Do I work in Heaven if yes, that is not heaven for me.

Heaven is real

 I have been looking for this heaven since I was in Sunday school when I was four years old.  Oh I remember a great deal about what I was told about heaven and the other place.  I always try to be "good" just so I could get to heaven and be and angel and live in bliss as it is described in scriptures from around the world.  I honestly was looking for this heaven place on planet earth.  I did not know better then, I did not know myself. 

I believe heaven exists and it a a place where there is real freedom. The limiting human concept of heaven must be expanded to experience this realization.  Jesus himself says "The kingdom of heaven is within you".  I believe this because we are created in the image and likeness of God according to scripture.  Not just Christian scripture, Hindu scripture, ancient Egyptian thought and other teaching I have received.  Yes this heaven is inside you and me and all other living beings that want to accept this as truth.

I do not pose to be some big time great scholar, but I can tell you this, I am a happy being and no one can take that away from me, that is just how it is in my life.  I have had my challenges, physical pain, set backs.  I am not different from any other person.  I just know that my spirit is eternal and I exist and will exist for ever in some form or fashion I  am a loving being by nature so I have nothing to really worry about.  Karma demands that  for every action there is a series of reactions, so I consistently strive to do the best I can because that is all I can do in life.

Heaven, yes I am trying to build it here so when I move on it will be there due to my karma and God's mercy.  My question was not if there is a heaven, it is who is going to tell me that I am in heaven.  What am I going to do there, if I have to work i.e. do thing I do not want to do then that is not heaven, that is some one trying to trick me, I do not go for such nonsense. 

Keep in mind there is a difference between believing and knowing.                                                                    

Thank you for the question.


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shirleybill profile image

shirleybill 7 years ago from Texas

Of course, we would not be in heaven or any other place, without expecting to preform our duties and tasks. You are a very smart person, to realize such a thing. May God be with you.

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