Catholic Celebrity Awards

Catholic Celebrities This Catholic Girl Wants To Recognize!

The Most Adorable Catholic Celebrity

Elijah Wood

This adorable hobbit is a practicing Catholic who admits to praying every night. So, let your kids watch Lord of the Rings.

Funniest Catholic Who Took Unnecessary Heat from the Church

Kevin Smith

Probably the coolest Catholic right now is director, author, and actor Kevin Smith. He caught some slack for Dogma. But Dogma is a great funny movie about finding one's Catholic faith again. Sure, it had some crude humor. But if it didn't, no one would have wanted to see it. Then, the message wouldn't get across to a mass group.

Funniest Wise Cracking Catholic Celebrity

Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert, host of The Colbert Report, is a practicing conservative Catholic who teaches Sunday school on the weekends. He is funny, witty, gets himself into a bit of trouble from saying a not so nice word on The Today Show. But hey, no one is perfect, right?

Simply Yummy Catholic Celebrity - Male

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey always played the nerd in the 80's but times have changed! He is now one of the main reasons women (including us!) flock to watch Grey's Anatomy.

Simply Yummy Catholic Celebrity - Female


Fergie can sing, has great charisma, and men love her! And, she got special permission from the Catholic Church to have a Catholic wedding in a private location.

Catholic Celebrity With The Most Intense Eyes

Nicholas Cage

Catholic Celebrity With The Best Voice

James Woods

Catholic You Want To Sing at Your Wedding

Celine Deon

But, with her good looks and beautiful voice, she may just overshadow the bride!

Best Vampire Turned Catholic

David Boreanaz

We just love this guy! He was the reason we have watched Buffy, Angel, and Bones.

Catholic Who Usually Plays Jewish Characters

Jason Biggs

Yes, that kid from American Pie is Catholic. Not the most moral movie, obviously. But we're cool and kids will be kids!

Catholic Who Proves the Rhythm Method Doesn't Work

Kelly Ripa

But, she is so darn peppy and gorgeous, who wouldn't want 3 kids?

Catholic Celebrity Do-Gooder (Female)

Patricia Heaton

Standing out against abortion and stem cell research, Patricia Heaton stands up for morals.

Catholic Celebrity Do-Gooder -Male

Jim Caviezel

Jim even adopts special needs children. We simply love him!

Best Boomerang Catholic Celebrity

Nicole Kidman

She switched to Scientology for a bit, but quickly came back to her Catholic roots!

Catholic Celebrity We Don't' Want To Mess With

Sean Penn

Tough guy Sean Penn is one we are happy to claim on the Catholic team. He just needs to walk us home at night!

Catholic Celebrity Who Stuck It to Tom Cruise

Brooke Shields

Yea, Tom and Brooke made up, but we will always love her line that Tom should stick to chasing aliens.

Catholic Who Isn't Afraid of No Ghosts

Bill Murray

Catholic Celebrity Who Probably Never Misses the Wine at Communion

Kelsey Grammar

Sure, he had some alcohol trouble, but most Catholics have! He's smart, funny, and distinguished! We love him!

Girl Catholic Who Kicks Booty

Lucy Lawless

Yip, Xena the Warrior Princess is Catholic.

Funny Catholic We Lost Too Soon

Chris Farley

Chris Farley was a very talented comedian, and it is sad he is no longer with us.

Over The Top Catholic - But We Will Still Claim Him

Mel Gibson

Favorite Celebrity Catholic Convert

Jennie Garth

Adorable 90210 Girl converted to Catholicism to marry her boyfriend Peter Facinelli.

This brings us to...

Favorite Catholic Recruiter

Peter Facinelli

Best Catholic Eyes

Aidann Quinn

Catholic Diminishing Before Our Eyes

Al Roker

Al, your great! We loved you before and we are glad you are healthy now!

Catholic to Have a Baby Out of Wedlock

Carson Daly

No, its not the "way" of the Church, but it happens a lot. And, as long as he's a good dad, this Catholic girl doesn't' care (in fact, one of these Catholic girls did the same thing!).

Talk Show Host Catholics

Tie: Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon

Conan also wins for Favorite Ginger Catholic

Catholic Celebrity who is the Girl Next Door

Gabrielle Union

Sweet and moral, Gabrielle Union is just that girl next door.

Favorite Catholic Bad Boy

Colin Farrell

Every religion needs one!

Single Mom Catholic Celebrity

Denise Richards

Denise handles running her career and household effectively - and with several cameras around!

Favorite Catholic CelebritySiblings

John and Joan Cusack

There is just something about these two that we love to watch!

And Finally, Our Timeless Catholic Celebrity

Liam Neeson

We are so sorry you lost your wife.

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Comments 10 comments

Alfred Capra 6 years ago

Not sure about Kelsey Grammar, and most of those are only catholic when they we kids, now would be lapsed catholic.

But a funny list. Thanks

Lily 6 years ago

Love the awards idea. Learned about a few new Catholics on there too and glad to see Mel Gibson missing... for once!

thecatholicexpert profile image

thecatholicexpert 6 years ago

This was such a great idea. I didn't even know half of these celebrities were Catholic! Thanks for sharing.

tedmac 5 years ago

Patricia Heaton converted to Presbyterianism and is extremely dedicated to it

Fiona  5 years ago

i love elijah wood! hes my favorite acter

Fiona  5 years ago

i love elijah wood! hes my favorite acter

kidwriter77 5 years ago

Interesting...but anyone can call themselves a Catholic; many of these mentioned are in name only. It's not an easy path to follow but no one said it would be. The church is not perfect. Also, I think what should have been mentioned specifically about Patricia Heaton is that she stands against the taking of innocent life, a baby in the womb, and is against using FETAL stem cells from those babies that are murdered in the womb. Adult stem cells are fine. Anyone who truly walks with Christ, is against such atrocities.

Hailey 4 years ago

I love Elijah wood, he is so down to earth- not to mention a GREAT actor. I just read an interview with him (the link is below, and he was talking about the 7 sins.

Although he says he is a Catholic, I don't believe that he lives like one, which makes me really sad. :(

I've been praying that Elijah would come to live the way God wants him to, and walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

God Bless you Elijah!!!!!

Elijah Wood Interview:

Lijah Lover!!! 4 years ago

Elijah Wood by far is the most talented Catholic on this list-- and the most cute!!!! (ps I am not a Catholic, I am nondenominational). :)

I completely agree with you, Hailey- I read the same interview, and I only wish that Elijah would live like a REAL Christian (whether it's a Catholic or not).

I'm so glad he prays every night, I think he's just a big sweet heart!!!!

I wish I could be in a movie with him, that's my dream!!

I love you Elijah, God Bless!!!! :)


your #1 fan!!!


p.s. I also love Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, and Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings! XD

God Bless all of you! I hope you all become Christians!

Frodo Fan 4ever 4 years ago




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