Chakras, Stones and Candles

My Witchy Beliefs

During a time in my life that I was very ill I was looking for many answers especially about life and death. I had been baptised Southern Baptist when I was 12. An age the deacons and old ladies approved but too young to know what I was truly doing.

When I reached this crossroads I stumbled upon a wiccan shop called Under the Gypsy Moon (now, sadly, out of business). These were kind people who did not question nor did they push. I was comfortable and signed up for a six month seminar to learn the ways to worship that were closer to the earth and, in my opinion, closer to the god and goddess. Turns out I am a solitary witch. I have seen where people get into trouble with this AND with organized religion, One is as bad as the other when it becomes an obession. I am not obessed, just blessed to have found my path.

I started with chakra cleansing, which led to mediation. Kind of a pre-meditation. I now light candles for whomever or whatever I am meditating for. Stones are a grounding element, kind of like a rosary is to the Catholics. I DO practice only White Magic. As any self respecting witch knows, practicing black magic will come back on you three to seven fold. It is also a belief that allows the practitioner to worship as they please, when they please and without judgement. The ability to worship one on one with nature is amazing.

My family was shocked, my mother cried that I was going to hell. I calmly told her there wasn't a hell and she shreiked louder. My aunt just stared at me and my brother told me I was out of my mind. I haven't told my father.

Everyone said it was a passing fancy, something I would tire of and quit and then all would be right with the world. I didn't and it isn't. Maybe they will get over it. My aunt did open up but is still afraid of going to hell.

I have been practicing for 6 years now and my chakras are clean, my stones soothing and my candles burn bright and serve me well.

I am finally living without the fear, guilt and recrimination of the Christians. I think that everyone should worship as they please. It is what is right for you that matters and I don't preach anything. I don't have to worry about souls going to hell, whether if I tell a white lie I will not make it to heaven or I will be chastised by God for sins I may commit. I have morals that are strong. I do not knowingly hurt anyone or anything.  I try not to lie or covet or kill, well maybe covet.

I am not saying that I don't have problems or that I can cast a spell and all happens as I wish. I do and it doesn't. I am saying that I find true joy in nature. I see trees and flowers and animals and myself as one. I see god and goddess, I see what is real and pure.

However you worship, I hope you find this kind of peace in your life.

Be Blessed.

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frogdropping profile image

frogdropping 6 years ago

What a wonderful account of personal discovery and development. And narrated without prejudice and wonderfully candid.

I have no comparisons wrting wise. But if you want to check the difference between writing for pleasure, look at anyhting I wrote from under 'the book of frog', and for commercial writing, anything under 'guides'.

You don't have to read anything, this is not a beg for readership. It's to demonstrate the two ways you can write on hubpages and how to present them.

Reading only one of your hubs, I believe you've a lot to share and will be a great hubber.

Rated up ... and now I shall read another :)

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