History of Yazid bin Ameer Muawiyah (Muawiya) - What is the Role of Yazid in Islamic History?

History of Yazid - The Most Hated Person in Islamic History

It is told that Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) one day said to Muawia that your descendents could kill my offspring. In response Muawia said, “I will never marry in this life.” So, Muawia did not marry until the time he was bitten by a scorpion on his penis. The Doctors advised him that he would die if he did not marry. So under compulsion he had to marry and as a result of this marriage Yazid – the most poisonous person in the history of Islam was born.

Yazid was the eldest son of Muawia. Yazid was a dissolute young man, given to the soft pleasures of the harem. Born about 26 A.H. during the Caliphate of Othman, Yazid grew up in the lap of luxury. The over-indulgence of Yazid's parents and the flattery of the attendants kept Yazid out of touch with the realities of life. Yazid inherited none of his father's great qualities. Yazid developed a strong passion for wine and women and gave himself up to a life of ease and merriment.

Yazid’s education and training did nothing to prepare him for the great task which his father planned for him. True Islamic traditions expect a Caliph to be pious and politically wise. Yazid had neither of these qualities. He cared little for the welfare of the state and still less for the moral code of Islam. He was drunk most of the time and was surrounded by gay people of his own type. Muawia did his utmost to make Yazid a capable man, however, people close to the court knew what kind of person Yazid actually was.

The Karbala tragedy made Yazid the most hated man in the Muslim world. Yazid's mind soon became unhinged, so much so that he violated the sanctity of the sacred city of Mecca. Before long, the burden of sin weighed so heavily on his diseased mind that he broke down under its weight.

How Yazid Died?

According to reports, Yazid was in love with a prostitute. One day, she called Yazid to a lonely placed and killed him. No one could find his remains. This shameful death was the divine justice.

When the dark career of Yazid was over, his son Muawiya, refused to become the Caliph. The efforts of Amir Muawiya produced no lasting results. The empire he took such pains to build up and to hand over to his son, Yazid, stayed in his family no more than a few years. And his beloved Yazid got nothing out of it except abiding infamy.

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Badruddin 5 years ago

Enemies of Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) are the enemies of Islam. We read a number of people have depicted stories in favour of Yazid including Imam Gazali. ALLAH SWT knows the best.We seek ALLAH SWT's help to remain with the Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) in the day of Judgement. To get the benefit We have to obey ALLAH SWT & We Must also Love the Holy Prophet & His family members who lived pure Islamic lives. Thank You.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

In fact the Yazid killed the decedents of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him and according to the promise made by the God his own clan was cut off and all the decedents of Yazid died forthwith. There is no remains of physical decedents of Yazid. However, there are certain who call him "Raziallah o Anho" and conquerer of Qustuntunia. In fact they are real decedents of Yazid and they will also see the same fate as was seen by their forfather Yazid.

Muaaz 5 years ago

this is just a tale not a reality. this is meaningless rootless story. Yazid did not ordered to kill hazrat hussain r.a. He was killed by governer of koofa and the people of koofa

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Who nominated Governor of kufa. Was even a single person was penalized to genocide the offspring of the Holy Prophet. My dear brother we must face the history with bravity and accept the reality. Any lamp excuses, as made by certain people would by no way absolve Yazid from the responsibility of committing genocide against the beloveds of Holy Prophet.

smimtiaz786@hotmail.com 4 years ago

Yazid laeen aur laanti shakhsiyat k naam se jana jata hai.

Ali 4 years ago

Yazeed is a curse who said yazid not a curse he or she himself or her self a curse

alina 3 years ago

yazid ak boht bora insan hai ak lanti shaks ha

Shahid 3 years ago

May Allah give hadiat to all who spread fake story of any Muslim ,without authentication from true resources , either he is good or bad , secondly Allah will neither ask any one about personal life of Yazid nor Hazrat Imam Hussain ,Almighty Allah will ask about the compulsory things like Namaz, Zakat , Fast ,Hajj and about the Sunnah of R A W A S , secondly ,this is responsibility of every one to follow the path of Rasool SAW and his Sahaba .

faheem 3 years ago

shahid u r absolutely right....

shaheedi mohammad 3 years ago

yazeed was great enemy of islam and ale rasool. he was kafer. he attack on madina munawra and makkah mukarmah during his govt. one who call him razi allah anho is also mardood and jahanami.

amir mawia siddiqui 3 years ago

it is jst a fake story

yazid is jannati according to our prophet(PBUH)

lawa 3 years ago

Who killed the beloved imam hussan ,may go to jannat

saadat 3 years ago

the defended of yazid in this era is also lanty

profile image

zile 3 years ago

yazed ko jannati kehna bi gunnahe kabeera he

Khan 3 years ago

Can you please give the reference of any Authentic Book in which this is written?

Just for the sake of knowledge, not opposing!

3 years ago

cant say any thing about it

zeshan 3 years ago

i think we should not give comment on this issue because. this. cause dispute. among Muslims

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yes Zeshan. This is a sensitive topic. We should think again and again before commenting on this issue.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

This is absolutely wrong and a fake story without any footing. No reference from any Islamic book could be given. So much so this is claimed by those who did not show slightest hesitation in saying that the Prophet (PBUH) had no knowledge of 'Ghaib'.

syed Touqeer Abbas 3 years ago

I want asked one question who says that this is a fake story,then why say our prophet Muhammad S.A.W to Muavya your son will killed to my son. and Muavuya said I will never marry?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

Certainly, this is not a fake story but a most tragic reality of the Islamic history.

tehseen 2 years ago

ajeeb drama baazi chal rhi hai aj kal k dor me.... Rasoll pak(saww) k farmaan hai k "hussain(as) mujse hai or mai hussain(as) se hun" or quran ki aayat mojood hai k nabi pak(saww) jo kuch b farmate hai wo Allah ki Whi hoti hai... Hussain(as) ko qatal karna goya Rasool(saww) ko qatal karna hai,,, or nabi ka qaatil jahunnumi b hai laanti b hai authentic... Or abu hassan sahab agr Mola ali(as) ne usman(rz) ko qatal karna hota to apne dono beton ko un k pehre pe khra na karte. Wo log jo Qatal karne aae the wo kal k khaarji or aj k Taalban kehlate hain....... Ehsaan mano Mola Hussain(as) or Aaly Rasool ka, jin ki badolat aj dunya ko maan behn or beti ki pehchaan hai.... Agr Aalay Ahmed(saww) se pyar nhn kr skte to un k dushmanon ki tareef kr k apne gunaahon me iazzfa mt kro..... Quran me Allah ne Ajre risaalt sirf Nabi pak(saww) ki aal se muhabbat ko qrar dia hai...... Allah Aale muhammad se pyar krne walon ko un k sath or Yazeed k chachne walon ko Yazeed k sath mehshoor farmae,,,,, AAAameeeeeeeennnnnnnn.

shafqat Awan Adv 2 years ago

Khuda ka khof karo.

Hussain aur Yazid ka Kia mouqabla.

Kabi din aur rat ka Kia mauqabla

Ayaz "Hussain" 2 years ago

"Hussain-o-Minni Wa'ana Minal-Hussain"

Janaab,,, Yazid Laeen ka nam lena bhi Gunah-e-Kabira hey... Simple si bat hey,,, Nabi S.A.W k Pyary ko Shaheed karna,,, Un k Ahl-o-Ayaal ki Behurmati karna,,, Koi Muslim nahi karskta,,,, And Allah jis ki Aqal per Taala lagadey ussy 1000 hadith sunao magar nahi manengy.....

Laanat hey Yazeed k Perukaar per.... Lanat Hy Yazeed aur us ki Aal per...

Naara -e- Hydari .......... Yaaa Ali

Khan 2 years ago

Those who even can not right Hazrat and Raziallahu Anhu with the name of Sahabi, can not be trusted to be the right teller. They are non beleivers and spread hatred among Muslims. So every body must take care of such things. Yazid may be bad but his father was a top Sahabi and non believers hate him by not respecting him.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

I totally agree with khan sahib.

abdulghaffar313@yahoo.com 2 years ago

Muhammad S.A.W se real association tou us waqt tak ni ho sakty jb tak aa S.S.W k sary k sary sihaba ki mohabat dil mein na ho. q k aap S.A.W ne farmaya k mery sehaba sitaron ki manind hein un ki perwi tumhary ooper farz ha. or jo ap k jaleel ul Qadr sehaba ko galian bakta ha asal jhanmi to w ha.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

I could not even think about blasphamy of sahaba. If you find anything in this page which is objectionable please let me know so that I may remove the contents.

Mohammad Bilal 2 years ago

yazeed was a bad charactered man and almost kafir..what he did was totally blunder.even a single person cannot say that he was right..but what he did was not his father's will..hazrat ameer muawiya didn't ask yazeed to do that.but a sect in islam who willingfully hits sahaba(R.A)..who just because of a biase opinion doesn't like khalifa tul rshidin and ummuha tul momineen,,we cannot trust on them..they are equally liable of introducing a false sect into islam and are equally responsible like yazeed!

bablu butt 2 years ago

Yazid ibn muawiya harami maderchod hai uska character randi k jaisa hai uski puri nasl rong hai fir uspar jyda comment ki jarurat nahi hai

bablu butt 2 years ago

Yazid ibn muawiya ka zikar karna bhi galat hai kyuki ek nazish character wale insan ka naam lena nazasat hai it is my think i prove it

Khat 2 years ago

Yazid killed Imam , his father muwayia killed Bibi Aisha and other sahabies , bibi Aisha killed Khalifa Usman.

Mushtaq Chishti 22 months ago

Meri dostun sy guzarish hy k Khuda k ley aisy cmments na dia krain jis sy kisi ki dil aazari ho. apni kam ilmi apny tak mehdood rkhain. Dosrun ko gumrah krny ki koshis na krain. Agar apna flsfa jharny ka bhot shouk hy to phely Mola Hussain (A.S) ki hayat mubarkha Ka mutalia krain un k murtby ko smjhain or pher Yazid (Lanti) ki Zindgi k b mutalia krain. Khuda un sab ko Haddiat dy jo Yazid ( Lanti) ki wakalat krny k thekdar bny hue hain.

Zubair Ahmed 22 months ago

ASSALAM-0-ALAIKUM WR WB, I wonna say to the writer of history of Yazeed that please mention the reference of Hadith according which Prophet Muhammad SAW said to Hazrat Ameer-e-Mauvia R.A so and so???

Malik Ismail 21 months ago

Yazid py Lanat Aur ye Real ha

asghar 21 months ago

Yazeed lanti yazeed begairat pagal harame

syed asad ali 17 months ago

bra afsos hota ha jab log bagair ilm ka bate krta ha ham panjatani ha aur un sa muhabbat krna wala ha

abdul waheed 16 months ago

quraan ore hadees pr amal karo baqi sb ko unke haal pe chor do yehi kafi he hidayat allah ke hath me he jazzak allah

Faraz ahmed 16 months ago

Yazed ko sirf yazed kaho es k aagay mawiya mat lagao yazed jitne galiyan dene he do wo galiyon k like he but os k father mawaiya r.z kabile tarif hen sahabie rasool s.a.w.s hen

sohail 16 months ago

sharamnaak logoo ki moot bhi shharamnaak hotti h yaziid bhi sharramnaak tha

Rafik Ahmed 9 months ago

1.) Fadaa’il as-Sahaabah (“Virtues of the Companions”)-by Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Authenticated by Wasiyyu-Allah ibn Muhammad ‘Abbas –

Umm Al Qurra University (Mecca)

2nd Edition & 3rd Edition, New Edition

Dar ibn Al-Jawzi Publishers

Volume 2, pg. 965, Hadith# 1357:

2. Musnad of Abu Ya’laa Al-Mawsili

Authenticated by Hussein Saleem Asad

First Edition; Volume 1, pg. 298, Hadith# 363

3.)Musnad of Abu Ya'laa Al-Mawsili.Volume 6, pg. 129-130, Hadith# 3402: Anas bin Malik says (according to the narration of 'Imaarah ibn Zaathaan):

The Battle of Karbala and the Shahadat of Imam Hussein has been well documented and accepted as authentic among some of the greatest scholars of Islam. The greatest perpetrator of this evil event was Yazeed ibn Muawiya. This also cannot be denied as it has been proven by various scholars and preached about by the greatest of saints in Islam. This was the battle of Haq against Baatil and Imam Hussein, even though made shahadah was victorious. His name and message will remain pure until the day of Yaum Al Hashar.

Muhammad wahab 7 months ago

Dear brother I need a reference right now of your first paragraph please.

Muhammad Abbas/Mr. 4 months ago

I shall be grateful if any of Muslim Scholars could let me know the name of the Mother and the Wife of Yazid Ibn Amir Muawaiya

Kashif Raza Zaidi 3 months ago

Yazeed pe lannat beshumar

Yazeed lanat ka haqdar

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