Eckhart Tolle Power of Now Audio Book Review

Eckhart Tolle Power of Now Audio book Review

A friend of mine recommended that I listen to an audio book called the Power of Now. I took him up on his recommendation. The book changed my outlook more than I ever expected. As a recovering open heart surgery patient, I had a great deal of anxiety and stress to deal with in my recovery. Eckhart Tolle helped me see the importance of understanding perspective and presence.


The Tolle's audio book is more than seven hours long and broken into four very manageable parts. I downloaded it at a size of 30.8 MB. The download did not take long and I was into the audio book almost immediately after paying $10.95. Spoken by the author Eckhart Tolle.


As expected, the beginning of the audio book draws you in through a narrative by the author describing how he came to be. The description is intimate, intellectually challenging, and definitive in tone. Tolle does not allow you to question his truth, as he speaks so eloquently, with almost a strong whisper to his tone.

As the book progresses, the format switches from simply having Tolle speak to having two other voices, the publishers I believe, role play as audience members, as they begin to ask questions. A little bell indicates a new question or section.

It is an unusual approach for a self-help book, but extremely effective as I felt as though I was there with the teacher and student. In the past, other self help books I've read or heard, used step-by-step processes to get through a certain topic. Tolle avoids this. His approach is much more experiential. You really feel as though he is talking to you.

New Words

Tolle introduces many words he uses with different meanings. Some of these are the Thinker, Pain Body, Happiness, and Consciousness. While it is different, it's not overwhelming. He makes reference to many different religions and spiritual practices that he either experienced or learned about extensively.

The Big Idea

After listening several times to the book, I came to realize the overall big idea is so simple and attainable that it is easy to miss. Ironically, this is the entire point of his book in that we must not look forward or back , but instead focus on now.

I have read and heard many self-help books. Tolle's Power of Now is unique. It's helpful, hopeful, and motivational. I felt hopeful after hearing the book in its totality, but more importantly, I felt empowered to change for the better.

Bottom Line: Highly Recommended for open heart patients like me and everyone else.

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daisyjae profile image

daisyjae 5 years ago from Canada

I have learned a lot from eckhart tolle, especially from A New Earth, but Power of Now was helpful too. I think everyone should read his books. Rated up & useful!

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