Embraced by God (Poetry)

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A morning sleepyhead,

I think I will open my eyes

Launching off as if to fly.

My arms shudder like wings,

My heart earns the morning.

Nothing stands still,

I am in the future before I know it

Sane enough to pause for breath.

I wave to the sky overhead.

It will direct me where to go.

Solitude has its place.

With my singular joy and peace.

I feel the silence of God

Who summons my body

And fills it with delight.

Another endless beginning,

A day of peaceful beauty,

Nothing can alter my delight

Something inside me knows

I am embraced by God.

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John Cain profile image

John Cain 6 years ago from Dayton, Texas

You express your inner feelings perfectly. You have a gift for words and expression. This would bring the urge for a person not exactly in Gods grace as they should be, to have a desire to feel as you feel in your words. A great piece of work!!! God bless you.

PoetwoPoem profile image

PoetwoPoem 6 years ago from Dallas Author

Your welcome Poetlorraine. I love your writings.

profile image

poetlorraine 6 years ago

lovely poem thanks for sharing...

Debra L. Papapietro 6 years ago

Very smooth, soothing, calming poem. God is good!

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