Commentary on the Journey Unto Shiloh Series

One of my readers is having difficulty in accessiing or seeing his comments that he has made regarding the articles I have written. I cannot determine the reasons for this. Perhpas it is a network problem, perhaps it is even Israeli censorship that we don't think exists but in most likelihood, like every other country does exist. Perhaps it is even religious censorship, because as we all know, religion has played a major role in the history of war, confrontation and social upheaval. So I decided to write my comment as a hub as well, so that he has a chance to see my reponse, and we can reflect on that question that probably all of us have been wondering about, when is the Messiah coming.

Excellent questions and points raised Shiloh. What I have been laying down is the foundation, hopefully smoothing the path for the one that is waiting to proclaim himself to the world. As my articles have pointed out repeatedly, he or she is here, I've been told that much and they possess two pieces of identificaiton, a number and a word that they are to pass on to me. I don't think it was the Lord's intention that he'd give me that information only so that I could pass it on to my sons or grandsons so that they can wait for this individual to arrive. So it is the here and now. Why do they wait, perhaps they don't feel the time is right, the world hasn't collapsed into chaos, we're not slaughtering ourselves, we haven't been abusive towards eachother enough, etc. Perhaps there is an actual threhhold we hve to reach before they come forward and save us from total annihilation. Of course none of this would be necessary if we did learn to share our toys, play nice together and not defecate in the sandbox where we're playing but unfortunately, that is not now, nor has ever been the nature of mankind. From a personal perspective, I can appreciate the reluctance this individual may have in coming forward. The abuse, the ridicule, the threats, and this would be from our own people, never mind the rest of the world. So they wait. Until the world cries out for them, until they know we have become so desperate that we'll grab at any straw offered, and then they know they will not be rejected. One merely has to look at our track record with kings, saviours, messiahs, prophets, and any that have tried to be leaders of our divisive people to know how scary the proposition of being the messiah will be. So I pray, I hope, I urge, the message of these articles to get out. That everyone begins to discuss them with friends, relatives, acquaitances, so that this hidden saviour, does recognize we want him here and now. We don't want to wait until our world is on the verge of destruction. God have mercy on all our souls and save this world before it cannot be saved.

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana

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Kahana 3 years ago Author

Just to let everyone know, Chapter 13 in this series has just been posted.

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Kahana 3 years ago Author

In addition to my comment, I should mention that 55 is once again a number made up of only prime numbers that are used only once. In this case 5 and 11. As you may have read in some of my articles, the singular use of prime number in the Torah is very significant.

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Kahana 3 years ago Author

Nachone Bar, the war is already upon us. It begins with a war of words, to win over hearts and minds. That is when the line will be drawn in the sand. If enough people choose to cross over the line, then perhaps it need not escalate into anything further. But history does not paint that as the likely scenario. In one of my earlier articles I comment on duration of this battle if it should go to the next level. Three and a half generations (140 years). To those that think it was to be a short affair, then think again. Evil, corruption, deceit, hate etc. has to be bred out of a population. It does not instantly disappear. The process is long, the price is high, and the toll is severe. The journey will not be an easy one.

Bar 3 years ago


I once had a dream, in this dream I asked when would the Crown descend? I was told in my 55th year. Such an interesting number in of itself. I again asked how well they know who is to wear the Crown. I was told EL will be the Witness . So with that Shiloh it is agreed that when the House of the Fallen does rise, it will have Testimony for all to see/hear/feel from a most Perfect Witness.

There is a war being waged, I truly do not understand its length, but Kahana shall answer that in his next hub I suspect. Teshuva empowers the expedition.

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Kahana 3 years ago Author

Thankyou Torrilynn. I hope you read the rest of the hubs and feel free to comment regularly. The more people we have talking about the events, the more we can make a change.

Shalom Alechim

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torrilynn 3 years ago

This is a very interesting hub that you have written here Kahana.

I've learned alot about religion from your hub and what

tradition entitles. thanks and Voted up.

Shiloh 3 years ago

Shalom Avrom, as long as you keep on providing the instruction quickly and to the point the person will need to navigate the landmines then that's all we can hope for until the day the person (in my opinion will be revealled personally by Yehovah, publically witnessed, never an individual revelation, this way we are safe this time) is revealled publically. I think you are right in the timing is not here yet. Sure we think it's bad, but it's not bad enough yet. Maybe a very small minority knows what behaviors need to change and will actually change the direction of the pendulum unawares of why they are doing it. Honestly I am seeing many that I have been very critical over are now acting in very decent manner which maybe people are talking what needs to change. Its a very small start, but a start non the less. Please get to the important points quickly, time appears to be getting very short with world events shapeing up the way they are.

Shiloh 3 years ago

Thanks Avrom, excellent response. Maybe we will get this right after all.

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