know what it means and I truly am. Thank you for an excellent Hub that explains salvation.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 3 years ago

Hello Skye, this is Shy, I am so glad you made it back. Your hub is refreshing and beautiful, voted that way and up, and shared.

Blessings to you.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

Came back for another awesome read skye! great to see you and welcome you back, voted up and shared! hugs, nell

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

chitrangadasharan Thank you for stopping in. Faith is such a precious woman after Gods heart. I am so honored that she wrote a tribute to me. I am really touched. Many have come over for a visit and I am Blessed beyond measure. I am gateful you enjoyed the read. Born again is the best day in ones life. When we invite Jesus into our hearts we will never be the same and our lifes will change;. He is the way truth and life. When born again we have a home waiting for us in eternity with God the Father Son and Holy Spirit. We go somewhere when we pass from this ole flesh of ours. Praise God it is with Him for those who so choose. I look forward to visiting your writings chitran I will see you soon. God Bless you and yours. Your sister and friend. Skye

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

Great hub and well written!

I discovered your profile by reading Faith Reaper's hub. Your work is really wonderful. Will be reading more of your hubs. Enjoyed reading this one too.


skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Brenda Durham You are precious woman. See you around town girl. To GOD be all the Glory, Amen. Brenda if you ever need to chat please feel free to email. Hugs to you. Skye

Brenda Durham 3 years ago

Skye, thank you and thank God for this hub! I do believe you wrote it by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You have a way of making such good descriptions-----like when you said Adam was a dead man walking! So true.

You're also right when you said we don't need to learn sin; that parents should teach children about God right out of the gate at home. AMEN.

Love love this whole hub. You were born for such a time as this; keep on teaching the Word!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery I lost comment. Devil does not want good news to go out there Well, here goes again. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and encouragement my bro. Only because He loved us first can we too love, Amen. I hope to get a new writing out soon. I have a few in the works. The enemy has been defeated and has tried to stall me. Well he is doomed to hell. Truly you are a dear. Love ya brother, Your sister in Christ, Skye

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

God bless you, dear skye2day for the tremendous work you are doing here.

Romans 8:28 and John 10:10.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

pamitchrus Please forgive me for not getting to you. Truly I did not see a notification. God Bless you for stopping in and taking the time to leave your comment. I am grateful. I am happy to reply to the best of my knowledge by the Spirit of God in truth. John 3:5

The wind we do not see but we know it is there. Like the Spirit of God we do not see Him, but God has given us plenty of physical evedence to prove that HE is God and when we know HIM (Jesus made that possible) we know HE is here, there, everywhere. We know that we know we are born again. Just as the wind goes here there so does the Spirit of God.

Your right we have no choice of when we are born. We have been chosen before the foundations of the earth. We are planned. God also chooses who He will save. Although He wants none to perish!! He so loved the world He gave HIS only begotten son. Yet it would not be love if we did not have free will to choose. God does not twist arms for us to come to Him. We must choose. He is LOVE and will not let one perish whom He has not touched. Scripture is very clear each one is born with a longing for Jesus not to mention the physical evedence of God and the miracles signs wonders and the Letter He left theBIBLE. God has designed us with a longing in our heart only HE can fill. That is why it is so critical children are taught out of the gate about Jesus. When old enough to decide on their own they will choose who to follow. Proverbs 'Parents train your children in the way they should go and they will not depart from it' God will do all HE can to draw us to Him. His Grace and Mercy endures. He is no respecter of people. He is a just God. We are commissioned to share the gospel message (Jesus ) to the ends of the earth. All will know there is a God and Jesus is Lord and Savior.

We do have a free will on who we will follow. Many choose not to follow Jesus for various reasons. God loves them still. Many will not come to Jesus by their own choice as scripture tells us. They choose to do it their way.. The enemy and god of this world, Satan preys like a lion to destroy and devour.

Praise God. We have a Savior and Jesus wants us to have abundant life in Him. He is the longing we have in our hearts. He fills the hole. Nothing else will do. Money, drugs, ses, food, stuff, hollywood will not fill us. Jesus is the way truth and life. No one goes to the Father except through Jesus. One must be born of Spirit and Truth to enter the Kingdom of God. No one else will get us there. None but Jesus. Our works will not get us to eternal life with God. Only Jesus will get us there.

I hope this helps you with your thoughts. No one will perish without knowing there is a God. God says the gospel must be preached to all the nations. He has not made it hard by any means to see HIS goodness and HIS creation. Many choose to deny HIM. May God draw them to HIM before it is too late.

Please reply as needed. Truly may our Lord Bless you in His awesome abundance cup running over! In Christ. My love, Skye

PAMITCHRUS 3 years ago

Greetings sky bound one :0)... and if you will just a thought or two.... as you said in your hub this spiritual rebirth comes as the wind over which we have no control.. think on and remember that now.. Likewise we have no control over our physical birth. See a pattern here ???? Who then is in control of both the physical and the spiritual births ???

So then why do men say we have control over our spiritual birth ?? Have those who are the recipients become the source ???

Then consider this.. at our physical birth we meet our physical Mother .. Now then who do you think we would meet at our spiritual birth ??

So then those who are born again in the spiritual sense meet their heavenly Father arranged by him in his timing even as the wind.. Those few , the elect, are born outta season and thou they are indeed among us none believe their report concerning these things.

Therefore good news because our Jesus has declared that all men must be born again, this is not an option the Great One has spoken it, therefore it will occur in due time and season for all men. Again that's the good news of the gospel.. :0).. for those who are pure enough in heart to believe it.. remembering always that God is Love and Love is not Hate..

One of the Little Ones... :0)..

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 3 years ago from Massachusetts

Very beautiful information here within this well written article, i have enjoyed reading it today. Thanks for sharing this ! Have a very blessed rest of the week and a wonderful weekend !

Vote up and more !!!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Mr Smith I am honored and blessed with your comment. Thank you so much for stopping in.I do pray all is well with you and yours dear brother. Thank you so much for the video. I have added it to this hub. Love it. Bless You. Hugs your sister in Christ. Skye

Mr. Smith profile image

Mr. Smith 3 years ago from California

Spot on. And here's a gift for you, sister... you might remember...


schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 3 years ago from USA

I'm very grateful my mom raised me with a strong faith from my young years. It makes it so much easier although being Catholic, it was very challenging to become born again, yet it makes so much sense, for we cannot earn our way to heaven, we all fall short, and God's gift is salvation, By grace are ye saved thru faith, not by works, lest any man should boast.

It's amazing and humbling to know and acknowledge that God would be so kind to sacrifice His son, and all that He did for us, is mind boggling and we'll never know all of it in this life for sure.

Each day learning new things and trying to pass on the good news and seeing how God works in wondrous ways, is amazing.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

ed gonzalez Dear Brother thank you so much for coming over to read. Praise God that our technology has allowed for the message of Salvation to be heard all over the world. Let us pray it is not to late for the many who choose to deny the Name above all Names Jesus Christ. I am honored to meet you Ed. God Bless you for leaving an encouraiging comment. With Love, your sister in Chirst. Do return to visit! Skye

Ed Gonzalez - beliefasia.nett 3 years ago

Everyone needs to hear the salvation message of our Lord Jesus Christ Because the time will come and it might to late. The bible says that He wil come like a thief in the night. No one knows what time and date except God. It's a terrific message.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Dearest skye2day,

Thank you, dear sister. With God's grace I will.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

kenneth and God Bless you as well my special brother. Keep shining for our Lord and Savior, mighty warrior. Keep pressing on to the crown of Glory in Christ. But for His grace go I.

Love ya. Jesus saves, Amen. Skye

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

May God bless you, skye2day for the works you are doing.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery Brother check this out. Today in prayer and meditation I heard Romans 8:28 in my Spirit. Then I was surfing and stopped to hear Pastor DIckow and He spoke of Romans 8:28 then I listened to Pastor Lawson and He spoke much about Romans 8:28 then I come over to the hubs and again here is my dear brother with a word. Romans 8:28

God is so amazing and really does love us so, so much and has a sense of humor. My husbands unemployment is delayed. We were expecting two weeks of pay Tuesday.. Goes to show you Gods word is true He is our source, depending on the world will disappoint us. God is going to come through he owns it all anyway. We had the money spent and it did not come. ( I am sure you can relate)

Our God is faithful and true and always shines. I will be in touch on how our Lord works this one out for us. So Romans 8:28 is amazing and wonderful. I will speak it often today and think of this comment. Praise to God. I am off to plan B. God has opened a window for me. I am going on in. 'God works all things together for the good for those that love HIM'. Amen. Love you brother. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I know the favor of God smiles on you today and always. In Christ your sista. Skye.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Precious Nell Rose, You are more than welcome sweet one. May the peace of God

saturate your being each and every day. Jesus loves you so much. Love ya girl. Skye

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Dear skye2day,

This is for you for this moment : Romans 8:28.

Love in Christ,


Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

Thanks so much Skye, sending the hugs back to you too, have a great week, nell

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Nell Rose Hello precious sister. In days past I thought reincarnation sounded like a good thing to believe in. Now I know, Praise God, there is no reincarnation.There is one God the Father, the Son Jesus and Holy Spirit. God wrote it God said it. One must be born of the Spirit of God to see the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is the only way we get to Heaven. He is the way truth and life. John 14:6 There is no other way, no other God, no other belief, no good works that get us there. Only Jesus. Jesus made it so easy for us to believe in Him yet many deny His name and spit on Him. May God help them to see the true light and not be deceived by the enemy of the air before it is too late!! May the favor of God shine in you each and every day Nell Rose. You are precious in His sight and that of many others. Love, Skye

Thank you for the visit and you lovely words. I am touched and honored. Hugs Galore

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

Hi skye, beautiful words and teachings. I often wondered whether the words to Nicodemus actually meant reincarnation? it can be interpreted that way, but whatever the true meaning it makes us really think and believe, so I think thats all that counts, wonderful!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery Awwww Thank you so much dear bro. If I got what I deserved I would be splat on pavement. Because our precious Lord saved me I am alive in Christ Jesus.

He is amazing Grace I am humbled and so grateful He saved a wretch as me. Love You In Christ bro.You too in my thoughts and prayers. Skye.

Pamela-anne profile image

Pamela-anne 3 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Bless you my sister for your wonderful words of wisdom on the topic of being born again. I must say I was a little confused on what it really meant. I wasn't sure if I had to be baptized again as I was baptized as a child as I grew up in a Roman Catholic home. For many years I went without God or Jesus in my life. When I accepted Jesus and welcomed him into my heart I was soaking in my bath tub; so I did have a bit of a re-baptizing! I now consider my soaking in tub times as my quiet time to have a chat with Jesus; it seems the best place where I can have some peace to enjoy this session with Jesus. I want to thank you for sharing this informative hub it was so helpful in my spiritual guidance. Bless you Sister Skye!

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

May 17

Dear skye2day,

Praise The Living God for you. You will always be in my spirit and prayers.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Amen Kenneth support and stand-with each other in the the good fight of faith. I love ya bro.You too, stay in touch. Blessings Your sista,Skye In His Gorious NameJesus Christ.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hi, skye2day,

Thank God for you, sister. We will bless, support, and defend each other in "the fight of faith."

Stay in touch.

God smile upon and bless you.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

lesliebyers I am humbled dear sister. May His face shine favor on you today and always. To God be the Glory. My Love precious leslie. Thank You so much for stopiing in your generous comment. Hugs Galore, Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

kenneth avery awww God Bless You dear brother. God is so good......your sista, Skye

lesliebyars profile image

lesliebyars 3 years ago from Alabama

One of the best hubs I've read thus far keep up the great work. Voted up and I shared and tweeted also.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Dear skye2day,

No doubt you planted our paths to cross, and praise God you do have a brother and friend in Hubs.

For life.

Galatians 6:10.

Philippians 4:4.

In Christ, with Love, Kenneth

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

No mistakes the Lord planted our paths to meet brol. Thank You so much for your frindship. I am touched to have a new bro at the hubs. AND GOD BLESS you and yours bro. Your sista, Skye

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Hi again, dear skye2day,

I'm the blessed one in our friendship. You are one special "instrument fit for the master's use," (Apostle Paul to the Corinthian church."

If you EVER need me to pray with you, just call 1/205/921-4159

and ill pray with you.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery and you too dear warrior are in my thoughts and prayers. We fight not against the flesh but against spiritual powers in wicked and dark places. The GOOD news, 'We are more than conquerers in Christ Jesus. Put on the whole armor of God' Romans 8:37. I Praise the Lord for for a special brother as you Kenneth. Love, Skye

Kenneth Avery 3 years ago

Dear skye2day,

Wow, I can sense that you are filled with the Holy Spirit, empowered and anointed for The Father's Will.

Dear friend, beware. Keep the Whole Armour of God secure around and on your mind, where the evil one attacks first, okay?

Then sharpen the Sword of The Spirit as your battles will be longer.

Do this NOW!

I am with you until the End of The Age (church age) and until the end of human history, my child.

Thank you so much for your words of comfort and peace.

I will keep you on my mind and in my spirit. I promise.


skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery.

Amen brother. I will holler it. He is worthy to be Praised!!! All Glory to God the Father. Brother there was no mistake your comment came to me when it did. His thoughts higher than our thoughts, His ways higher than our ways. The Light of Christ moved on you to touch my heart in His wondrous love. He is amazing God.

I am blessed indeed with you kind and heartfelt words. God knows our hearts and meets our needs in His perfect time. May the light of Gods Spirit continue to move on Kenneth each day to shine in your love and graciousness sweet Jesus. In the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

I will be in your neighborhood soon to see what is shining on your pages dear bro. You can count on it. God Bless you and yours Kenneth. He is worthy to be praised!!

In Christ Jesus, Love, your sista Skye.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Dear skye2day,

My dear sister in Jesus, give praises to God, not me, I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

If I can ever help you, just holler.

And stop in with me anytime.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Kenneth Avery, Oh brother God Bless You. Your blessed comment came at just the right time. I can begin to doubt my motives. Well kind sir it is about Jesus and this is not a popularity contest. Gods grace is simply amazing and wondrous. He hears us before we even ask. He knows. Thank you for stopping in to visit. I am eternally grateful. May the favor God shine on you today and always dear brother. In Christ, Love ya. Skye

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Dear skye2day,

Amazing, engrossing, and words to live by. My dear friend, I loved this hub of encouragement. I voted up and away. Please keep up the wonderful writing as an instrument of Our Heavenly Father.

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

FSlovenec Blessings dear bro. Thank you so much for coming to visit. Truly I am honored and touched. I do have compassion for those that have left church for one reason or another. Christ did not intend the church to be one. God wants us to grow in understanding and effectiveness. our I know I returned prompted by the Holy Spirit. I suppose we can only pray and encourage those who left the church for one reason or another. There are plenty so shop till you drop. JK. It is so easy to rest on our laurels. We need to hear the word so our minds are always being transformed renewed in truth and understanding. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God Amen.

May Gods favor continue to shine on you child of God. You keep going in the Love of Christ. You will I know it.Phil 4:13

Love you your sista in Christ. Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Michael-Milec Blessings dear brother. I always look forward to your visits. Thank you for stopping in. You said it Michael, 'Kingdom business, God's kingdom it is - in re- establishing man to his original position in the universe' I love that. Unless born again one would probaly not understand but it is Gods truth brother. Need to Hear IT!!! You are such a blessing Michael in touching others in truth. One day perhaps in time in Gods perfect time we will see a hub from you. You really have a gift with words. Holy Spirit on you bro. I do praise the Lord for allowing our paths to cross. You bro are mighty warrior.

Oh Yes our Precious Lord is Long suffering and gracious. He does not want to loose one, no not one.

One day soon Jesus will return! I pray many many come to HIS open arms before it is too late. The 'world' is bedazzled and deceived the heart is wicked. Thank You Lord God for saving us.

Thank you for the vote. I am honored and humbled, pressing forward.

Love ya, your sista in Christ. Skye Phil4:13

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 3 years ago

Hi skye2day.

Achieving. We need to hear more of it, all of it - " to be born gain " - what does this mean ?! It was/is important link in the kingdom's business - God's kingdom it is - in re- establishing man to his original position in the universe . How patient and long suffering is the Creator with us ( (humanity ).

You've done a bold step writing about it, may The Lord bless you for being obedient.

Saints, and sinners , this is for everyone to know and to will.

Voting up and useful

Shalom .

FSlovenec profile image

FSlovenec 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA

WOW what a great HUB! It makes me sad to read the one comment about the person who joined a church and the people were imperfect then they left. The church and good preaching is part of the practice and getting to know God's Character. You have written this very well with Holy Spirit inspired words..thank you

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

ducky dee And I thank you precious duckydee for your warm comment. I am touched to see you in my neighborhood. May God richly bless you in His and love and abundance today and always. He is the way truth and life Amen John 14:6 Hugs Galore, Love Skye

DuckyDee profile image

DuckyDee 3 years ago from Washington

Wow! This is truly well written. Thank you for sharing Christ in such a special way!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

always exploring, Blessings to you my friend. It is so nice to see you in the neighborhood. Thank you for coming over. When I was led to write this hub this scripture jumped out at me. Nicodemus a man that was religious did not understand 'born again.' (Jeremiah) He asked Jesus how can a man enter into his mothers womb and be born again? Jesus told him. There is no other way except though Jesus Christ to enter the Kingdom of God. ( Jeremiah) We are talking about eternal life.We make a choice in this lifetime where we will be in eternity.

We are not talking about religion but a personal relationship with Jesus. This is born again. Born of the Spirit. There is no other way and those that think they are Christians and saved because of some other path they think works or heard about from someone need to hear the truth about being 'born again' as written in the Word of God.

believe Christ will send who needs to hear. He has it all in His awesome, glorious and loving arms, Amen. God is amazing love to send His son for us wretched sinners. Now forgiven we are made spotless because of the blood of Jesus.

The world can not know or understand. It is only when we are born again (saved) our hearts are made new and we are transformed into the likeness of Christ. Not because we are good but because God is Good and loved us first.

There are many that wear sheep's clothing. There ere many Church's that are awesome and worship in Spirit and truth. There is one on every corner in America, thus far. There are false teachers but trust and God will lead. Fellowship with true believers is so very precious indeed. I left the church for a time too and I was led back. I have been so blessed. The Spirit of God led me where He wanted m for His good purpose and Glory. It is all about Jesus and sharing the truth of salvation and reaching the lost, amen. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Maybe you will be nudged to go back one day if you have not. Anyway stay in the word of God. We need to hear His love letter to us! He has so many promises and He never changes.

I pray that each day you are blessed in the goodness and joy of the Lord, precious one. My Love, Skye Keep going! Phil 4:13 (-;

always exploring profile image

always exploring 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

Being born again means different things to different people. I was baptized when i was twenty four and joined a church. I found the most judgemental people there. I left the church but never left my belief in God. Thank you for the message today...

Lastheart profile image

Lastheart 3 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

This is good, awesome indeed, for the glory of our God. May those that have doubts be blessed reading this. May those that are not in a personal relation with God, make the decision. To those that are in the right path may be fed by these words. Up, across, sharing to the honor of our Creator, Lord and Savior!

Keep spreading the good seed!

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Deborah Brooks Sweet sista you are precious indeed. I am honored to write for the love of Christ, Amen. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment to me deborah.

I understand dealing with problems sister. I truly hope you have weathered the storm. You know Jesus is holding you up when you feel you can not stand. He knows the solution long before the problemem got to us. He is working it out all for His Glory and good purpose, Amen. Sometimes for me it is like OK Lord come anytime. But I have to chuckle at myself because Gods timing is perfect and He knows what He does. Sometimes it fells like the midnight hour but He is faithful and true. One day the problem will be a blessing and you grew in the midst of the trial. Keep the faith sweet one. U will Phil 4:13 Love you, Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

Faith Reaper Sister God Bless You. You are a Jewell in the chest of treasures found in Christ. A five star diamond girl. I love ya and I am blessed indeed with your gracious comment. I too pray that many come to Christ before it is too late. I pray they give up the misery for a life in the light with Jesus. Knowing Him is worth every storm we need to go though. The crown of Glory awaits His kids.

One day we will get to meet. How awesome that will be to meet our hubpages bros and sisters. ,Keep pressing on sister. Let you light so shine. Love, Skye

U will Phil 4:13

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

dear rayne. Big hugs sister. One knows when they are born again. There is absolutely no doubt. If we sincerly asked Jesus into our heart and repented of sin we are born again into HIS family. How sweet it is and how simple our Lord had made it for us to come to salvation. When born again we understand the heart was born wicked becasue the Spirit of God is alive in us. The evedence of speaking in the heavenly language(tongues) is present on many born again. Not always but as our relationship grows more is revealed to us. You have no worries rayne. You will know them by thier frutis and you shine in the Love of Christ. Precious child of God keep going and pushing ahead for the crown of Glory, Amen.

Thank you for coming to visit me. I really am touched and honored to know you sister. My Love, Skye

skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

rayne Hello precious sister. I believe God will put in our path many times over others that will attempt to lead us to Christ before we actually make a choice. Well where there is good there is also the enemy of our souls. Satan does not want anyone to hear the truth.

Sounds like the Father had his abounding grace over you even then until you could hear the truth. Praise God He is awesome.

I do hope the xmom in law heard the truth and jumped on it Amen.

May His light keep pouring on you and yours Laurie. You are so sweet. Happy mothers day precious one. Love, Skye

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 3 years ago from Brownsville,TX

I love you sky my sister in Christ.. God bless you my sister and thank you for writing this wonderful hub about being born again and about Our Lord Jesus.. this is wonderful

I am sharing on prayer request page on Facebook

Sorry I have not been around much.. I have been dealing with problems

happy Mothers day to you too


Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

My dearest sister in Christ, skye, I love you too! You are an amazing good and faithful servant to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as you faithfully do. This is beautifully written. I pray all who read, who are not born again, do accept the free gift of salvation in Christ Jesus! Bless you dearest daughter of the King!

Voted up ++++ and sharing

In His Love, Faith Reaper

Rayne123 3 years ago

for some reason it will not allow me to edit my comment, however all I wanted to edit was the part about being born again. The story actually has to do with my ex mother in law (I have no contact with since my ex passed over 10 years ago) and the story behind her trying to save us.

Now that I know what it is all about am I glad I didnt listen to her. Well I had my doubts about her then as she never liked me or my son but long story.

Rayne123 3 years ago

Thank you for the great hub, I have a story from way back when I was married ab out being born again and what I thought it was, however it is way to long to say on ur hub.

I think like you said God just wants us to have a close relationship with him and receive him and open our hearts to him.

I however when I was in the shower keep asking God to come into my heart so I figure that is born again.

Anyway thank you


skye2day profile image

skye2day 3 years ago from Rocky Mountains Author

lifegate brother. The results are in the Lords hands. He will do the sending Amen. Thank God we have such a community here to share the message of hope and salvation. Let us be bold in being HIS hands and feet. Love you dear brother. You are precious indeed. Yours sista, Skye

shofarcall Hello precious sister. God Bless you. You are a shining light in His love. It is a Blessing to see you and I am honored with your comment. It is always nice to hear that we are in there. Keep going shofarcall in these difficult times. Our Lord will hold us up when we want to fall and in case we do. He will pick us up. Oh Glory to God What a friend we have in Jesus. We can count on Him. He is faithful and true. My Love to you. In Christ Skye.

I will be over soon for a read sister. I am having company will be out for a time but you will see me soon. Hugs, your sister and friend.

lifegate profile image

lifegate 3 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Keep at it, Sista. Only eternity will reveal the results of the hubs you've written - proud to call you friend!

shofarcall profile image

shofarcall 3 years ago

Hello dear Sister Skye,

Never, can this message be heard enough. I pray that it will reach all those who need to hear it and that it will lead them to believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, and then to repentance, confession and hopefully baptism of water and of the Holy Spirit, becoming a new creation and bringing them into the fold/family of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bless you dear sister for being one of the voices 'calling out in the wilderness' which we have today. Great explanation regarding being born again. voted up and sharing.

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