Conversations With TwoEightSeven; a True Ghost Story, Episode 2

Photo Anomalies Were the Norm - See Our Pictures of Ghosts

See the smoke wrapped around the cat, who's running up the stairs as fast as she can!
See the smoke wrapped around the cat, who's running up the stairs as fast as she can!
287 did this when asked to do something to tell us she was there.
287 did this when asked to do something to tell us she was there.
Nobody smoked in my house!
Nobody smoked in my house!
This little puff ball seemed to always be present.
This little puff ball seemed to always be present.
Here it is again, ever present.
Here it is again, ever present.

We Started to Settle in, With Paranormal Activity Going on all Around Us

I know a lot of you asked questions after the first installment of my conversations with TwoEightSeven. From now on I’m going to refer to her as 287, it’s easier to type, and correct if you don’t say it’s numerical value. I’ll try to answer you here since I can’t comment on your comments, and then I‘ll go on to tell you more about 287 and try to explain these photos to you. Wait till you hear what happened next.

Oh, and I want to say, thanks for being so welcoming in this topic. I wondered if people would say I was crazy or not. Some of this will be unbelievable yet true, but we haven’t even gotten close to that part of the story, yet.

Here We Go

We’d lived in haunted houses before, and one that literally scared us out of it - we found a place to move and left that day. That’s why I brought the white candle to this particular house, because when I cleaned it that first time and heard all the noises behind me and in other rooms, I remembered the old house, and I recognized the ‘feeling’ of when a Spirit is present. I was scared at times, but I didn’t feel danger and I’d always pray out loud and it helped, which made me feel better, too.

So, I’d had experiences being in the presence of Spirit, but this was the first time I’d come across one that was willing to interact with us and wasn‘t interested in scaring the hell out of us (even though it did at times).

About a week into living there, every night we heard the same thing. It woke us up and seemed to scare me way more than it scared my husband. It sounded like something heavy fell down the stairs, only it sounded like it came from near the front door, not the from where staircase was.

My husband didn’t react at night, but then it would take a riot to get my husband to actually get out of bed and investigate. A particular night I got angry and made him get up and investigate. Surprising to me (but he always was more intuitive than I), he grabbed the camera as he left our bedroom. One of the photos shows a smoky room - that was taken shortly after 3am on one of the nights we heard the loud boom. I mean loud, it literally shook the house, rattled the windows and woke the kids.

My husband spoke with the landlord and told him about the noise waking us up, thinking maybe it was an inconsiderate neighbor that works nights or something. But, no. He did, however, later in the conversation, tell my husband that the staircase that was there was not the original one; the original staircase was over by the door, where we’d heard the loud noise come from. It has been remodeled.

The Scariest Day of My Life

On Valentine’s Day in 1999 (I’ll never forget the date) everyone was gone; my kids were at school and Michael was at work. My desk was positioned across from the wood stove so it was easy to stoke the fire while I worked. I tapped away at my keyboard when I thought I heard something and stopped to listen - was that the bathroom water running? I got up and went to investigate and when I saw the tub faucet running full blast. A shock of fear tore throughout my entire body and for a moment I was frozen.

Instinctively I quickly bent over and turned off the faucet and after I shut the door I ran back to my desk. But then I began to wonder if I’d really just seen that. Of course I did. Right? It was no dream, I was fully awake. And scared.

I tried to busy myself and not pay attention to the noises, the clicks, the bumps from upstairs, the squeak of a door and… what was that? My dresser drawers being slammed? It sounded just like when Michael couldn’t find his pants and he went through all nine drawers, slamming them each time before I went to the closet and got them off a hanger for him. I had to go see what it was, I couldn’t just sit there and at the same time I thought I might wet myself, but I wasn’t going into that bathroom.

Slowly, I creeped toward the door, soooooooooo scared. My dog wasn’t barking or acting like anything was different, and he was no help at all. But, somehow he would make me feel safer, so I called him to my side and grabbed his collar. I couldn’t hear anything in the room, and I peeked around the corner. Nothing was out of place - except all nine drawers were gaping open, not the way I leave my dresser.

I Was Terrified

My heart beat so fast I thought I might have a heart attack. I shut all the drawers so they wouldn’t be slammed again and I left the room with my dog, shutting the door behind me. I wanted to leave, I had to go somewhere, I was scared to death. I thought of the woman’s voice telling me her name was a number and I looked around the room as if I might actually see something. I’m so glad I didn’t!

Then it hit me. I said, “I already know you’re here, stop scaring me! I have a deadline and you’re making me blow it!” I didn’t want to look scared in case ‘someone’ was watching me. I somehow managed to sit back at my desk and work, actually getting something done in the silence that followed. When my husband got home I told him.

That evening after dinner we got out the digital camera when the cat seemed to be chasing nothing whatsoever. She was rip-tearing around the house as if there was a mouse or some critter at the tips of her paws, but no. Nothing, but she chased it for a long time. Michael got an idea.

He took a couple of pictures of the cat, but this one is the only one we can find, so far. We’re still looking for the rest. After this picture was taken, my husband asked into the air, “287 do something in front of the camera so we can know for sure it’s you that’s here.”

I’ll be damned, she did! She made that sort of circle of smoke in that picture taken right next to the staircase.

Well, this is getting long already. Boy, it goes by fast. I’ll write more and I have more photos to show, too. It didn’t take us long to learn that there was more than one Spirit that hung out at our house. One of them was very, very scary, and to this day I get goosebumps when I listen to the tape of him.

That reminds me - a friend in Florida has offered to take my recordings and post them at her website for me, then I could provide links to the recordings for you guys. I hope she meant it, but I do have to figure out how to “send” her a recording… like an email attachment maybe? I’ll figure it out.

Until next time.

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C'mon, tell us... do you believe in ghosts? 3 comments

markminer profile image

markminer 6 years ago from Albany, Oregon

This would make a really good book. You ought to think about it, when or if you do, I will hook you up with my Literary Agent.

ralwus 6 years ago

Well, it's certainly entertaining. I fear them not and converse with death sniggering at me daily. CC

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Interesting! Love ghost stories.

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