This hub is written with much gratitude to all of the internet friends I have gained.

After writing my last hub: My Pickle, many prayers were sent to God on our behalf and we did receive some donations which paid a couple bills. I call you all Cyber Saints. I thank you for all of your prayers and your financial help. Things are still tough around here, but I know that God has us under His wing.

I want to thank several of these dear friends by name the links below are links to some of their sites.

Cyber Saints

I know that I in no way could name all of the great people who prayed for us. I thank you all.

Fernando, thank you my brother. Your gift brought many tears to our eyes.

Chris Esty who has the Bible Post. I am ministered by Chris and he has a BIG heart for Christ. Thanks Chris!

Kimberly Sanders is a beautiful woman who manages My HeART Poetry has also been led by God and been a grand sister to me.

Ingrid is a magnificent woman from Spain who gave from her heart; her blog is linked also.

My good friend Dan from the band Sanctyfied; He and his wife have been very strong prayer warriors.

A very good friend who goes by Revivor, his link is there.

Several wonderful hubbers. A HubHug to:



Mickey Dee

and my special Skye2Day.

I gratefully thank you all and to all of you I didn't name thank you and may God Bless all of you!

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Thank you for this great hub. I'm glad things have evened out some for you. Send me an email-anytime. Thanks for the music and video. Take care, MD

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