Does My God Exist?

Heaven Exist.

Does heaven exist?

If you want music as you read this please use this YouTube link-- Greece Heaven's Music --

From age 5 to 12 I knew God existed. From age 13 to 37 I was agnostic and called myself a Bahai. From age 37 to 42 I knew God existed but I was unsure about the Bible's accuracy. Then I had the good fortune to rigorously study the bible in three forms: King James Version (KJV), the New International Version (NIV), and the original Greek translational of the Bible. I became a minister of the bible with an emphasis on God, Jesus, forgiveness, and redemption. Then in 2007 I read Don Piper's book "90 minutes in heaven". Then I absolutely knew that heaven existed. What I am now about to say will undoubtedly disturb many whom read this.

God exists.

Jesus was here on earth and he exists.

Heaven exists.

But hell does not exist in the way that it is normally espoused. Hell is to died without the absolute belief that heaven exist, to died without the ability to forgive.

When you do good, good comes back to you. When you do evil, evil comes back to you. This is an absolute. Always do your best to be the best human you can be. Today I read a hub by "A Texan" My First Traffic Stop - read it - this is what I mean to be the best human you can be. This story link has been servered.  I will condense the story:  a police officer was kind and used good common sense in dealing with a serious situation.  I truly wish "The Texan" was around to give the full story.

The universe does not gift all of us with the same gifts but we will always be blessed if we strive to be the best we can be.

Don piper 90 minutes in heaven: YouTube:

Read his book you will be amazed. I was overjoyed. Enjoy.

Please comment whether you agree with me, partially agree, or totally disagree with me. Each exchange we make helps us understand better the time we have here on this plane.

Please fill out the poll at the end. Thank you.

Does Heaven Exist?

Does Heaven Exist?

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JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image

JamesBenjaminJrMD 7 years ago from USA Author

Play the music. Read the hub by the "A Texan". Then listen to Don Piper's miracle. Please comment. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for your comments.

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 7 years ago from Conneticut, USA

HELLO! Sropped by to grab this for tonights reading material and Wish you a happy evening!

I like the pictures you pick out...

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Why didn't you read portions of the Bible in Hebrew and Aramaic? Just curious. Loved the music.

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