Doubt and Motivation...

Why is this generation not capable of achieving something?

Sometimes all we need in life is a motivation and sometimes nothing more than a word. If we wonder about our success and our declining ability to achieve…the reason may be due to the continuous discouragement one receives from all sources. When we once stood strong and confident we stand today afraid and undecided. Is it because of our capabilities and about how much we know? Is it because of where we are? Or is it because of who we are and whom we know?

We all know that whenever we are close to achieving something in life there’ll always be someone standing in our way waiting for our next fall. The worst thing in life is not in finding someone who despises our continuous revival…it is when our academics and supporters in life find a reason to detain us. It is when the people whom we expect to support us in our long road of life, disappoint us, discourage us and finally cause us to doubt our capabilities. Yes…Doubt our capabilities!

I can’t always assume the best in people but I may be cautious and know that as much as we want the best for ourselves in this life…there are those who wish to see that happen and there are those who don’t.

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Kristen Allen 5 years ago

Nice...a true motivation to a doubtful mind

mtshomeed 5 years ago

Ma shallah, I loved it.It’s a piece of work :D Keep up.

Inshallah you will achieve whatever is in your mind

dont worry and work hard,at the end you will get your reward that you deserve.

Just do not forget to say from deep of your heart "ya allah".

revathi... 5 years ago

wow!!!!!!!!! dude thatz really motivating....

you should keep writing ....AMAZING......

R.Aller 5 years ago

I think with a little motivation we could all become something someday...

>>Wish you all the success

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