Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

The astrological love match between a Cancer woman and Scorpio man is something fantastic to see. Here we have a two souls who possess so many similar character traits, and express them in ways that make the other feel utterly and completely whole as a person. Their romance will be full of love and passion, which is actually a bit of rarity, as most couples tend to have more of one than the other. These lucky folks will have equal measures of both! To learn more about the astrological compatibility between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man, read on!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is sweet and gentle, but she's can also be a force to be reckoned with when the moment arrives. Scorpio man will be keenly aware of this and it will intrigue him to no end! He will adore her subdued and quiet nature, her tender touch and her massive displays of love and affection, because Scorpio man NEEDS exactly that much love and affection on a regular basis. But he will also love the fact that such a gentle woman has a backbone that can't be broken, which will earn her a great deal of respect from her Scorpio man. He will have faith in her in all things, being far, far less suspicious of her than he would be other women, as is in his nature. She's not naturally passionate on the same level Scorpio man is, but a Scorpio man has a special talent for bringing passion out in his woman, and she will quickly discover depths of emotion and passion she never knew she had.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is a complex person who can, at times, surge between happiness and depression. This can be very difficult for a partner to cope with, but since Cancer woman has her own issues with moodiness, she understands this dynamic well and always seems to know exactly what he needs to pull him out of the darkness when he wanders into it. Scorpio man will find himself seeking her out when these periods arise and their bond will deepen tremendously every time she helps him through it. In return, Scorpio man will be quite adept at helping her through her own bouts of crankiness, for which she, too, will be grateful. He will enjoy knowing that her passions are reserved for him and him alone, which is very, very important for a Scorpio man, as he is suspicious by nature.

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