Astrological Planetary Aspects--Compatible or Incompatible?

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Watch out for those planetary aspects! You are born with a specific set, but they change every day. Compare the ones from the present or the future to your birth chart, and that's how an Astrologer tells you what may happen, but you can change course
Watch out for those planetary aspects! You are born with a specific set, but they change every day. Compare the ones from the present or the future to your birth chart, and that's how an Astrologer tells you what may happen, but you can change course | Source

Astrology: What Are Planetary Aspects?

The Conjunction

How can we know if sun signs are going to be compatible or not? The distance between each of the planets in a horoscope has a meaning and a particular dynamic, called an aspect. The aspect is the relationship between two points in the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. There are 30 degrees in each of the 12 zodiac signs. If 2 planets are in the same degree of a sign, or only several degrees away, this forms an aspect called a conjunction. This is an example in a person’s horoscope where their Sun is located in 12 degrees of Leo, and their Pluto is in 13 degrees of Leo. The Sun is where you shine, and a Leo is a confident, self-assured person. Pluto intensifies emotions to a very strong degree. So this person with a Sun and Pluto conjunction in Leo will be a bossy, pushy person whom is very demanding. Any planets close enough to be in a conjunction relationship with each other will have their affects extremely intensified. A Pisces person with a Sun in 17 degrees Pisces and Venus in 17 degrees Pisces will have a very dreamy and romantic love nature, and also be an exceptionally gifted artist of some sort. So conjunctions will be different depending on the signs and planets that are in this close connection to each other.

Learn About Aspects in Astrology

Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope
Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

This book is perfect for beginners in learning the Astrological aspects. It is a necessary step if you want to understand what Astrology REALLY is.


The Sextile

Planets are in a sextile aspect when they are 60 degrees apart. This is a creative aspect between signs that get along well without much effort. These are signs separated by one sign in the Zodiac lineup, such as Aries & Gemini, Leo & Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius, and Aquarius and Aries. Notice that these are combinations of Air and Fire signs. Think about these elements of Earth for a bit. Fire needs Air to burn. Air can move Fire with gusts of wind or lack of Air can help put out a Fire before it gets too dangerous. Or take Taurus & Cancer, Virgo & Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces, Pisces & Taurus. These are combinations of Earth and Water signs. Earth needs Water to make it fertile and moist. Earth gives Water shape or form, such as a brook or river, or it would just trickle or run about aimlessly. So the sextile relationship works smoothly as each has something the other sign lacks and can use to its advantage. One example of a compatible sextile in Astrology would be a Taurus with a Sun located in 12 degrees of Taurus, and a Cancer with a Sun in 14 degrees of Cancer. The Taurus person makes the Cancer one feel safe and comfortable, while the Cancer person motivates the Taurus one moving by suggesting activities they can share, and making plans for the future. The “orb of influence” is generally considered to be about 5 degrees. For purposes of simplification I am using the Sun, but remember aspects between all planets in the Natal chart matter.

The Square

Planets are in a square situation when they are separated by 90 degrees. The square can be a difficult aspect, but also one which creates enough energy and friction to make exciting and creative differences resulting in positive collaborations. Examples of signs which square each other are Aries & Cancer, Cancer & Libra, Libra & Capricorn, or Capricorn & Aries. In this case all the signs are cardinal ones who like to lead. So they can do great things together if they can work through their different approaches, and let each other lead some of the time. Another group of square examples are Taurus & Leo, Leo & Scorpio, Scorpio & Aquarius, and Aquarius and Taurus. All of these people are fixed and inflexible, so their stubbornness may hinder their productivity. Strife will be apparent in their associations, but if they concentrate on areas where they agree, they can accomplish much together.

The Trine

Our next aspects are trines, planets separated by 120 degrees. This aspect is the easiest of all, where its natives can practically finish each other’s sentences. The signs are Aries & Leo, Leo & Sagittarius, Sagittarius & Aries. They are all in the same Fire element. It works the same for the Earth signs, Taurus & Virgo, Virgo & Capricorn, or Capricorn & Taurus. All Earth people are sensible and even tempered, so whatever project they tackle just flows very easily. Water signs make great emotional trines who can read each other really well, such as Cancer & Scorpio, Scorpio & Pieces, Pieces and Cancer. All their hearts are in the same place. Air trines have tons of ideas that will be easily implemented—Gemini & Libra, Libra & Aquarius, Aquarius, & Gemini. Trines keep things moving with great ease.

The Opposition

Lastly, we have oppositions when the planets are 180 degrees apart. Oppositions are less difficult than squares. In describing their relationship I’m reminded of lyrics from Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue ,“We always did feel the same, but just started from a different point of view.” In a love affair, your opposite sign is your soul mate. So:







As we all know, opposites attract, and you most likely know several of the couples listed above, or were part of one at some point in your life. Opposites may not stay together forever, because for practical reasons, they would not be able to build a life together in a way that would make both parties happy. But they will always recall each other fondly as the love of their lives. Opposites have faults and attributes which mirror each other. Your soul mate can help you uncover important truths about yourself, and vice versa. Such deep scrutiny and absorption with each other is great early on while falling in love. But it gets in the way of the realities of day to day living further down the line when life gets more complicated. Bless all you opposites who stayed together when the going got tough. I was once on that road too, but the highs get too high and the lows get too low. I wanted more stability in my life. No regrets.

I hope learning about aspects aids in the understanding of your compatibility quotient with other Astrology signs. It is always best to have a natal chart cast by a well recommended Astrologer, as every planet has its own relationship to the rest of those in the horoscope. Normally if you do this, you will get a tape or CD of the reading so you can refer back to it whenever you wish.

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