Different Regions of the Philippines

Different Regions of the Philippines

When you visit the country Philippines. The country is divided into three Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country is also composed of 16 regions. The bases for dividing the country into regions were the location, geography and other physical features of the islands. Provinces with similar geographycal features were grouped together as a region. Government hopes that development efforts will be reasonable, specific, balanced and suited to the needs of each region through such groupings.

Here are the List of the regions from Luzon.

The seven regions in Luzon are

Region 1 which is Northwestern Luzon or the Ilocos Region.

Region 2 which is Northeastern Luzon or the Cagayan Valley Region.

Region 3 which includes Central Plain Luzon.

Region 4 is the Southern Luzon or the Tagalog Region.

Region 5 The Southeastern Luzon or the Bicol Region.

National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila.

Cordillera Administrative Region

The three regions in the Visayas

Region VI the Visayas Region

Region VII Central Visayas Region

Region VIII Eastern Visayas

The six region in the Mindanao

Region IX Western Mindanao

Region X Northern Mindanao

Region XI Southern Mindanao

Region XII Central Mindanao

Region XIII Caraga

Autonomous  Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)

Each region have their own regional centers they are in charge of the development in the region and coordinate with the national government and other regions.  Each region has also its own local officials. Regions may differ from in language, religion, and customs, but they are all united as a people.

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