CCC road in rome georgia

CCC road

CCC road near berry college

 Ok, so here's my tale: Several years ago I went to berry college in Rome,
Georgia to see my brother. While I was there there were several 'ghost' stories which I
kept coming across. While most of the tales appeared to be only
stories, there were two which prove to be more than mere legend. One
of which surrounds the 'Mountain Springs Church.' One night while
partying around this church at 2 am in the morning, we kept hearing
music like 'bells'. A short search of the area revealed the music was
coming from the church. On entering the church, the music could clearly
be heard. After searching, no clear source could ever be found for the
music. On closer inspection the music seemed to be accompanied by a
faint crying noise. Further investigation of the area revealed several
'occultic' symbols etched into the cement outside of the church. My
second story is clearly the better of the two. While in Rome, at a
local bar, I heard a band whos message was 'don't go down CCC road.' My
curosity raised about the issue, I needed to explore this area. Two
weeks later my friend and I decided to swallow our fears and explore
this road. The myth goes that there are seven bridges that you cross
over while on this road, except when you turn back there are only six
bridges. Although this myth wasn't known by me at the time, I did
notice several 'VERY STRANGE' occurances. Upon entering the road the
entire atmosphere was somehow changed. Although it being the middle of
the day, the shade from the trees made it appear ominously dark. After
crossing what I assume to be the first bridge, my friend and I spotted
a man in full camo hiding behind a bolder, holding a rifle. In his
other hand was gripped a small boy, and both were crouched as if
hiding. Continuing we passed the second bridge. By this point we
already were spooked out. Sometime after that, we spotted a lady in the
middle of the road, waving her hands wildly. We stopped and asked if
anything was the matter. The lady appeared to be ancient, but was
wildly animated. She began spouting off all kinds of crazy stuff. she
was saying things like, 'i have more stocks and bonds than Ross
Periot', 'Berry College took 10 years of my life and made it look like
2' and 'why don't you boys come in for ice-cream, i've been baking it
all day'. After a short while what I assume was her husband emerged and
said, 'she's crazy boys, you better get out of here' and then she sad
'Yeah you better leave before I run you in'. My friend and I at this
point had heard enough, it was time to get outta there. We turned
around and started out of there. On the way back we came upon the
second bridge. The bridge was covered in little black birds, and I mean
covered. The birds were not scattering as I drove up to them. I slowed
down and looked outside as I drove by. What was curious is that the
birds would barely hop out of the way of the vehicle. It was as if they
had no fear of being hit! continuing on we approched the first bridge
where the man with the rifle once was. There was no sign of the man,
but on the bridge there was a strange sight. Right smack in the middle
of the bridge was what appeared to be a severed 'dear's head' I had to
actuall move the thing to avoid running over it. After that we were
finally out of there. I'm not sure what else was down that road, but I
was sure not going to go down any further. Just thought I should share
my account with you guys, and to say I'm a big fan of the podcast.
Maybe sometime you can investiagate the area and do a video on it.

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efeyas profile image

efeyas 7 years ago from Some Sunny Beach, USA

Interesting stories, creepy! :)

hooper 7 years ago

I grew up in Rome, and have been down this road several times. It is true about the bridges, but there is an explanation. Also, there was a Satanic church there, my oldest brother actually road up during a Satanic mass and quickly road back out. It was around 1970.

Heather 6 years ago

Berry College is a great place to go to, I was born and raised in rome...when I was little I use to go and get pictures with the family. Haven't ever went to see if any of the stories were true but I deffantly believe them..and will find out for myself :-). I loved your story!

Nockleback 6 years ago

Awsome I have to check it out when I go and visit again. Just wondering what would happen if you asked the councilers about it.

Judith  6 years ago

I'm related to those people and I'm headed up to Rome here from Atlanta soon

Emi 6 years ago

i live in rome and the bridges are covered by the bushes i walk that road and i know that once church is the devil church an old aquatint went there and a people go hunting there and go in the church and the find goat heads on the wall and buckets of blood everywhere... i want to go see for my self but..... i hear that if u go down there just being curious then the devil will talk you in to taking your soul.....

someone 6 years ago

i went about 5 minuts down the road and got a text GO HOME!!!!

Chaney Davis 6 years ago

I live in Rome too. I've heard all these stories and I decided to try it out for myself. So, me and two of my girls and two of my guys went. It wasn't that bad.. but we kept hearing stuff from the woods so we decided to turn back. We made it almost to the second bridge.

Sam 6 years ago

I went to CCC Road today. I went with three other guys. We parked at Pleasant Valley North Baptist Church, which is next to the entrance of the road. We made our treck on foot, which turned out to be our downfall. That and the fact that we didn't think to bring any water. We were stopped within the first mile by a polite and concerned log truck driver who warned us to stay on the road because there are bow hunters in the woods. We thanked him and went on our way. I am sorry to tell you that the bridge story is a let down. I did not count seven bridges. And some "bridges" were nothing more than a drain pipe running under the dirt road. We missed the turn off for the Mountain Springs Church, which is a bright yellow gate on the left. As a result of this mix up, we walked miles and miles worth of unnecessary steps. We finally turned around and began to walk back. When we passed the yellow gate, this time on our right, i suggested that we check it out. But the others were hot, tired, thirsty, and out of shape. They refused. I decided to run down the shady path beyond the gate alone, while they continued ahead. My heart jumped when I saw the church building through the trees. I stood in the clearing for a few minutes, partly catching my breath and partly surveying the property. A sign stated that there was a $500 reward for turning in vandals. But i'm not a vandal. The cemetary climbs up a hill behind the small white church. The sun found its way through the gaps in the canopy and cast spots of bright light over the church and gravestones. It was a beautiful sight. While in the clearing, i heard several gun shots from the woods on the opposite side of the road, but i did not see that as a threat. I find it hard to believe that someone could locate that church for the first time and in the dark. There are many side roads that lead onto CCC Road. It is very confusing to navigate. And if you choose to make the treck to the church, if you begin to wind up a mountain side with a steep drop to your left, you have gone too far my friend. I look forward to exploring the church and cemetary at night with a video camera and K2 meter.

Signed, Sam

DJ 6 years ago

Ok, I live in Rome; I have lived in Rome all of my life. Yes these are local stories. I have traveled to the end of this road before and counted 7 bridges down, and 7 on the way back. One of the bridges is covered by trees on the other side. As far as the church, I didn't make it to the church because there's a fork in the road. We went right and should have kept straight; but as far as people going down there now, you better be prepared to walk because it is a gated road and cannot be driven on.

Chip Tilly 5 years ago

The church is not haunted or abandoned. We still have service once a month April-October. Bobby Stevens is our pastor and he also serves as pastor at Plainville Independent Methodist Church. Please feel free to learn more about Mountain Springs (church on CCC Road) at

These stories come from to many beers and wild nights had by college students, past and present that have almost destroyed the church many times. Have many police reports, one has 30 names, 29 Shorter and 1 Berry that did major damage and painted all the occult symbols all over the church along with swastikas and yes they did the etching in the sidewalk that is in the posting above. The church was never used by devil worshipers or occult practitioners. My family has been associated with that church since the 1890's so we would know if any of this ever happened. I also keep the records for the church. That is why the gates were put up to protect the church and grounds. Please post or feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the church, grounds, and the community that surrounded it.

john I 4 years ago

There may have been some satanic cults hanging out in that area but I assure u that road is safe. Ole satan is still roasting his ass off in hell.

profile image

public paster 4 years ago

yea i went down this road after watching a movie me an 2 of my buddies..they were telling me about the road bc i jus moved from macon i said yea lets go look at it an as we were startin to drive down the road the gate was unlocked an all of a sudden we seen two cars come up over a hill and the disappeard they didn't turn or anything so we decided to go back it was alredy gettin creepy but when we started backin out i seen a woman standing in the woods then she turned around an started walking back in the woods idk wats up with that place but i wanna go back durin the day an find out more stuff

lindalu 2 years ago

I know as a teenager we had some awesome parties that lasted the whole night through.and heard a many if ghost tales which ive had some pretty weird exsperinces on that rd.hardly ever did we make it out if there without getting stuck or flats you name it...sometimes we turned night we were travel through and got stuck and it was so cold i literally thought we was gonna die.we build a fire to stay warm.we were there all night and it was aweful and the graveyard and church didn't appear scary though i went to the church to look in and i was someqhat fritened.but the most scary part was the brick fireplace of an old burntdown place atill stood and there were activies going on there that make you wonder why go way out there to do anything but wrong.because it miles amd miles of nothing but dirt and tales and nothing out thwre what so ever.why was a nice lil church with a grave yard soing way out in a place where nobody could travel and no housea were cloae by.just saying this was 1970 so go check it out.alots change its grown since then imagine it couldn't had any body i the church in them days.we normally got through even with a four wheel was not a common dirt rd that's for sure.

Robert 2 years ago

Grew up here in Rome. Been hearing these stories all my life. Never proven, never shown otherwise. Now the road is posted No Trespassing. Anyone going in is ticketed and fined. Possibly jailed. Have fun exploring folks.

Hunter 2 years ago

Nothing but stories folks. The church is still used for services-not of the satanic kind, road is used for Berry service trucks & it is Berry hunting land. There is almost always some kind of hunter out there (turkey, dove, deer-bow & rifle). There is a ranger station at the entrance of the road that is always manned. Sorry to bust your bubble but stay off the drugs & go easy on the alcohol, then all those crazy scary things won't happen.

dawn 2 years ago

Its said u can't go in but if u call the number on the sign they will give u permission they did me and friends only thing I seen was ppl worsphing the devil dressed in all back

.....they will tell u to make sure you are out there by dark anybody who wants to go to see call that numbet

Lifetime Roman 2 years ago

The church is a Christian church, not a satanic one. I've ridden my mountain bike on the property of the church during day and night. I never saw anything spookier than deer or turkeys. Although interesting, the stories about the church are just stories.

Bryan 2 years ago

People hunt down here all through deer season the game wardens are up and down here 24/7 this is all BS

Dustin 2 years ago

I live 5 minutes from CCC road and have walked down this road( in the dark) many, many times to hunt deer and turkey. Don't believe everything you read. There is nothing to be afraid of.. These so called "bridges" are little more than drainage ditches that run under the road in small pipes.. If it is not daylight then you may never even see them. Bunch of bull.

MICHELLE 2 years ago

I live in Rome, but am not from Rome. This has been my home for the past 14 years. I guess I am having a hard time with all of these people who go to this CCC Road, because they want to expierenfe some sort of haunting, and satanic church? I believe that is what I am reading. This is so much bothering me... First, how twisted can people be? I read every comment. There is a gentleman who posted his Family has been affiliated wpth the Church up there since the 1890's, and he keeps records for the Church, He SAID U ARE WELCOME TO CONTACT HIM, IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! He also said THIS CHURCH IS NOT SATANS CHURCH! DON'T ANY OF U PEOPLE KNOW, THE WORD OF GOD CLEARLY STATES, DO NOT MESS WITH THE ANOINTED ONES! FURTHER MORE, IF, THIS WERE A SATANIC BUILDING, WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH, WOULD U RISK UR SOULS BY GOING OUT THERE? DO U NOT THINK SATAN IN REAL? DO U NOT THINK HE IS ALIVE? HE IS! HE IS POWERFUL, AND IF. ARE DRINKING, AND DOING DRUGS, HE WILL SURELY GET U! PLEASE DON'T THINK I AM SOME HOLY ROLLER, BECAUSE, I AM NOT, BUT I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. PLEASE LISTEN! BLOObloodTHEBLOOD ofOF JESUS, CHRISTIAN! I use to live a life of drinking

Roy Pitts III 2 years ago

They r jus stories, I have been n Rome for 24 yes and I was raised her, I have been there several times, day or night nothing satanic is going on...

pun6981 2 years ago

I've been to the cemetery numerous installing monuments I've always been curious about the stories but never seen anything but beautiful hunting land out that way

Kevin 2 years ago

Spent the night in that church .... Nothing happened, around 1989

Carol 2 years ago

The road is blocked off and no one is allowed down it anymore

stacy 24 months ago

As a teen I recall us getting stuck in our truck and walking out, it was very late at night ,nothing happened but I was so scared just from all the hoopla I had herd but we made it out with out any weird occurrences . There is 7 bridges in and 7 out been down during the day as well .

Pamela 23 months ago

Yes, I have been there, once. My parents talked about it and some older friends and I decided to ride out one day and check it out when I was 14 years old. I am now 51. The bridges did actually count 7 in and 6 going out. When we made it to the church we got out of the car and you could see a huge tree that had been cut down with a small axe drove into the side. All of us except 1 talked about the evil, sadistic feeling of being there. Judging from the site it looked like a sacrificial area. The door of the church was open and you could see most of the pews were gone and things were strown about over the floor. It was very run-down. Everyone walked on ahead of me. We were laughing and cutting up. I kept hearing something walking in the woods but I saw nothing. Then I began to walk and maybe took 8 to 10 steps. A tree that was approximately 12 to 15 inches in diameter feel right in front of me. It came to rest about 2 feet in front of me. The only sound of the tree fall I heard was when the tree hit the ground. There were no limbs except in the very top of the tree. It scared me so bad I threw up. It was overwhelming, like time stood still. It scared me and my friends very bad. When I got myself together we left, and as far as I know none of us have never been back. I have a police scanner and over 20 years ago there were quite a few calls to go out there in reference to devil worshipers and sacraficial events taking place there at the church, in the texas valley area, and off of hwy. 156 in Armuchee. It is sad that these things happen in our world, but, the Bible does speak of Demons and Spirits and the state of the dead. It is a very interesting study that has helped me to put today's life into a much better perspective. Was this just a rare occurance in my life? Only the Lord knows. +++

Merry 20 months ago

I went down the road about 15 yrs ago with my friend to explore the stories it was creepy feeling bc we kept passing signs saying church today as we got to where I assume the church would be around the corner, I made him turn back bc I was deathly afraid!

Skip 16 months ago

The church is nor and has not ever been haunted. It is not and has not been an occult site. It is a Methodist church and is still holding services on fifth Sundays. I have numerous relatives buried in the cemetery...great grands, gggrands, great aunts and uncles, cousins. If Berry College finds you there without their permission you will go to jail.

Skip 16 months ago

The church is nor and has not ever been haunted. It is not and has not been an occult site. It is a Methodist church and is still holding services on fifth Sundays. I have numerous relatives buried in the cemetery...great grands, gggrands, great aunts and uncles, cousins. If Berry College finds you there without their permission you will go to jail.

Carol 16 months ago

Me and some friends got stuck in mud there one morning around 1 am and nothing happened.

Corbin 16 months ago

Ive walked down that road at midnight all the way to the church and cemetery with a group of friends and the only thing that happened was we heard some coyotes wen we was leaving

brandon silvers 16 months ago

Y'all ppl are so stupid. Everyone one of y'all. I have been to this church many times. Even at Christmas. Ok. It's not haunted it's just a normal church.its my grandmother's church. I have walked the grave yard many of times. Ppl has destroyed the church partying out there. There is no devil worshippers out there unless not associated with the church. Those are all great ppl. I know most them. My grandmother is the board president she keeps the church going. So y'all need to get your facts straight.

Stevie 16 months ago

I pretty much grew up on that road (well the road next to it) and as a teenager we heard all those stories too. I didn't believe any of it though. Was I soon to be proven wrong. One day me and my friend Brock decided to walk to the end where It forks off. That's like 5 miles. On the way down, about half way down, there was a random spot of gravel off the side of the road, about the size of a house. So we walked over to it and there were these mason jars full of some sort of clear liquid. Upon further inspection we saw old old pictures of people in them. So my smart self threw one down and busted it on the rocks. As soon as it busted it started pouring down rain and it was as sunny as it could be right before. We thought nothing of it. On our way back down the road we looked back behind us and saw what looked like maybe a panther is the best way I could describe it. It was real slender but when it turned sideways it was as long as the road was wide. And this is a road the dump trucks drive down with no problem. So we start running and get home. The next day we go back to the first bridge and on the gate there's a neon green sign hanging up that says........"church today"

Crissy Beshear 16 months ago

The stories are meant to keep people away.... Or they were till the younger generations got really interested in the odd and paranormal. They used to have meetings out there, yes..... But no one knows exactly which groups were meeting out there. I've heard ALL the runors before and all though very interesting... None of which have ever been proven or happen to anyone i actually believe. It's fun, but not real and there are no more meeting there because it's became public knowledge. Now what about the old house in the woods on Rome that everyone hikes too??? That still going in?

christydanford1975@icloud.vom 16 months ago

Mountain Springs Church is a very beautiful Christian church we have meetings on the first or second Saturday of each month from April to October .. I've heard all the story's bit that is one beautiful church

vicki 16 months ago

went many of times day and night it's no more then a spooky road and a old church nothing else

John Holderfield 16 months ago

Im from Rome and I lived approx 500 yards down the rd from CCC rd in the Oak Villa Apts for many years. I along with my friends spent a great deal of time hanging out and camping in the woods on CCC rd. These are nothing more than urban legends. The " bridges" are not even bridges except for one or two. Its where the creek crosses. 7 on the way and 7 coming back. I road my motorcycle alonevto the church and there were allot of satanic graffiti that punks left while visiting the legend. I have heard many variations containing a severed dear head. The road stay closed by a locked gate at the beginning of the road by a DNR office. They have hunts there every year during hunting season. The church is an old timey church with all wooden pews and altar . It is creepy when alone peering through a crack in the door looking inside the old church because of all the old urban legends but it is only legend. I have camped in those woods countless times as a free spirited teenage boy usually accompanied by various girls (;

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