Dream Interpretation: A Psychic Explains How To Know The Meaning Of Dreams

What do your dreams mean? Be your own psychic and learn the art of dream interpretation.

As a psychic I am sometimes asked to interpret the meaning of a dream for a client.  The dreams are usually similar in that they are frightening or elicit some fear or anxiety within the client.  Funny, no one wants to know the meaning of "good" dreams.  Anyway, this type of question is problematic for a psychic, or anyone else, because of the variables involved in applying a meaning to what goes on in another person's dreaming mind.

Dream dictionaries are not accurate in describing what a particalar symbol means to a specific person.  If one dreams about a growling dog, the internal symbolism and internal representation of what a growling dog means is going to vary greatly from person to person.  It isn't a fair assumption to give a blanket statement or definition as to what that means for everyone.

To me, it would remind me of when the family dog kept me away from a snake on the patio when I was an infant.  I remember the dog keeping me "safe" by growling.  A former classmate of mine, an otherwise attractive person, would shudder at the thought of a growling dog.  She had her cheek and part of her nose ripped off by a growling dog when she was a small child.

Often times, when a person calls a psychic, there is a time restraint - there's a per minute fee and the minutes go by quickly.  Understandably, the client wants an immediate answer and an accurate psychic answer about what this dream or dream symbol means.  It's not that simple.

Psychics have to tune in to the client and then to the client's psyche to try and get a clear picture of the underlying meaning of the dream symbol.  It's like peeling back layers of an artichoke to get to the heart of it.  And that takes time.

What I ask of a client is to tell me what the dream symbol - not the actual dream - but the symbol itself means to them.  To me, the growling dog means protection, for instance.  I'm looking for a one word answer here.  It could be an emotion or a color or a verb.  From there I can usually see into the true meaning of the dream because the client experienced the one word answer while experiencing the dream itself.

The next time you need to interpret a dream for yourself or someone else, give the one word dream symbol interpretation a try, instead of reaching for a dream dictionary.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective this method of dream interpretation really is.

Happy Dream Interpretations!

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Susana S profile image

Susana S 7 years ago

Hi from one dream interpreter to another :) I use this kind of technique myself to really get to the heart of a dream. It's amazing how lots of us can get caught up with all the tiny details when one symbol is standing out shouting "Look at me!"

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