Change - The Only Constant

We have all heard the saying, the only constant in this world is change, but have we really stopped to consider the meaning of this? The year 2012 is rapidly approaching and I just want to offer a little reminder of what this means. Of course the meaning will be slightly different for each of us, but overall the entire universe is shifting. Since we have no knowledge of people in other worlds, we are mainly concerned with our little blue ball called earth. The coming decisions we make as a collective humanity will have far reaching effects that will no doubt reach far into the universe. How about earth, where are we headed? Like pebbles thrown into a pond we each make decisions that ripple outward touching all around us. The simple decision I made to write this article or not will have repercussions. I pray they are positive ones, but even that is subjective.

Planetary Nebula
Planetary Nebula

 All that I read about 2012 leads me to one conclusion.  We are so fortunate to be here!  Actually we all chose to be here and participate in the greatest shift in the universe in the last 5,125 years, which is the fifth in 25,625 years!  Let me share what I have learned and understand to be the significance of the dawning of the age of aquarius.  It is called many things, end of days, apocalypse, age of aquarius, and simply 2012.  The cycle has been laid out by the Mayan’s over 4000 years ago (the Aztecs and Incas had a version also) and so far they have been very accurate in their predictions.  Not only the Mayan but the Jewish bible accounts for this time as being total annihilation or golden rebirth, similarly the Christian bible has its version in the book of Revelations, Nostradamus predicts an age of over a 1000 years of peace beginning in early 2000’s, but only after great disasters and wars, the Hopi predicted a choice point beginning at this time where humanity either changed or perished and Egyptian legends also tells of an upheaval that will shift our world and begin a new era in 2012.  There are basically two versions of what will happen.  One is the apocalypse where our magnetic poles flip and the world is turned on its head literally.  All is destroyed and life begins anew.  The other prediction is that 2012 is the end of life ‘as we know it’, which means simply that an era is coming to the end and a new one will begin.  The predicted change is of harmony and peace throughout the world and that it lasts for thousands of years!  Obviously I have not gone into very much detail about the predictions because they span many books and are way too much to include here, but we covered the surface. 

Welcome to Evolution

The Mayan calendar is credited as being the most accurate of any calendar known to man and what it charts is not time but consciousness. Take that in for a moment. The calendar has dates, but is tracking the evolution of human consciousness on earth. WOW. This changes everything; at least it did for me. Ever since the big bang when it all started consciousness has been expanding or in other words, evolving. Evolution goes in cycles or periods of growth and these cycles are speeding up in an exponential form which fully explains the rapid changes we are experiencing in our lifetime. These cycles of change culminate and come to an end on Oct. 28, 2011 when the Mayan calendar ends. So in reality 2012 is the beginning of a new era. I believe the largest changes will be at the cosmic level, beyond physical form, so we will not witness the large “catastrophe” that is predicted, but instead experience infinite possibilities as Ian Lungold refers to in his article “Welcome to the Evolution”. He far better explains the Mayan calendar than I can so please take the time to read this article. He has made it his life’s work so I totally honor him for his understandings. My suggestion is this, read as much as you can, be open to all points of view and then get in touch with your intuition. Combine the information and then you will know the Truth.


To me the Truth is that it is up to each of us to decide what will happen and this is done through our actions.  The actions we take now will determine the future.  For example, if each individual in the world takes responsibility for the use of the earth’s resources and converts to renewable energy sources, better balances the food and medicines, and cleans up the mess made by pollution and trash, then the future is bright indeed!  This is done on both the governmental level and the personal.  We must work together to really make an impact.  We are on this road now and things are looking good.  Those not willing to accept these changes will fall by the wayside.  They are becoming the minority and this is the shift that is coming and happening as you read this!  The fact is that this change has been occurring your entire lifetime!  You are a witness to change!  We chose this period to live for this reason.  We have had our ups and downs and there is more to come, so it is up to each of us to do our part to effect this change for the better through our actions.  Recycle as much as you can, invest in renewable energies, share your abundance with others, and see your fellow human as healthy, happy and whole!  Everything is connected so you do not have to travel to India or Africa to effect change!  The single most important thing you can do is focus on the abundance!  Notice what you have and be grateful, while at the same time knowing that everyone in the world is taken care of.  This is what it means to be One.  Yes, things are changing and they always will it is the nature of the expanding universe.  Jesus is a perfect example of this.  He came to teach us the principles of change and if we simply follow his teachings while listening to our intuition or inner voice we will have many years of Peace and Prosperity to look forward to.  As much as things change, they stay the same. To me this means we are all safe always and all ways, there is only one reality which is Love, and after all is said and done, we are all One.

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