Come Lord To Rescue My Soul

Over the hills I fly so high

Thru the mountains I glide

Where ever I go you are there,

I was nothing until you came

I know I'll never be the same

I can not go backwards

Because I feel your love is pulling me,

You gave your all for me Lord

You said I'd have peace

When I turn my life over to you,

I have been in a struggle

My life has been in strife

Only with you I can see the light,

What majestic powers come from you

Such radient glow shining,

The colors of Autumn are nothing

To the beauty of you Lord

The wisdom, the knowledge

Nothing compares to you,

You suffered, you were bruised

You did all this just for me

Lord you healed the broken heart

Show me where I need to start,

My life was lost until you came

Come Lord to rescue my soul,

I sing praises to you Lord

You are my strength

You will save me I know

The right path for me you will show,

The great victory was yours

You crushed the enemies one by one

Thank you Father for Jesus your Son.

written by ramon (c) 5/9/2011

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skye 5 years ago

Raymon Brother This is a beautiful meditaiton for me. The Love of God to the resuce always and forever. I pray many seek His face. Amen. BEAUTIFUL Thank You!Love you in Christ bro. Hugs Galore

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 5 years ago from Michigan

Beautifully written - as in a Psalm. He is our All in All - ever faithful Father God.

RevLady profile image

RevLady 5 years ago from Lantana, Florida

What a touching poem. Loved every moment of reading it and thank you for the inspiration it gave me.

Love, peace and joy in our Lord!

Forever His

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