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Hotei reclining
Hotei reclining | Source
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Hotei is Laughing Buddha

Here is one of the most popular symbols of Feng Shui, Hotei, god of happiness, and all good and positive things that can only be in our life. This talisman is also called the Laughing Buddha or Maitreya. It represents an ever happy person with a big belly carrying something behind his back or in his hands. This lucky symbol helps to stay in good humour and solve any life problems with ease. Hotei brings happiness, health, good luck, longevity and wealth to his owners. Also, this carefree and content god rids people of spleen, anger, depression, gloom, removes nervous stress and gives clarity of thoughts.

The personification of good luck in every aspect of life, the Laughing Buddha is admitted one of the seven gods of happiness in Japan.

The Laughing Buddha is an excellent gift because it will become talisman of good luck for its owner, especially given with sincere feelings. It is a perfect present for a man, even if you are little familiar with him. The statue can be made of different materials: wood, stone, ivory or metal.

Laughing Buddha of Metal
Laughing Buddha of Metal | Source

Buddha and the Subtle Body

Speaking of the subtle body, Buddha is the deity of Ajna chakra, residing in its right aspect. The right aspect of this chakra is the prolongation of the right channel of energy, also known as Pingala Nadi. It is remarkable that people who work a lot, that is who use their right channel, are very thin. Yet, Buddha is so fat. The people of the right channel are usually serious, while Buddha is laughing. This is very symbolic. Buddha taught us not to be attached to our work. But who of the usual people would work without attachment, without any reward?

Laughing Buddha statues depict a stout, smiling or laughing bald man in robes with a largely exposed potbelly stomach, which symbolizes happiness, good luck, and plenitude :)
Laughing Buddha statues depict a stout, smiling or laughing bald man in robes with a largely exposed potbelly stomach, which symbolizes happiness, good luck, and plenitude :) | Source

The Legend of Hotei

According to one legend, Laughing Buddha was in fact a traveling monk. This monk was fat and carefree. He traveled across the world carrying a bag behind his back. When they asked him about the contents of the bag, he replied that the whole world was in it. He collected people's problems in this bag thus helping to solve them. In return, he gave good luck, health, prosperity and the materialization of dreams and desires. Then, they started to compare the monk to Buddha, as he demanded nothing in return for his gifts.

According to another legend, Hotei is Buddha himself, only transformed. Buddha was so handsome that many women fell in love with him and went crazy because of this. Buddha's compassion to these women was so big that he turned into a funny laughing fat person, unable to break any heart, yet very kind.

God of Happiness ... and he loves to have his prodigious belly rubbed, which is why he is always depicted with it exposed.
God of Happiness ... and he loves to have his prodigious belly rubbed, which is why he is always depicted with it exposed. | Source

The Best Choice For You

There are so many representations of Buddha in different kinds of poses and with various attributes.

If you aspire spiritual growth and knowledge, then your talisman is Buddha with beads who will bring you to harmony with yourself and the world.Those who want more prosperity in their life should choose the Buddha with the bag behind his back. To protect yourself from troubles choose Laughing Buddha with a fan. To improve your health you need to buy Buddha carrying a pumpkin jar. Buddha with a pearl in his hand symbolizes both spiritual and material prosperity. A scroll and a Chinese crown are possessed by Hotei who helps achieve good results in career and study. Buddha can be placed anywhere at home thus improving your Feng Shui. Another powerful talisman is Buddha with a dragon on his shoulder which attracts protection of influential people.

Famous Buddha statue in Bugis that everyone is touching.
Famous Buddha statue in Bugis that everyone is touching. | Source

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How to Activate Your Talisman

When you need to get rid of negative thoughts, spleen, boredom, illness, stress or anger, rub the belly of the Laughing Buddha and the problems will disappear. His huge stomach devours all the problems.

According to the legends, all the troubles are transformed into well-being, prosperity and success in the bag of the Laughing Buddha. Don't forget to rub this bag as well thinking about your sacred wish.

For a better Feng Shui, place the Laughing Buddha in the living room facing the door. He will then illuminate positive chi energy and attract all kinds of success to your home. It is good to have Hotei in your car. He will protect you from accidents on the road. Do not forget to remove dust from your Buddha.

Buddha's presence will help you see the world and situations with a peaceful mind, optimistically and will soothe all the conflicts. It will bring prosperity, good health and success to you.

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