Dark Art - An Interview with a Modern American Vampire on being Human, Immortal, and the Practice of the Dark Arts

The Scarlet Stars of Babalon

Interview with Montague Sohn

It is not the darkest or coldest of evenings, in fact it is springtime and the Arizona desert is just perfect for this time of year. There is a new moon, and a slight drizzle is cooling the air nicely, it is April Fools Evening...and sitting in a semi-public place is where I meet with a gentleman who calls himself Montague Sohn - or just Montague for the purposes for this interview. I do not want to sensationalize or make dramatic reference to whom he is and claims to be. So in brief, Montague is by claim a Vampire. He also is by admission, a practitioner of the darker magical arts and occult, a volunteer with the mentally ill, a worker within the behavioral health community, and an artist, a musician, and various other things in his day to day life. It was by chance I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet with him for a brief interview and have tried to be prepared with an open mind, for the opportunity to meet someone with his unique point of view alone is a rare thing today. For purposes of privacy and respect nothing was discussed during this interview that could reveal the personal details of his life or where he works, lives, or the like...for even those outside the mortal coil have need to keep their world a bit secret from the public. Privacy is not just a human issue, even vampires have need for forwarding addresses, call blocking on the cell phone, and even have to protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. For as Montague and I discuss, the world has many mysteries and life is as dark as any of them...So please take time to enjoy an interview with a modern American Vampire.

Blake4d: Do you, have any opening thoughts - about yourself or anything else, or is there anything that should be made clear as we begin the interview? Because. well to be honest, I am unsure where is best for us to begin our discussion.

Montague: Asking nothing, is always the first question from human beings about my kind. About why I am a vampire, that is what they want to know...but deep down the first question is really why do I exist. For what purpose could such a thing serve. That is what I have generally found is the most normal, the most Human of questions , but rarely does it actually get asked of me. So perhaps we should start with the answer...

Blake4d: Okay then, tell me - As a vampire, why do you think you exist?

Montague : From the beginning to ending of things, all things, and nothing....there has always what has ever been called the struggle pf power and source. That is what I would first express to you about my worldly existence...that all things have a beginning, an ending, and therefore all things are also nothing more than what they are. I am sure you wish to discuss am I Human, am I Immortal, am I insane, or simply what I say that I am...a Vampire. Only for a moment, allow me to state myself as honestly as I can, then you may inquire with all manner of questions as you wish. What I am is as important as it is not, just because I may exist does not change the scheme of the universe that I am only one small star within a constellation of power and entities that all are playing their part in the great shaping of the past present and future of all that is reality. Reality is more important than if I exist, if you exist, if we are humankind or something other. Our kith and kin are that to which we are bound, like a wolf to the pack, I am bound to the ancient ones - and yet live here and now. ..

It is in this modern age that we have wiped out nearly all of the ancient world, its way of life, its way of thinking, and have replaced with most of the ancient mythologies, a new world not forged in magic and superstition...but rather one or made of reason, information, and technological progress. With this new age of mankind we have traded in that which is considered obsolete, the ancient upgraded into the modern, for better or worse at times. Or at least that is what we have lead the human species to believe, that is the modern mythology of humankind. That we are the great herd that is unstoppable, much like the mammoths and the buffalo must have felt before the advent of human tool making and hunting brought their numbers crashing down with evolution in their wake. We are now the greatest herd of animals ever assembled - from Neanderthal onward we set forth with the hunting and gathering of every last flower, tree and green herb of the Mother Earth, then domesticated every tamable beast, bird, and serpent...and when there was nothing left of the wildlife on the food chain evolutionarily..then we set upon the last great hunting and gathering of the nations. It is during the last several thousand years that Humankind has become a dominant beast above all others, and with all their might have sought like good godlike and children of nature - to ever move toward the light. Yes, enlightenment is the goal of all those who leave the darkness behind...and therein is the beginning for what I feel that I am here to try and discuss...

For on one side of things is the power, that which is living and alive. Life would naturally have always assumed that it was the seat of all power in this world or any other. For the living of life is being created and spawned again in every moment of the human existence...every second a billion babies are born just in time for a billion adults to exit their mortal coil. If only the entire species could grasp the magnitude of that. What nightmares it would bring the most rational mind. That I believe is the one major reason for my existence, as simply put as I can...I am here to balance the equation, to do with the rain, the arts, and dark magic - what could not be done with desires, and faith and rituals offered to the lesser gods. Especially the monstrous blind idiot god, the one - monotheistic monstrosity. The first immortal, an ancient one, and my blood lineage from my first days of awareness I knew what I was, and who I did or did not serve. That was the side of power, that gave life like a pair of jumper cables to the infallible, deflatable God of Thunder. First Zeus, then Odin, then Jaweh, then just God. Blind Idiot God, Bigger and bigger as his one Godhead grows thru the centuries...

For in that scheme of power as the grand design with which humankind took a hold of the evolutionary throne, winning the prize of conquest and dominance over the planet Earth Mother. In contrast sits the exiled first and most obvious of truths, that power came not from a mechanism of our creation or control, that power came from the Source. The Source of all power had to have existed first, even if only for a nanosecond and in that Autogenesis was the void, from which the Light said let there be Me. From there any number of questions start appearing to the pathfinder of logic...did light need creating, or was it the natural condition of the black light beginnings undoing the fabric of reality, was power a condition of life, was the source therefore first no living, unalive, was the void dead or deathless - for if death came first, then life was servant to it. And like the living world, the dead were everywhere unseen, near but unavoidable, They had positions in every land as if a slow invasion had long been coming, not overnight, not over millennium, not even noticeable until one day - the dead emerge as plentiful in number that the living are our ranked by their sheer numbers alone.

As the poet Robert Frost so aptly put, 'Don't that make you suspicious, That the dead are keeping something back?'

Blake4d: What is a Vampire?

Montague : If Humans worship the Power, and attain material control over the world of reality daily thru war, life and the game most would call progression, the act of ever moving forward toward more and more Human-like states of existence...in reverence of the holy, the Gods. The Human sought fire to survive...I on the other hand, I seek only an age of Ice....The ages of the Mammals and of the Humankind are linked to their feasting and harvesting seasons,. so are the beasts eaten, then trees bear fruits, so it is possible to see, that Humans are also like blood waiting upon time to show that they are mortal, and therefore they are fruit, they are like the vine, they are also used by the universe as food for the divine. When the are in their dead cadence and decline...And the long slumber of existence to awaken my usefulness when Humans fall into the autumn of their millennium.

Then I, Vampire...must be the Anti to that which is Human aspiring to be Godlike. I am the vanquished empire that never ends, that empire of nothing...what scriptures have vaguely refereed do as the vessels of iniquity - I do not Hunt or Gather and I am of those for whom there will never be a Nation, or numbers to be counted. I, Vampire am the fisher of Gods, and the fisher of men...I devour that which is sacred. I cannot sleep, for I am ever the counter of the sheep, I am Vampire. And before anything else, I was alone - all of my kind were alone and in exile. In exile upon the planet Earth Mother. Since times unknown and long forgotten...

Blake4d: Okay but wait, back the cryptic talk up a bit, hold old do you claim to be and exactly when do you believe you became a vampire?

Montague: I am currently just months into my one hundred and fifty-first year on this planet Earth Mother.The exact date was in the winter following my thirty-seventh and last human birthday, and I have lived an additional one hundred and fourteen years since. I will not for obvious reasons reveal the precise true details, for my own privacy and as it is truly nobody's business but my own. I was not turned into a vampire, but rather the already inherent bloodline was awoken by a series of events in my life, some spiritual, others more worldly and personal. In fact, I now understand that I was a human being who was born with what I would guess are an older genetic marker in my DNA. Recent science is just beginning to find what will one day probably track down some ancient vampire code in the genome. For now I understand it to be a predisposition that I had, from my family bloodline and shared with some of them who were my relatives. I was not changed into a vampire, it was just a natural progression that developed in my physiology, I believe it had been building up since my infancy, perhaps even as far back as my conception. I only have basic information about my biological parents - and being orphaned from them, I cannot tell you great details about them in relation to my first life as a human being.

Blake4d: So when you say that you are a Vampire, what do you mean exactly? And if you are genetically predisposed to being one, or becoming one...how did that happen to you?

Montague: Most of what I am about to explain is far too wide of a subject to be dealt with very well in an interviewing format, but I shall try to explain in brief some of the facts...I was not born a scholar, and over time had to learn many things that my human life had not even the education to understand. But through many text I read, I have adopted a few ideas and terms that suit my understanding of what is the best explanation for the truth behind what is mostly mythology...I have adopted terms coming from the Gnostic gospels, the Nag Hammadi, and Zoroastrian / Vedic writings. Even so, I am using them loosely at best - and with meanings that may be mostly my own attachment to the terms and not their literal translations originally. I believe this...

There are in essence three types of non-human bloodlines that have been coexisting on this planet for some time now...the first two are ancient and of the earth. The third is probably not, and I will discuss briefly in a moment. I am from the bloodline Kalyptos, or the first born...most of us are old, original bloodline ancestors, we may have been or are related to the oldest original beings on this planet. But in basic terms, we share nearly all the genetic markers of what you would traditionally think of as Vampire. Including but not necessarily limited to, past life memories, elemental powers, some esp telepathy or the like, and possibly shape shifting (although I prefer to say 'becoming dim' for I have never shifted into anything other than my own skin) or chameleon like shifting. We also are likely to be very akin to the dark earth and its magics, animals are somewhat at our control naturally, and we share our immortality through blood or not at all.

The other two bloodlines are not Vampire by my definition. The Protophanes, or the once born, are those who unlike myself did not inherit a pure bloodline connection...they instead are human hybrids of a sort. And how their power, connection to the earth, and if they have longer life spans is dependent on many factors. Some protophanes may have no bloodline ancestry at all to the Vampire, and are a sort of self begotten creature. But still are more human than Vampire. And usually do not even truly know they have any such connections to the original Kalyptos.

Third is the Autogenes, what I call the star born, they have also been called skin walkers and other names through the centuries. I won't go into great detail for it has little to do with Vampires and Humans, but the Autogenes are said to have originated in three possible ways - one religious view says they are fallen angels have mated with humans long ago, another would say they are from a race of slaves made by ancient aliens who possibly still reside in this world, and the oldest says that they are not even what they seem, that they are beings from some other dimension that inhabit the bodies of their hosts. They have little in common with Vampires, and are actually more akin to Lycanthrope myths in their manifestation and appearance. What is often mistaken and confused between their kith and my kindred is that they are said to drink blood to keep up the possession of the bodies they inhabit. Some Voudoun and Navajo spirit possession is these spirits and not the true Loas of the ancient Kalyptos...some exorcism rites have been carried on because of this third group. But even these are mistaken generalizations from a world that has no definition or understanding that these Autogenes exist amongst the Humankind.

The simple way to explain to a lament would be thus...Kalyptos, first born are true Vampires. Protophanes, once born, are Human hybrids and not vampires. Autogenes, star born, are Humans being used as a host by a parasite, and are not of the planet Earth Mother most likely. And of course there is the Humankind whom each have roamed amongst unseen for much longer than history would like to know or believe.

Blake4d: The ancient and modern mythology of Vampirism says that Vampires are dependent upon drinking blood. Are you dependent on blood, or any other substances to live? And what think about blood drinking?

Montague : Blood is a strong substance, highly addictive. The closest I could try to get to turning you - even thou that is not how it is done by first born, is by letting you drink my blood immediately I have fed, so my energy is stronger...and it would only get you addicted, not transform you. That may be true of all those who start to feed, I wish I had know this when I awakened to my bloodline subconscious without guidance long ago. Truth be, since the day that I first started feeding, I have had to continue, otherwise my auto-immune system weakens, and I can get physically ill very easily. I used to smoke and used to drink very heavily, but that is mostly as a result of trying to satisfy the cravings before I understood them. For the most part I only play act such addiction rituals for sentimental attachments, I am not sure you can continue to be a substance addict once you have drank blood and really tasted it, once the bloodline kicks in. Nothing will compare, they pale in comparison.

This is where the bloodline thing really comes into importance. As Kalyptos, being first born your need for blood be it human, animal, or today you now have some synthetic compounds that may replace blood eventually altogether...but it is not until your first attention awakens to your Vampire self that you really feel the need, the hunger as it were. Now that may be different for others, I am speaking first hand. The fact is I can go for months of longer without feeding, It simply takes discipline.

The once born and the star born actually do not need to feed this way at all. They are capable of various degrees of psionic vamprisim. Some term them Psi-Vampires. This is what makes these bloodlines even more off kilter when they convince themselves that they need blood based on misinformation. As Protophanes is nothing worse than a psychologically imbalanced human being, who already sucks on the teat of other human emotions and empathy vampirically, who then convinces themselves they need to drink blood when they don't. Probably what happened to those kids playing Masquerade a few years back...that and too much meth amphetamine. The star born are the ones that really become dangerous. As Autogenes they need the blood for their illusion and possession upon the host, and the host only needs psychic energy but the indwelling entities convince the host that it needs blood to survive. But all three bloodlines do not need to feed the same ways, or for the same reasons. Most of it is unconsciously felt if at all by the unaware individual.

Blake4d: What are your opinions about drugs and alcohol?

Montague : For the most part the same rules apply to my world and anything in the norms of human perspective, a sober mind tends to behave in a more rational and less reckless way of living. As far as my Vampire life has progressed, I found the abuse of other substances hardly compared to the new dependance I had acquired, but yes I have had to temper myself in many ways similar to the drug addict in order to life a peaceful and quiet life. An addict, or a vampire is equally lawless and likely to spur the common world by acting suspicious or needing to act out in ways that are illegal or morally frowned upon. Vampires must learn to tow the Human lines of right and wrong, what point is long life if you end up locked in a prison for your many years. Vampires are unlikely to survive and not be discovered in such close quarters with Humans, especially if they have acquired blood drinking as a survival mechanism.

Blake4d: What about crime in the modern world, especially murder?

Montague: As I was already saying, everything is just an escalation. A morally reprehensible Human, is going to be an even more vile and unworthy Vampire. I do not hunt Humans, I attain blood from legally available sources or from others like myself to share, Murder is murder no matter what bloodlines you inherited from mommy and daddy.

Blake4d: What is the vampire take on sex, be it heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality?

Montague : From the human perspective I suppose one might view the Vampire as inherently bisexual. Or a-sexual. Sexuality in the human sense is based on the quenching or fulfilling of those desires that are physical, hormonal, and procreative drives for the most part, and in some cases pathological and unhealthy ones at that. The determination of an individual with regard to sexual orientation is crucially based on many psychological factors and how they play out in the life of the individual prior to becoming sexually mature enough to experience these desires fully as a human adult. Maturity is a huge factor, as is if they are initiated properly into their sexual awakening..the same is true for the human who embarks upon the path of the becoming or even trying to become a vampire. For the most part whatever hangups they had prior to any notions of vampiric tendencies became part of their life, these will also be factors as they become more engaged in what they think they are becoming. This is as sure a gauge as any if they are likely to be successful at their attempted transformation from the mortal coil and the human lifestyle they began from, a pathological human makes for an insane immortal, and not a very good candidate for the job either...

But as far as a vampire, having a take on sex, I suppose it has little relevance be it heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. Once the human has taken on the true nature of the path - most of those definitions are far less important, or at least should be...in the long haul even those whom live longer than the average human are still seeking honesty, sobriety, friendship, companionship, and unconditional love. Especially if you plan to know a fellow Vampire for more than a casual period of your lifespan. Definitely if you plan to live out an eternity or close to it...

Blake4d: As a vampire, how has AIDS epidemic had impact upon you?

Montague : I have been asked again so often, do you eat and drink items other than blood? To which I reply of course, Indeed I do. My physiology is human, and has all the needs of a human body, I just have more needs than the average human. So is just as true with the aspects of disease or afflictions of the body, Am I immortal in a literal sense, or will I die eventually like everything else that lives? I believe my soul is immortal and yes I believe I still have a soul, but when this body wears out or is damaged beyond the capability to go on...one day I will have had enough, and I suppose it too will die. I have a stronger immune system when I’m well fed, so I can fight disease, cure myself of simple wounds, sometimes even heal bones very rapidly, and in all bodily ailments I heal faster than any normal human. But, enough damage will still kill me. No when it comes to auto-immune disease, as is still a new subjective kind of phenomenon, being a new order akin to blood diseases, things like AIDS and HIV...I have no proof, but I dare to speculate that they may be taking down the numbers of my kind the Kalyptos surely in the last decades. So many old ones do not keep up with the sciences enough and fall victim to new blood born agents of doom - like wise many psi-vampires unnecessarily indulging in blood drinking rituals and the like, but sheer stupidity are being infected with viruses that yes are killing more than a few of them off. But I already stated Stupidity and Immortality are not a good pairing, Neither are narrow mindedness and long lifetimes. So be it - evolution always finds a way to thin down the herd. Yep, that is the kind of thing which is why we have all to be very careful. Life is precious, Human, Vampire, or otherwise.

Blake4d: What is your religion if any, do you practice Magic or the Occult?

Montague : Religion may not be the right word for anything that I practice or believe in...for arguments sake I definitely would be considered a practitioner of the Dark Arts. I wasn't perhaps the most spiritual person before I became self aware, I in fact was morally pretty bankrupt. Suddenly I was no longer a mere puny human with no purpose, no influence. Suddenly I was a threat to everything that was a normal part of the world, I was a taboo in the world, and I was no longer someone simple and easily understood. I had become and enigma in paradox. But most of that came from reconciling my Human and Vampire lives into one being. I have studied Eastern, Western Mysticism, Martial arts, occult sciences, and much about primitive cultures, anthropology and native shamanism. Much of my time was finding out what was truth and what was lies from the Stoker traditions of Dracula type mythology that I knew of...things like sunlight does not kill me, only makes me a bit sluggish on the off days. That most of the crucifix, coffins, and churchy stuff is folklore related to the Black Plague influence on things. and if there are Vampires that still believe or fear any of that, they come from a superstitious background before they ever became self aware. Also there have been many cults built around the Vampires by Humans, that are basically as much fact as Mother Goose in a brothel. The modern age is more enlightened than any as far as my studies have shown me, harmonious alignment of the mind body and spirit is the goal of anyone seeking afterlife or eternal life. The formula and the forms it takes are almost identical. Know thyself, atonement through balance, ever seeking an ever growing self awareness and state of equilibrium. If I have a religion that is it...no side stepping or fence sitting, a middle path. Nothing good, nothing evil. Balance. Forever and ever.. Amen

Blake4d: Have you ever undergone any kind of psychiatric evaluation? Or had any assessment of your mental state? Ever questioned your own sanity?

Montague : Me, myself, no I do not question my sanity.I have stayed away from Psychiatrists and Doctors. Mostly I feel disgusted by the hippocracy and close minded nature of most clinical psychiatry. They would laugh at me, and classify me insane without hearing me out because they are afraid that what they have been taught People are more afraid of what is inside their own minds then what is right in front of them. If something they see resembles something in their mind that scares them, they can become hysterical without even realizing what they are really afraid of. People make idle threats all the time, but I tend to keep my vampiric life hidden except to those who I know can handle it. It is odd when it comes to my addiction to alcohol I did attend a long period of programs related to twelve step privately, and a number of others I have known have had similiar affiliation with AA, OA, NA, and the like. I was friends with a woman who practiced a variation of Jungian psychology with new age inflluences and were friends for many years, I also had a Catholic priest with whom I would play chess and discuss metaphysics and domatics questions with once a month as a very good friend for years, Both have now passed on. My lady friend never new directly about my life, my Catholic Father figure was the one who told me he knew to my surprise. Both I believe were role models for my growth, and both gave me great insight into how to be the best of my Human and Vampire natures. Do other people in the world, people reading this interview question my sanity. Undoubtedly so...

Blake4d: What if anything do you see as moral or immoral?

Montague : I try not to define things in the sense of moral or immoral...but I have my dislikes, and they are simple. Above anything I dislike is Chaos. Especially Chaotic actions that have no purpose other than creating more Chaos. The world is desperate for two things in my opinion, Truth and Order. Chaos and those who would spread it without good reason are something worse than anyone with good or evil intentions creates, chaos is indifferent and destructive almost always. Even today in the world the influence of chaos always seems to dominate over rational order. Terrorism for example often starts with the intentions of having a spiritual message or goal, but in the end it just ends up causing lawlessness and chaotic stirring of the pot. Nothing of the original goal is left once someone blows themselves up with a bomb, killing the innocent, and committing a suicidal act publicly. I suppose the idea is to make that explicit public statement so that it cannot be denied, but the message is lost and spreads more ignorance, prejudice and chaos. To me chaos can always be surely followed by its brethren, violence and stupidity. Good sometimes uses violence with the aim to end future violence. Evil sometimes uses violence with the aim to bring order. Both fail or succeed in proportion with their goals about equally, but at least their was purpose and thought behind their worst intent. Chaos does not align with sides, it wants all or nothing...and in the end usually it wants nothing at all. Nothing ever appeases the desires of the Chaotic. War is dark destructive and yet still an attempt at bringing order, out of already existing Chaos. Chaos would never wage a war with sides, it would rather blow the world up in one grand hail of fire and doom. Einstein did not want to make the atomic bomb, not for fear of what men in his time would do with it...but rather what the chaotic men of future world powers would surely seek to misuse it for. Even Hitler was more aligned with Evil and sought domination through a new world order. His goal was not destruction of everything, at least at first.

Blake4d: Do you believe in sin?

Montague : I believe you must atone within yourself for all that you do, or it will haunt and rule you soul deep. Even if you actively pass off what you have done in life smiling all the way, your inner child, your deepest darkest corners, your primitive mind remembers all. And it feels the guilt that you pretend you do not. You must reconcile this guilt or it very quickly begins to change who you are, and soon you are not in control of your life, your actions, or your mind. This is the concept behind sin in most all religions, and they were not wrong to recognize its power...for it is a great darkness, the life that is unexamined. Sin is the devil, the karmic demon, and is responsible for the perpetuation of more sins, and the lies attempting to cover them over. It is a messy business when someone is living lies upon lies. Evil for the most part views lying as weak, again we come back to my one prejudice. Lying is a symptom of chaotic thinking. Living in sin may be right or wrong depending upon perspectives held by the individual, but choosing to live with guilt or sin unresolved is just another mask for insanity.

Blake4d: What would you say to someone who tells you that they want to become a vampire?

Montague: First response, You are an idiot. Second response, What kind of an idiot are you exactly? Third response, Why don't you ponder your wishes for a few decades then we can talk?
Last Response, No you don't. It is not what you believe it to be, you do not want to become a Vampire. Or anything that you are not period. You are Human, spend your time on planet Earth Mother bettering yourself.

Blake4d: Hollywood and the media are the main source of most modern vampire lore, what do you think of their handling of the vampire mythology?

Montague: The world as viewed through the media is an illusion at best, nothing produced in television, or the entertainment elite in general is trying to produce truth anymore. I am not saying that the media has no purpose or any merits, but is mainly through the art of deceptive artistry, not truth telling. Media has its strongest handed suit in its ability to tell truthful information in a way that seems implausible and unbelievable. I have witnessed many surprising truthful stories being told in the guise of fictional accounts, or news stories that are actually relaying amazingly honest information under the cover of the arts or humor. But straight forward honesty, the media is like the Goddess Media that she was named after, at best a madness upon the human mind, at worst a blind idol worshiping weaver of lies and cloaks and deceptive purposes. Media is the counter balance to reality in the age of information. The internet perhaps has a bit more honesty due to its under current of the individuals that wield its swords, but only on a basic level is it any better for the most part...and that shall not likely last long, for the world changes faster than we are ever prepared to keep up with.

As far as vampires and vampirism goes, the media treats us no better than criminals or clowns. Take your pic. And this is actually more the cause of the dangerous side of things, because there are people who want to become like me without knowing what it is really like...in fact the ignorant Americanization of the vampire legend has blown it even more out of proportion than the Romans, the Egyptians or the Catholic Church did in the middle ages. Nothing but candy coated blood lust is cultivated by such stupidity. And those who seek that kind of immortality or the like are unlikely to be much better or deserving of power than their aspirations make them...Stupidity is bad enough for a mortal life, a species of Superior and Stupid immortals. I would not wish such a thing upon humanity, the universe and certainly not the great Earth Mother...she has enough to deal with as it is in this new millennial world with all of its disorder and conflict.

Blake4d: Thank you Montague. Thank you for your time. Would you like to add anything in

Montague : Just this perhaps, keep in mind whatever your place in the world, that most things are about control. Something you rarely if ever can attain in reality.The hierarchy of the church, the men of science, even the philosophers, and harbingers of medicine denounced my kindred, the Vampire as evil because they couldn't control us, or nonexistent because they would not have anyone else be in control. Be as open to the real world as you can and not just the facts presented, not just that happy little fantasy bubble, the one that is created to keep the sheep lower in rank, so that the wolves can give orders when to form a line. They claim Vampires are to be feared? The church claims that dangerous and wicked Humans are to be feared as well. The power and the source are controlled daily by those whose iron firsts rule through fear. Fear of hell and damnation if its bidding is not done in life, fear of heaven and being held back from enlightenment for not being prepared enough to do well in the afterlife. We just chose to ignore it because we see them for who they are, and what they are doing. To the closed minded this is called a reality. But to those madmen so human, those wise women and witches, to the saints and the sorcerers, the hunters and gatherers, to the sons and daughters of Humankind and all their fairies in wild heated tantrums by beating drums...all the wild things that are the children of the blind idiot god and the planet Earth Mother, accept nothing, for nothing is sacred. I Vampire am not an enemy of the Humankind. I am an allies, in the one truth, the one law, that ever shall we that live Fight, for the Freedom to live, and to Live choose if we Die. Love is the Will, Love Under Law. Forever and ever. Amen. I hope all your readers approach their own paths with equally honorable intent.

I want to thank Montague for his time and patience, it is not easy to get anyone to talk candidly about this subject. He instructed me to tell the readers that there are many traditionally vampire subject matter that if we conveniently ignored them altogether, that perhaps they are trivial details anyway. We attempted to discuss things from an non mythological point of view. and a modern enlightened view as well. You can read about wooden stakes, garlic, and holy water else where. Let alone most who would want to are not the most stable or sane individuals in this interviewer's humble experience. For anyone reading, I cannot pass on any communications with Montague or anyone connected with him, I cannot get your emails or other information passed to anyone who is a vampire, nor will I help to facilitate such communications in any way. Do not bother, if this is truly your path, you will have your own natural way that you find to it. For the most part those who walk it do not want to be known, or have their privacy interrupted with such trivial fan mail or idol worship, if they do, they may not be what you think they are. And you must be careful what you wish for, for you are likely to find it all too easily for your own good. Vampirism is not a cult to be followed, a club to be joined, or a novel passing fancy for the weak minded. It is the furthest end of the left hand paths, and the darkest of the dark arts...the few that travel it do not have time for the sight seers of the occult. Nor should they. I appreciate Montague taking this interview seriously and I have tried to do the same. I hope it has been informative and educational. And if you want to explore more esoteric aspects of the vampire lore, Stoker, Lovecraft, Summers, Crowley, Dee, Murray, Gardener, Barker, and a host of others have already laid a wonderful ground work of literature that deserves to be read. Imperium et nil...the Empire never ended. Wishing all travelers the best of blessings...and to all, the Thunder Perfect Mind. Love is the Will, Love Under Law...Blessed Be. Forever and ever. Amen.

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Assembled around a traditional Ankh symbol are the various modern symbols used for the various Vampire Clans, both in tattoo art and role playing fetish.
Assembled around a traditional Ankh symbol are the various modern symbols used for the various Vampire Clans, both in tattoo art and role playing fetish.
An authetic reproduction of what a late 19th century Vampire Hunter or Dhampir's kit would contain, very similar to an exorcist kit for the church at the time.
An authetic reproduction of what a late 19th century Vampire Hunter or Dhampir's kit would contain, very similar to an exorcist kit for the church at the time.

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magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Well written, you are a complicated man!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx, you are kind with your praises, and actually take the time to read the body of my work - not just one or two selections. Your opinion is one i highly regard now on Hubpages...I try to tackle any subject with a serious mind toward my subject matter, humor, informative, light, dark, witty or somber. I write with the intetion of the piece as it should be portrayed, every piece of writing can be its best if you treat it like it is the most important thing you have ever written...

Then you just ask the art to tell you what can make it shine, how do I make this average looking stone into gold.

Alchemy, artistry, and attention to detail...is the basic recipe for all good writing.

Great writing just has one more factor, the idea was great to begin with. Usually you know that already...

Thanx again Magnoliazz...KOH


profile image

dreamreachout 6 years ago

Wonderful and fabulous .. I will add to what magnoliazz has said,"Wise persons cannot be but complicated"!!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

It is just me as the interviewer, the wisdom written here I cannot take credit for. There are great minds and souls out there everyday that we never even know are right there in front of us. If I have wisdom it is only in being able to recognize truth and people of truth when I meet them. And maybe being creative enough to capture that momment in time with my artistic nature. Other than that give you thanx for your words. But I am just as human and dumb or wise as the next guy out there.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Peace out. Blake4d

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

You know Blake4d, you certainly weave a spell with your writing, you know how to suck me in and take over my mind! LOL...Last night this hub made sleep difficult.

I have no problem at all with your views about religion. Yes, i am a Christain, but I don't buy into organized religion. And, I don't believe everything in the Bible either, don't tell me human beings would not manipulate something like the Bible for power and gain.

You can speak your mind with me...very little offends me.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

The Feeling is mutual, I am working on a couple more humorous hubs in the coming week. Maybe I can write somethings so boring that you will have no choice but to fall asleep upon reading it. LOL

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 6 years ago


So now what the hell am I suppose to say? And I fanned you before I read this or your comment.

It is so wonderful, Anne Rice [i do not talk shit] who's home I had tea with in New Orleans [pretty creepy to be honest] would love this, hands down.

I had to read it twice I'll be honest, sometimes I struggle given I have no education and severe ADD. I'm glad I did.

It's not smart, it's intelligent, it's not funny as much as it is teasingly attractive, it's not smooth, but graceful, it's not common but original, it's not been overwritten, but recreated, it was not just written, but well thought out, it's not presented with detail, but rather hums in its descriptive creativity, it's not storytelling, but is addictive and attractive, it's not leaving you hanging or assuming the reader a fool, but speaks with, not at it's fans that in the end of it's brilliance, wants you truly wishing there was more, lastly it's not a hub, but believable and invitingly attractive piece of talent.

Dude, it also is not short but super L-O-N-G lmao

thanks for you


[knowing Blake is going to realize Kim doesn't proof check her comments but means no disrespect]

[then sneezes and adds this to her comment for no reson at all]

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Ghezuhteite (I can't spell in German this early in the morning). You always hope a fan will feel your writing and tell others about it. You also hope they will be complimentary, intelligent, and just a little coy about doing so. Then if you're lucky they also say it in a fun sexy way...Kimberly on top of all that, you said it better than I could have said it myself. Thanx Thanx Thanx, and may a thousand horses have the winds at your back. May all my good karma fly in and lift you in its wake. You made my morning, my day, and probably my hub. =)

Blake4d salutes you!!!

mythbuster profile image

mythbuster 6 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

I'm concerned with Montague's state, blake4d. I mean, I understand the "alone," "solo" and "lone" nature of his Vampire existence but as well, there are traces of his human experience of 37 years which still resound within points he made in this interview. Perhaps if you get a chance to speak with Montague once again, you can ask him about his peers? Perhaps there are some others with a similarly developed self-knowledge of their state who are not acting upon solely addictive behaviors and who are also providing reasonable knowledge to those who will listen? It seems a shame that Montague is so alone.

Some very interesting philosophy matters presented here by the Vampire, Montague. I will check up on the authors mentioned in this article.

Thank you for a very - VERY interesting reading experience!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

I can only say this. Montague was intentionally vague and ommissive about anything relating to his actual private world. If you get my drift, but perhaps you have a point. I am not sure if I am a close enough acquaintance to approach him about such matters. But as always you give me something new to consider MB. Thanx for your encouragement as always. KOH

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

Heck Blake you are full of surprises. You mean you know real life vampires? I think vampires are kind of sexy in a way, not in real life, but in the movies, like Brad Pitt. :)

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

I don't know I heard Brad Pitt is kinda scary BP. Wait Blonde Poet BP, Brad Pitt BP...OMG!!!

bibi16 profile image

bibi16 6 years ago from Phoenix Arizona

Wow, this interview rocks. So do you Blake4d.

An 6 years ago

Nicely done ~~~ =)... but to be honest , the text is rather looooooog ..hahah.. but interesting of course...

Well, this text did clear some of my questions regarding the type of 'races' that exist.. however, i think that what was being mentioned was rather or should i say very vague..but thats not the point =)..

Personally, i feel that there might be more 'races' that were not mentioned.. or maybe, because they had already cease to exist in this dimension after humans come into power..


blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx An. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

DarkDisOrder profile image

DarkDisOrder 6 years ago from B.A.D. (Beyond All Dimensions)

Man that interview was longer than the interview with the vampire movie man, i'm going to sleep, hahahaha, seriously great hub, well done...

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

This is truly inspired. What a remarkable soul you had the great fortune to interview, so learned, so candid, so open. Thank you for sharing it with us.

You have another devoted fan now.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx DDo and PX. I had a feeling both of you would dig this hub. Glad I did a little justice, if a bit lengthy to my interview subject. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

And thanx to all the readers who are not commenting, this is one of my most popular hubs, it is appreciated. Blake4d

Joshua peterson 6 years ago

Tats weird but cool.

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

in my humble opinion

this is what hubs should be-they should use it as an example for newbies

just saying

blake4d profile image

blake4d 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

I think they heard you up on the hubs, if you go into the religious section under paganism, I am the featured article that comes immediately up. I am so proud of that, even showed it off to my Mom last night. Keep on Hubbing everyone. Blake4d

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

not as proud as I am

did you take a screen shot?

btw your return has brought forth wicked words almost like talent

but could be just lovin your back

ps-tried to sleep to no success just got back up anxious to do hub hun

be patient with me i'm slow [but good]

maybe a bath..............

so proud

see you in our comments each others biggest fans!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Don't worry talent passes. Then you are just left with wicked words. Which are hard to barter with,LMAO.

Yes I did catch a screen shot. Fun fun fun. I have been having an amazing week in so many areas. By the way KG.

Have you or anybody heard from MB. Just wondering. KOH


blake4d profile image

blake4d 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed. ??? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????????? ?? .??? ???

blake4d profile image

blake4d 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

profile image

klarawieck 4 years ago

Blake, if you check your stats for this page you'll understand that I've come to read this hub several times and didn't get a chance to finish it until today. I've been trying to get past my own prejudices in order to gain some perspective. It's hard to be subjective but one thing I do know is that we make our own reality; therefore, it would be unfair of me to think him a human when he has spent so many years building a reality of his own. He is highly intelligent and has a unique and interesting view of what his place in the world is, but I was a bit turned off by the condescending way in which he spoke about those who seek a way to join his path. I would assume that someone who is often viewed as an idiot and a lunatic by the majority of people would have a soft spot for those who are being labeled likewise for "posing" as vampires. Years of experience reinforce the understanding that the deeper we try to dig the more confused and ignorant we become. In other words, "All I know is that I know nothing." And yes, we take a stand and try to look at the world from our own unique perspectives while holding on to our individual beliefs and priorities, but we should never assume that our way is the only way and anyone who derails from our truth is an idiot. That's my thinking anyways, and it's the only thing that didn't resonate with the persona that he was portraying through this dialogue. I kept on asking myself how someone so wise and old could brush off the newbies in such a condescending way.

Other than that, my friend, I must congratulate you for having the courage to meet with this individual and for such an amazing interview. Not only were you respectful the entire time, but you kept an open mind throughout allowing him to feel comfortable enough to relate many things that he would probably not have said had he felt under scrutiny. Your questions were well thought-out, pressuring him on certain points and easing at other times so he may stay within his comfort zone. And your closing remarks say a lot about the kind of man that you are - respectful and receptive to all kinds of realities. Congratulations! This is one of the very best interviews I've ever read. :)


blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thanx for reading KW. Also thanx for your heartfelt and honest commentary. I will not assume to speak for Montague, but can give some perspective to your comments. Montague is a different kind of speaker, that is for sure. He speaks directly, and without much concern for the wide or open perspective on many things. The point of doing this interview, was that he ( and I ) wanted to talk about vampirism, and tackle many of the aspects that do not seem to be covered in the average literature on the subject. If he has bias, I think it has to do with how many people seem to glorify or neglect to point out the many parts of it as a magical path. Just as taking drugs maybe a doorway to certain freethinking enlightened states of mind, doing drugs also has left many people negatively scared, by taking on a path that they did not think through thoroughly before embarking on it. I believe this is Montague's main bias, that a large majority of those drawn to vampirisim are not prepared for the reality of pursuing such a magical path. Perhaps his view is warranted or perhaps it is with prejudice, as an outsider looking in, I am not willing to pass judgement. Either way, I appreciate you trying to look past your own bias and give this interview some pause. I think that shows much about your character and your path. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

profile image

klarawieck 4 years ago

Thanks, Blake. I do try to give everyone a chance to be, although it's hard sometimes. It certainly makes an interesting interview.

I would love to meet him in order to get a feel for his spirit. Sometimes spoken words don't do justice to the speaker and all one needs to do is stand next to that person and receive their energy to understand.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

As I stated at the end of the article, that is something that I cannot arrange. But I am sure he would appreciate the thought behind your expression. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether

Blake - You always have such amazing hubs. I did an interview with a "modern day vampire" but he has some completely different things to say than the one you interviewed. I question my vampire's authenticity to be quite honesty...but I published the interview nonetheless. Awesome hub!

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

KTD you are so nice and honest with you comments. I don't believe in comparing styles between writers, especially with the interview format. So many things influence the interview, that all you can really do is be as open and prepred as possible, the rest is up to the universe. Jim Morrison predicted that the interview would become the last literary artform. He may have been right. Your praise is so kind, the vampire subject by its very nature tends to bring out odd things from those drawn to it, involved with it, and apparently those you and I have interviewed about it. I am sure your work was done with just as honest of a spirit as you usually bring to the table, you cannot account for authenticity upon the other person or immortal. I will have to check out your article...thanx. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

Menehil 4 years ago

It's nice to see my picture used from deviantart :) shame that nobody asked me about it ....

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Which one do you mean? I got it from sacredscarlet on myspace. Tell me which one and I will give you credit or remove it. No problem at all, will do it right away. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

blake4d profile image

blake4d 4 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Let me know anytime. KOH. Blake4d

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

This is an interesting interview... I can't say I'm convinced vampires (other than as a fashion/subculture of humans) exist or are immortal, but it's fascinating to read and you did a great job on it. Excellent hub.

blake4d profile image

blake4d 3 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings Author

Thank you so much WS. I am always appreciative of the Wiccan perspective on some of my darker or more controversial subjects. My heart being with Wicca and paganism from early in my path, it really means a lot. I suppose all subcultures must go through their share of scrutiny, vampires definitely fall into that OTHER category. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

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