Dream Interpretation with a Christian Perspective

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the selfsame hour I dreamt this story, about an hour before dawn, I thought that I should record it, and make it available to those who may have an interest in Dream Interpretation, or might find its message helpful in some way to their own lives and experiences. I was able to appreciate its significance through a quick self-analysis, while still in bed just after being awakened by its message, bordering on what can be understood by some as an epiphany, in my estimation.


It was a dark morning during rush hour traffic when I observed a young lady with two small children struggling to navigate through a large six-lane intersection during the latter half of the green light signal. The youngest one of her troop seemed the most difficult to hang on to, and actually did manage to escape her grip. During the obstinate struggle, the child, still holding onto her rag doll, veered into the path of cars starting to cross as the lights changed.

I began witnessing this occurrence on the corner across the road; I remained transfixed on the little girl, especially the fright and peril she was now discovering herself to be in. Unbelievably, traffic continued its push with several cars and even a motorcycle passing this obvious little youngster now heading my way while dodging traffic. By this time, the woman was unable to do anything but keep her own self and second child out of the danger of moving steel and headlights as she frightfully watched her tiny charge move away.

Traffic on my side was more alert to the event and eased its progression through the intersection enough that the wayward child then began heading directly for me as her closest visible point of safety. She ran sobbing with her little furious steps to meet my extended grasp. As I lunged forward to pluck her from the lane, she held herself tight to my chest and immediately twisted to look for her mother. The darling little girl had wet her pants understandably but was (thankfully) physically unharmed as she peered in fear for her mother's safety, not scorn.

After their grateful reunification I was thanked with a nervous kiss and a timid offer to walk with them to their nearby destination where the lady walked daily to work with her pre-school children. I obliged, hoping to be of some further help and sympathy — and perhaps needed friendship.

We arrived at her place of employment, whereupon the older youngster quickly entertained herself in the children's play area next to the close-quartered receptionist lobby. Astoundingly, the woman, who shall remain anonymous, immediately disappeared in the small office just around the hall corner to engage herself with the ringing telephone. Apparently, the customer on the line was more important to her than changing the wet diaper on her baby.

After a minute or so, I interrupted her and gently but firmly led her by hand to her still grieving girl. She put the customer on hold. I believe at that point the mother was struck at my firmness and careful direction enough to then give priority to her loved one — above that of her telephone business and seemed tenuous but needed sale.

Upon my intervention and considering her pressures, I thought it necessary for myself to pick up her office phone and unambiguously, but perhaps with a tone of apprehension, apologize to the waiting client and thank them for their understanding, as I informed — without details — that their customer service agent will promptly return in a couple of minutes after attention to a more important responsibility was complete.

Shortly thereafter I bid adieu to the crew and left the building.

I actually felt good as I dismissed myself from the situation, but I quickly realized another attendant obligation. I could see nearing me someone whom I recognized from a picture on the office wall — the very President of the business itself. In that moment of providential encounter, I was somehow enabled to impress unto him in a congenial but businesslike manner that he had a very devoted and diligent company employee with two small children in his office right now that probably deserves a raise. I believe he knew I was genuine in my assertions and witness. I also believe he was profoundly struck at my testimony of her efforts and formidable loyalty to his company, its success and profitability — and of course her job.

Satisfied and actually self-motivated by the business owner's gracious reception and acknowledgement of my plug, I perceived and sensed an outcome of inevitable good. It was then that I awoke.

Upon reflection, I am convinced that the Lord had His hand in the whole affair, including my dream and my quick interpretation of it. It speaks of a moral lesson to care for and give assistance to another human being, even a stranger, when they need it and when one is able. The proximity and ability essentially is the God-given enablement. One need not be compelled or coerced by consequence of neglect, but motivated by the love of civility, or to put it another way, the love of one's neighbour as oneself. One will be blessed when one does this type of altruism. Indeed, as it is written, one will fare well as Judged by God.

I am also clearly reminded that even if my articulation is less than expert or apparent evidence of self-satisfactory pride (not hubris) are displayed, that the Gospel is true, and that all things work together for good — to those that love God. I am sure the characters in my dream all loved God. For instance, the owner allowed and accommodated his employee's children at work; the employee demonstrated industrious effort and meek repentive heart; and the author interpreted his dream through the lens or perception of the teachings of the Gospel, attributing his understanding of the moral of the story and his being brought into the remembrance of the Word of God to the still small voice of the Holy Ghost.

Additionally, I am reminded that it is the most imperative of any true guidance to give priority to the First of the Ten Commandments (Old Testament, KJV, Exodus 20: 3) which records the LORD GOD stating:

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Correspondingly, when the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is asked by a certain lawyer "which is the great commandment in the law", it is recorded (New Testament, KJV, Matthew 22: 37-38) that Jesus clearly replies:

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment."

The Commandment(s) which follow both the 'First' of the set of Ten Commandments recorded in Exodus, and the 'Greatest' Commandment of God recorded in Matthew stem from the first — intrinsically and inherently.

To hearken and heed, or to put it another way, to listen and follow is often difficult in this world of hustle and bustle, distractions and temptations, especially with one's good and rightful desire and dogged determination to create, build and profit, and to seek joy and security, by way of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, invention and the sweat of one's own brow, all ultimately from God's Providence, even if we forget [that] sometimes. Granted our hardships are a fact, but His Divine Design offers no apologies, only Guidance, Priorities, Allowances, and Solutions to strive to work towards. We are all blessed with encumbrances and faults — that is how, through God's Providence, we can most successfully meet our challenges and move forward to inevitably progress through this probationary mortality.


Written with retained © Copyright privilege by the human being Timothy Alexander Donnelly; Inspired by the author's belief in the Holy Spirit of Revelation.

People are welcome to comment and offer their interpretations of my dream.



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