Child of God, or Child of the Universe?

How did we get here?

According to religious texts, a creator got up one day and with a great booming creator voice (that may or may not have sounded quite like Mufasa from the Lion King) declared that things should start existing.

The story of creation according to science is far more majestic, far more awe inspiring than any religious explanation for the existence of planet Earth, its peoples and its flora and fauna. It is far too complex to synthesize into a few sentences, but it encompasses all the evidence we find here on Earth and observe out there in the Universe. In short form, it is Big Bang + Evolution = Humans

From a religious viewpoint, Earth is the center of all creation. From a scientific viewpoint we are, as Carl Sagan said merely 'a mote of dust floating in a sunbeam'. We are stardust made sentient through millenia of evolution. This explanation is far more interesting (to me) and has far more evidence to support it than the idea that some super human figure (God) made us out of clay.

And that's the problem with most major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam at least. These three all ascribe to the idea that life can only exist if some form of being remarkably like a human father created everything. These religions are all stuck irrevocably in the paradigm of humanity, and they impose delusions of humanity upon the entire universe, forever obscuring whatever truth may be there to be found.

Science does not claim to have all the answers. This is not a weakness or a fault, this is a ledge at which we stand, a point of discovery from which mankind will throw itself forward.

Of course, many reject the scientific viewpoint, because embracing it means that we accept to some degree that the universe may very well be an emotionally cold place. If you believe in a religious viewpoint, you will enjoy the idea that some greater being is looking after you as a parent looks after a child, and that is a very warm and fuzzy view which many cling to in spite of the rather obvious fact that God, if he does exist, is largely indifferent to human suffering.

However, if you subscribe to a scientific viewpoint, then humanity transforms from being a herd of hopeless children searching for salvation after their demise, but the intellectual pinnacle of evolution here on Earth. After millenia, we are a species able to contemplate the universe and our place in it. We are the most advanced species we know of and we have uncovered many mysteries and discovered many technologies that simply would not have existence without us. This computer I am typing on is in itself a masterful achievement, one that God conveniently decided not to create when he created the world, along with electricity, medical science, or any of the other technologies which have saved us from living in caves and dying at the age of 27. If a God figure really did create Earth, then he half assed the heck out of it and left it to his much loved children to make it halfway habitable.

Too many of us are unwilling to accept the mantle of exploration that has been bestowed upon us by the universe and instead waste our lives wallowing in frankly illogical superstition that only goes partway to assuaging our fear of this Universe we find ourselves in.

We are children, but not children of a capricious and often cruel God, we are children of the Universe, tasked with the great task of understanding the Universe. We can accept this challenge and seek out fact, or we can reject fact and in doing so, perhaps reject our whole reason for being.

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xureus 6 years ago

True story. What the history behind this hub I ask :-)

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Hm, what is the history behind this hub? A four year college degree in Religious Studies and reading plenty of books. Either that or it was spontaneously molded out of electrons by a loving sky leader. You choose.

HappyHer profile image

HappyHer 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

Perhaps it's a bit of both, or a part of the Universe that is deep within you and longed to express itself in a most excellent hub! You can call it what you want, Source/Spirit/God/Cosmic Conscious. There is something, but I think it's a part of us, within us - not something up in a cloud.

xureus 6 years ago

Uhhhh, tough choice :P

I take the one spontaneously molded out of electrons.

The truth is out there xD

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

The truth is out there, precisely!

profile image

NatalieSmith 6 years ago

I recommend everyone out there spends a few minuites googling Hubble images.

They'll blow your mind, and open your eyes to an entire field of science that directly contradicts creationist dogma!

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

I actually wrote a piece about that sort of thing already! Lookie here: Hubbleicious Visions of the Universe.

Busterchops 6 years ago

Hello Hope,

Actually I think that for us to knock religion solely on the basis that it seems so rationally flawed is antithetical to the nature of science. Science is there to examine, postulate and test the nature of the world around us. To immediately discredit one area, however presumptuous it might be, seems to be limiting the options that one gives the universe. If the Universe is indeed a place of infinite possibilities then we must accept that the possibilities are infinite. Is it possible the large hadron collider will create a wormhole and destroy our planet? Theoretically yes. And yet here we still are. Is it possible that a being of some higher form than oursleves created us? Theoretically, why not? I am not religious but I am open to the possibility that there was something taking a hand in our development. Do we not genetically modify animals in our world? Fruit flies that have been altered at a genetic level would probably not be able to understand our motives or methods but we have shaped the very nature of their being. One could also look towards nanotechnology. If we create robots on such a small scale that they can repair cellular damage and we then give them the ability to reproduce themselves as need be, are we not very close to being the "gods" of that new "species"? Referring back to your argument that God did a half-assed job of creating the Earth, is it not possible that as scientists program robots and then test them in differing environments to see how they are able to adapt to their surroundings that we also could be the test subjects in someone else's laboratory? I am not so arrogant (and in saying this I am not implying that you are) as to believe that some being we could never comprehend did not play a part in our existence today. I am not trying to win anyone to my point of view, simply because I believe we will never know the answers to these questions, only hoping that everyone will keep their minds open to the idea that in an infinite universe, there are always infinite possibilities.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

I don't know, being inherently and obviously flawed seems like a good basis to knock a belief system that people live their lives by.

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