Love Letter to Our Cancer Moon - reflecting on the importance of feelings

"I'll cry me a river that leads to your ocean
You'll never see me fall apart
In the words of a broken heart
It's just emotion taking me over
Caught up in sorrow
Lost in the song"

"Emotions" by the Bee Gees

Cancer is the quintessential sign for emotions. Because it is designated in astrology as a cardinal water sign, it’s deemed to actually be defining of emotions. As stated in the introduction to this series, the sign of Cancer is governed by the moon itself.  That’s why it’s fitting that this Hub honoring the characteristics of Cancer is being published at the time of the 40th anniversary of our landing on the moon as well as the time of an amazing solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer (to occur July 21st).  Note that a solar eclipse is when the moon aligns with the sun - called a new moon.

Prologue to the Love Letter

Even if you are not a Cancer or don’t have a strong Cancer influence in your astrological chart, you are quite familiar with Cancer people. In fact, “familiar” is an appropriate word because under the Cancer moon we are all a little more concerned with family, home, nurturing and general issues of mothering.

You could say that Cancers are moon children. This is an appropriate term because as children we more viscerally connect to our moon, we readily express our emotions and moon qualities because we haven’t yet developed the maturity to act from a basis of reason. In an astrological chart, the astrologist will interpret the characteristics of one’s moon as demonstrating the conditions of their childhood. Similarly, our moon is read as governing our past - that’s why people with a Cancer sun or moon tend to be quite enamored with things of the past. Many are scholars or professors of history.

When we become adults, the expression of our moon energy gets suppressed and pushed below the surface such that our moon then holds sway over our unconscious attitudes. When we find ourselves not knowing why we behaved so irrationally at times it is because we are not in touch with what our moon is telling us about our needs. Yes feelings are messy but they are valuable communicators of our needs. Cancers and women (as moon creatures) have a better understanding of the importance of being honest with their feelings. However, Cancers, especially the men, tend to hide their emotions and true feelings to protect their sensitivity. Like the crab that is their symbol, they may show only a hard shell, close off their mushy insides and walk sideways into situations instead of head on.

During the Cancer moon, which we all are experiencing as creatures of the natural environment, we’ll notice our emotions: our neediness, our possessiveness, our attachment to the past and our soft side. Fear not, this is a journey into our inner sanctum which is much needed.

If you are reading this after the time period referenced, don't worry that its useless information, we have a Cancer moon for two days every month.

Total solar eclipse, the image is from
Total solar eclipse, the image is from

The Solar Eclipse

Since this particular Cancer moon (July 2009) is a part of an unusually long, very significant solar eclipse, the meaning of eclipses in astrology bears discussing. First of all, solar eclipses are rare cosmic occurrences anyway. There are usually only two per year and they last for only about 6 minutes. This eclipse is reported to have the longest duration than any other that will occur for the next century - it's expected to last 27 minutes.

Another important factor is that both the sun and the moon will be in the sign of Cancer, a sign which represents mother while the sun is interpreted to represent father. So, you have the image of mother and father coming together in one identity and that would be our identity because we are naturally made up of our mother and father. This means a part of ourselves, which has to do with our past as well as our self ascribed gender definition, will close off and a new identity will emerge when the sun re-emerges after being blacked out. Take note that a very basic part of ourselves will be changing as we move into new territory.

Eclipses have the effect of hastening the changes that we have been striving to make for some time. They can show up as turbulent times because as much as we pray for change, we fear it. It’s also a fearful time because we are in the dark of the moon, the time when there is no light in the sky. No light to reassure us of God’s beneficence, no light to guide our way and no light to give us energy to build a brighter future.

Therefore we have to rely on our faith. We can do this by setting our intention for what we want, declaring that we can have it and believing. In this way, we will be making the best use of the natural momentum of the universe. With the speeding up of our evolution that we have been experiencing in this new millennium and the rarity of this cosmic event, we are fortunate to have these natural winds to push us along - so let’s make the most of it.

Love Letter To Our Cancer Moon (#4)

Dear Soulful Protector Cancer Moon,

I’m in love with your sensitive nature and how you are able to take me home emotionally. Even though I realize that when you are around, it can be scary to be so vulnerable to my feelings, I know it’s necessary to embrace them for the teachers that they are. There is a whole world beneath my surface that you can teach me about so long as I don’t hold on to my emotions but instead let them wash over me, like the ocean’s tide.

I love your subtle way of creating nostalgia for the warm experiences of my past - with just a song, an image or a scent. When you’re around our precious childhood experiences can be embraced or our painful past can be dredged up again, if we don’t let go. Either way you are at our service to help our soul’s growth.

Dear beloved Cancer moon, you lend an air of devotion to all of your undertakings, always seeking to be of help – to protect the weak, nurture the needy and respect the callings of Mother Nature. I know that a main goal of yours is security, but don’t hold on too tight as possession does not equal security. And don’t be too quick to flash that hard crab-like exterior when you don’t trust someone’s intentions. Because of your protective nature, you can be such a worrier but remember that is not your higher nature – that’s just fear constraining you. You have such a strong intuitive ability, use it well to lead you out of fear.

Thank you for reminding me of the importance of family and of being steady in committing to my relationships, as we can’t make it here alone. Most of all, I believe I treasure the empathy you demonstrate by your outstretched nurturing arms - the kind that's felt in a mother’s warm embrace.

Your emotionally attached admirer,

Musical Quote of the Day

"Memories . . .
Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were"

"The Way We Were"
Marvin Hamlisch and Marilyn Bergman

Parting Sentiments

"The moon belongs to everyone,The best things in life are free…
The moonbeams that shine, they're yours, they're mine.
And love can come to everyone,
The best things in life are free"

"The Best Things in Life are Free"
Ray Henderson, Lew Brown,Buddy DeSylva


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