Choosing animals for magic rituals

Do magicians need so much magical animals?

It is a historical fact that Magicians need animals. If you open the book of the Dead, the Bible or Kuran, you will find that everywhere in history through time and space magic animals have been near to the Magician in assistance with his duties. They are their connection with nature, their link to the world of the other side of the veil and most importantly to the primitive nature of all people. Animals are magician’s messengers and help them predicting the future and even connect with the dead. However, they are much more than that! Let us see some of the numerous animals used in magical practices. Then I will let you to define which animal most suites you and why. After all you are the one to choose which animal and what type of animal suites your energy!

The Cat - The Godess of all night creatures!

We know a lot about cats and their characteristics. However we do not know why they are magical and in what consists their mysterious image. There is no need to repeat what we do know about them. Let is focus on what we do not know or barely know about them! Even before Ancient Egypt cats have been used in Atlantis in rituals. Because of the sensitivity of cats and their incredible ability to accumulate and transform energy, they have been used to capture and channel different types of energy. In ancient Egypt, one of the interesting roles of cats was to find the presence of black magic. They have been to alleviate energy attacks and negativism and this is why they have been se near to pharos. The main purpose of cats is protection! Cats chase evil! They just eat it and transform it in positive energy just like angels do in our world!

Meet my magical cat!

The Raven - The Follower of the Darkness!

Ravens follow dark magicians, vampires and Death. There are symbiotic creatures with their masters. They are dangerous and have sold their souls in exchange for their servitude. They are most unholy, most unclean, and most dark from all birds. They are used to unveil the future, to design black magic, to predict death and to see at several places at the same time. However, if you choose the raven as a friend you have to sell your soul to the Devil and once you do you will never be free and will not evolve beyond the Earth as a place! So I strongly suggest that you do not occupy with dark arts and practices at any circumstances because after your death your soul may not fly away and you might be captured for eternity on Earth!

The Eagle - The Incarnation of Amon Ra!

If you are a shaman and you work with the energy of the sun the eagle is for you. It is used for predicting the future, for protection, for good luck, long life and good health but most of all it gives cosmic energy and wisdom. Eagles carry human’s prayers to the gods!

The eagle is a symbol of your free soul that is in harmony with the universe!

This list is not exhaustive and we will discuss more animals in another article if you show interest in this theme. I hope that you will find relevant and interesting the ads on my page so that I do not lose interest in writing:)

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apricotmousse 6 years ago

Interesting hub.

Erynn 3 years ago

I like your cat

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