Cancer Horoscope 2012


The initial months of 2012 will be demanding. That will push you out of your routine, and might even make you absent from important family occasions. However, your sacrifice will earn you valid rewards in the end. It’s important to remain focused, as well as precise about goals. If you choose to concentrate your efforts and time towards achieving them, you will surely attain success. Don’t let problems and hindrances become the cause of your disappointments. Don’t take them as failures, but as learning experiences. Also, sustain faith on yourself, as that will help you move above and ahead of them to create a success mark.


If you are a businessman, 2012 will be the year when you will start planning and preparing around the expansion of your business. However, it will take time before your plans will turn to actions. As a part of those plans, you will either be travelling a lot, or will be part of several uninterrupted chain of meetings. If you are a part of any profession, then you will be provided with enough opportunities to learn new things, and grow. Don’t hesitate to break out of your mould, and do things which you would have otherwise thought to be too difficult for yourself. When you will actually do them, you will blame yourself for not doing them earlier. Also, lead from the front. For attaining quick growth, get yourself a specialized training, even if that calls for a short break from profession.


‘Relationships’ segment of Cancer horoscope 2012 states and suggests that in order to take decisions in relationship matters, believe your instinct more than anything or anyone else. It will be the time to take a stand, and unswervingly speak up your thoughts and mind. Make sure to take ample amount of time out for your family. The initial part of the year might not allow you to do so. So, repair that time by planning out a vacation with ‘family only’. In group relationships, you will earn many admirers, and few opponents. Don’t push yourself and your thoughts on anyone. Be yourself, and let people accept you as you really are. During the mid part of the year, someone will gain a liking for you, out of which you will start further polishing yourself in personality.


2012 will require Cancer people to be extra attentive with their health. Weight gain and obesity will be a cause of concern, and even might adversely impact your personal and professional life. It will be an year, when you will keep on falling to some or the other minor or major health ailment. However, those with past health problems will have some respite from it during the third quarter of the year. It is highly recommended to engage in meditation and Yoga, as that will not stimulate both physical and spiritual benefits. Make sure to get into some routine exercise schedule.


You are vulnerable to fall to someone’s intrigue in 2012, which might make you fall to a moderate wealth loss. One way to avoid it is to remain persistently careful with all money related matters, and keep a constant scrutiny over it. It’s better if you go out for spending with someone who is experienced, as you are very likely to end up being a spendthrift and that too for things which are good for nothing. During the festive season, you will find yourself in a tight financial position. You are destined to gain huge profits through shares and similar sources. Prefer to engage in long term investments.

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tobusiness 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

Very interesting; I just so happen to be one of those Cancer people you mentioned.

Thanks for the reading. voted up

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Happyboomernurse 4 years ago from South Carolina

Nicely written horoscope. I'm also a Cancer so found this very interesting. Voted up, useful and interesting.

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theastrology 4 years ago from New Delhi Author

Thanks tobusiness and Happyboomernurse!

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Priyankaa Bee 4 years ago

Any luck to publish for Mesha ?

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