Come, don't walk but run



8 July 2014 at 05:29

In life we can be up or down
Jesus Christ ain't lost so He can't be found.
Just look up and raise your hands to him
and ask for forgiveness of the sin.
We walk through life upon this earth
needing Jesus right from birth.
So do not wait or waste your time
receive salvation and you'll be fine.
no more waiting the time has come
for you to meet Him-don't walk, just run.
Jesus is the only saviour, this ain't no lie
so accept Him now and wave sin goodbye.
You are a precious child of God
perfect in His eyes--and not flawed.

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blessedp profile image

blessedp 2 years ago

Wow! Perfectly said.

Thanks for sharing I voted up.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Amen brother! When John Newton penned Amazing Grace, one of the most recognizable songs in the English-speaking world, he knew what he was writing about.

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