Do Ghosts Exist

Imaginary devils

The devil is said to be the one who causes evil in the world. Children are sometimes coerced to behave by threats that the "bogey man" is going to get them. As an adult, the bogey man becomes the devil and the fear remains. Devils are as real as you want them to be. However, if you refuse to give them power, then there is nothing much they can do to you. The insane person thinks a stick is really a snake and acts accordingly. A sane person understands, sees the stick, and is not afraid. We have created so many things that are real for us only because we have allowed them to be real.

Fearful ghosts

here is a difference between angels and other entities such as ghosts. Ghosts have a physical body; the desires for carnal involvement still persist. For this reason, it tries to enter and use a physical body. A ghost performs pranks and basically has the same mentality as it did in its last embodiment. The ghost of a highly mischievous and devious person will emanate the same kind of disturbance as the individual did while in the physical body. A ghost will make you fearful. If a ghost is present in your room, you will feel as though a breeze has just entered. If the ghost touches you, you will experience a sensation of coldness.

Angels in action

When you come in contact with an angel, it is not because the angel is lost as is a ghost; the angel is on a specific mission. The angel may give you a blessing, a warning, guidance and even protection. An angel is not trying to enter into you or to engage in pranks at your expense like the ghosts. The presence of the angel gives you a sense of warmth, security and comfort. Angels have always been helpers to the material universe.

Power of mind

The mind can act as our personal demon if we let it. If we mentally accept something, we have to act upon it. For example, if someone tells me, "You are so ugly that it hurts my eyes to see your face," I can respond in various ways. I can accept the words and become angry and furious. I can look in a mirror just to see how ugly I am. I can go to see a plastic surgeon or I can simply not allow myself to identify with that attack. If I don't accept it, I don't have to prove anything. Once we accept what the mind serves out then we accept the thoughts and also the corresponding feelings.

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