The first question one must ask is what is church and the second question is why do we need church? Many see church as a place where one can meet fellow believers of the same faith or belief system. If you drive down the majority of the streets in America and especially the "Bible Belt" you will see an assortment of churches representing some of the denominations that are in the world. In some cases you can see 2 or 3 churches while you're driving down the street. For those who believe in whatever religion they choose to believe in, there seems to be a church that fits the need of the individual.

What is a church however? There are a lot of religion based churches so we can't necessarily pick a religion to talk about. A church is defined as a building designed as a place of worship. Although their are many religions that fall under the Christianity "umbrella" the fact remains that there is a churches where most Christians go to on their respective days of worships. As I wrote in the paragraph before, church is where one can made others that share in their belief systems. It is said that the church is a place where Christians can feel safe. It is a sort of sanctuary if you will, where the idea is taught that you are to lay down your burdens(sins) at the feet of Jesus.

Some use church as a sort of forgiveness of the previous days events. They want a "pardon" to excuse whatever "sin" that they committed they night before. For others it is a building of reverence where the hushed tones of traditionalism are still not only around but it still is demanding and thriving. For most people who go there, a church is a building where one can feel the presence of GOD whomever their GOD is.

Why do we need church? This question is only answered by those who deem Christianity or whatever their denomination worthy enough to go there. It is socially acceptable to go to church. One doesn't feel that they are out of the loop or missing something miraculous that could happen. It has become a meet and greet for those who have missed their friends for the entire week. Some come to be happy and it seems that their happiness is contagious. Most of all who go to church believe that GOD will touch will touch their hearts and hope that questions they may have would be answered.

In my journeys are churches and denominations I realize that church is just a building but the members of the church are more than people just being there. You do have those who just go just to go but most are actively looking to improve their walk with GOD and to help with one another. They help in a physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity


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