My dreams seem so real

I bet i'm not the only one that has dreams that feel so real. sometimes i feel that they come true. of course, it's deja vu and all tht ppl say. but think about this. i had some dreams, well watever dreams i had, if there was a boy in there, any boy,doesn't have to be one whom i know, their names always happened to be chris or chris something if u know what i mean. during that year, i was pregnant with my first child and somehow i loved the name chris so i wanted tht to be my son's name. i had already known the gender by then. but my hubby was not happy as he wanted something more traditional. somehow some things happened you can say, i had a premature delivery and during that time my husband had to go overseas for training so he told me ok then u can put chris as the name. but i thought one syllabus didn't sound tht nice so i modified to name him chrisen. and the babe i was supposed to have in jan actually came earlier right on christmas. when my husband came a week later after the birth he was stunned to say the least and u can definitely say he was really happy with the name since when he left he wasn't that satisfied you can say. hehe but though dreams actually form because of some deep impressions in our heart, sometimes they can help you in life.

i had another dream where i was wiping the tool of my second baby, of course i'm still pregnant with sec one right now. this happened a few months. so the next morning i told my hubby about the dream. that night he called me on the phone to tell me that we had struck lottery, first prize some more. when he came home later, he told me that i had seen myself wiping the baby's stool and he said that in our tradition, seeing stools in dreams is a good sign. so he went to buy lottery. and we won $10 000. it helped us so much. hehee so all you people can do something about it too. they may be tryin to tell you somthing. my neighbours were saying u struck first prize, you definitely have a girl inside you. 2 mths later, when i went for the scan, the doctors said it's a gal. i was really happy as my first one was a boy. but i'm still going to confirm again as u never know what can happen. hope all of you weren't bored with this. just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings.

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blur 9 years ago


i love chrisen!! :(

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 9 years ago from singapore Author

grins yeayea

luvnlyf 9 years ago

Pretty interesting--I too had dreams of my kids while I was pregnant. Ironically, I had a dream of my boys making dirty diapers and that's what woke me up tonight. Maybe I should try buying a lotto ticket?:)

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 9 years ago from singapore Author

grins, you never know luvnlyf. i dreamt twice again on diff days of stool in my dream from kids. but unfortunately my hubby missed the numbers. either you forgot to buy the ticket or the numbers were mixed. lol you should try it out. no harm done. maybe a few bucks lost? grins thks for the reply.

Job Nigeria 8 years ago

nice story.....thanks for sharing it

i need money fast 8 years ago

My dream is so bad...i have a bad dream......

What should i do ??

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 8 years ago from singapore Author

thanks for commenting job. well, if it's a recurring dream, i need money fast, then only when you understand it or something, then it'll stop. sorry i can't help you out much there. thanks for responding.

tech for geek 8 years ago

Pretty interesting...i always forgot my dream at the moment i wake up in the morning..LOL

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 8 years ago from singapore Author

haha i don't blame you. my hubby is the same as you. he can't remember many of his dreams as well. thanks so much tech for geek.

Sheila 7 years ago

hi smi..its really an interesting story..hope i dream that kind too..hehee have a nice day

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 7 years ago from singapore Author

thanks sheila. hope you have a nice dream too^_^thanks for responding.


My dreams,feel so real too. I can smell,taste,and feel.

I sometimes think i might just have an active imagination or its a gift? My dreams are vivid and detailed. It started happening in the 4th grade and i started having dreams like that ever since. (CURRENTLY IN 8TH)I remember ALL of my dreams at night which at usually 3 or 4.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

i have no idea if it's a gift or imagination too. for me, ít's been some time since a dream really had an impact on me. if we are to think of it in terms of gift, you could say my gift is now slowly fading away. i used to remember many of my dreams, but now, it's only some.

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