Church Customs Changing; Christians Dressing Casually

Christian Dress Code is Evolving

Your Sunday dress doesn't have to be a dress anymore.
Your Sunday dress doesn't have to be a dress anymore. | Source

What to Wear Now?

The world and technology change so fast every day that it makes one wonder how exactly things took place and turned out that way. At the other end of that spectrum are the things that take so painstakingly long to change that details either stand out or are not noticed at all. One of the things that changed quickly is Christian wear.

It used to be, if you didn’t wear dress clothes to church, you were subject for gossip and possibly warranted a talk from the Pastor. People didn’t pay much attention to the poor, who don’t have a lot of clothing to choose from. Many of the poorest wear the same few pieces of clothing day after day. Most of the elder Christians frown on someone wearing anything that isn’t their ‘best Sunday dress’.

In a 2010 poll taken by, 60% of the 2700 people that took it answered that they think revealing clothing should never be worn, in or out of a church. But the responses didn’t give details. So, just what is appropriate dress for church?’s president, Bill Cooper, said, “Most believers feel that women should dress conservatively, rather than in revealing or sensual attire, which may cause the opposite sex to lust.” And, the Christian fashion is that immodest dress is irreverent. Just look at political officials or foreign dignitaries - they never wear revealing clothing in public.

‘Sunday’s Very Best’ Turned Into ‘OK Clothing’

One of the people surveyed remarked, “For the past several years, attending church has been more like walking into a whore house than a house of worship.” That’s a pretty strong statement about church clothes, especially if taken literally. But, Christians all agree, in principal at least, about modest Christian clothing.

Of those polled, 25% said that women usually wear appropriate clothing to church, and they warned the poll takers against being judgmental of others. One person added that attending church is more important than what people wear to church.

Another 15% weren’t sure of what exactly makes clothing appropriate for worshipping in, especially with so many different ethnicities and cultural dress mixing into America’s population. What is acceptable or unacceptable can vary from church to church, just like the congregation. Of course, the people who are new to going to church have to be counted, even if they don’t know that what they’re wearing may be frowned upon.

What to Wear Now-a-days

If you were to take a look into different congregations these days, you’d find all kinds of Christian wear on people. Most notably, you’d also find some of the pastors, their wives and their families wearing jeans or tee shirts to church. They say that making church a less formal affair makes it more appealing to the people who don’t already attend. And, there are some other good arguments for this kind of dress in church.

Cindy, a worshiper in Seoul, Korea says, “I always dress down because your heart should be dressed with the presence of God and the fruit of the Spirit when you go to church.” Christian clothing has gone casual, she adds.

Tony of Randwick, Australia, tells us that God doesn’t care what we wear. He also warns that any time someone requires us to wear something on a certain day and time, we’re giving in to control over us. Control over us is dangerous because it’s seen to be brought about by people who are deeply deceived by worldly conditioning.

Do these people know? Jesus himself was known to travel and live with poor people; people who didn’t have the money or space for new clothing. Jesus’ own clothing must have shown wear and soil, as he traveled often with nothing to carry. Bible clothing was made to sleep in, as well as work in simply because people in poor regions didn‘t have a variety to choose from.

Is It Disrespect to Use Casual Church Wear?

Christians everywhere say that it’s disrespectful to God to wear casual clothing to church. Faith of Montana asks, “If God is everywhere, all the time, then shouldn’t we wear our best clothes all the time?”

At the end of that extreme, making people wear a certain item of modest apparel on a regular day/time basis is a mishmash of two sins. One is pride and the other is judgement. Don’t fall prey to committing those two sins, they are big ones. But - don’t wear revealing, sexy or lurid clothing to church because you could hinder someone else’s worship by distracting them from the sermon. Knowingly stumbling someone else or causing them to sin is a sin in itself.

You be the judge; wear what feels right for you, or what is available to you. You can also attend a few services at some different churches and see what people are wearing there, if it helps you make a decision on what to wear to your new church.

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SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

I also remember having a bath and clean clothes on when I had to go to the doctor. I still do, but others I know don't. "What? You're going to the doctor without a shower first?" I guess lots of ppl do it.

Jesus was a hippy profile image

Jesus was a hippy 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Christian dress code is changing, or human dress code is changing?

jim bork 5 years ago

A subject I have been thinking about It also concerns my thoughts. Found you because you made a comment on my hub. I like your style I am new and you have taught me something that will help me Thank You "Bosses"

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