Divination Techniques

Divination relates to the ancient arts of predicting the future and finding answers previously unknown. It uses various methods to interpret the past and present while foretelling the future. There are hundreds of methods to divine information including automatic writing, pyromancy, dowsing, ornithomancy and dactylomancy to name just a few, but only a handful are commonly known and used. These include astrology, tarot, numerology, scrying, runes and palmistry.


Astrology is the most common and popular form of divination, with the earliest instance being the Celestial Omens compiled around the middle of the 2nd millennium BCE by the Babylonians. Astrology is a group of systems and beliefs that believe that the positions of the celestial bodies have an effect on our personality and other worldly matters. Therefore the study of the celestial placements throughout a persons life can aid in the understanding of past and present event and in the prediction of the future.


Tarot originated in the early 15th century in northern Italy and uses a deck of cards to interpret the past and present and predict the future. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana (22 trump cards), and the Minor Arcana, which is broken into four suits (these being Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles) each having fourteen cards. Each card is symbolic of an energy or spiritual truth and can be interpreted to gain an understanding of the past, present or future. Cards are selected at random and laid out in one of numerous spreads, each designed to gather specific types of information. The meaning of the cards is then interpreted, keeping in mind their relevance within its position in the spread.


Numerology is an ancient tradition and often accredited to Pythagoras, the father of numerology, however there is evidence it existed in China, Greece, Egypt and Rome thousands of years before his time. Numerology believes that everything can be converted into numbers and that those numbers have specific meanings. By finding the numerical value of any word or name, you can discover its hidden meaning. Birth dates can also be converted into a ‘Life Number’ which give insight into a persons trait.


Scrying involves prolonged gazing into an object, such as mirrors and pools, or a surface or substance that is reflective, translucent or luminescent. It is often believed that this method of divination shows visions in the medium being used where in fact, it is used to enter into a trance like state enabling spiritual visions in their own mind. Nostradamus is believed to have used this method of divination using ink as his medium.


Runes are a sacred writing and divination system used throughout the Germanic tribes of northern Europe. In Norse mythology it is said that Odin hung from The World Tree (Yggdrasil) for nine days without food or water, to learn the mystery of the runes. The oldest known system is known as the Elder Futhark, named after the first six runes (Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, Kauno) and is made up of 24 characters. Each character has an individual meaning, which can be reversed if drawn in the reverse position. The runes are placed in a runic spread, similar to that used in tarot readings, which can be anything from a single rune to intricate layouts with each layout aimed at particular meanings or answers. The runes are then interpreted relating to their meaning and position in the spread.

Basics of Palmistry and Astrology and how they connect


Palmistry, or Hasta Rekha Vigyan, originated in India in the 16th Century. It is part of a large field of study known as Samudrik Shastra (the study of the hand and face), which literally means ‘the ocean of knowledge’. Palmistry is not a traditional form of divination instead it is a study of personal assessment and counselling. Study and analysis of the lines in ones hands is used to learn a person’s emotional tendency, social attitudes, conscious and subconscious fears, among other things. As our palm lines reflect our attitudes, thinking and emotions so they influence our future choices. As we change these aspects of ourselves the lines reflect these changes.

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