Eve's Role in Women's History & The Damnation of Her Sex

The Vienna Diptych by Hugo van der Goes
The Vienna Diptych by Hugo van der Goes | Source

According to the story of creation in the Christian Bible, Eve was the first woman created by God, and Adam was her husband.

As the Biblical story goes, Eve was created from a rib of Adam's cage, and her husband gave her the name "Woman," because she came from man.

Adam and Eve lived together in the Garden of Eden, and during that time Adam walked with God.

During one of their proverbial walks, God warned Adam to steer clear of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Eventually, Eve was approached by a serpent (representing the devil) and he coaxed her into tasting the fruit.

Shortly thereafter, she presented her husband with a piece of Forbidden Fruit, and he, overcome by her powers of temptation, gave in and ate the fruit.

God forever punished the serpant (snakes) by damning him to crawl upon his belly, he punished Eve (women) with the pain of childbirth and dominance by man, and he punished Adam (men) with a lifetime of toil.

Eve is significant to women's history because she is considered to be the mother of humanity by Christians all over the wold. Christianity is the second largest religion in the world; therefore, many people believe in the stories of the Bible.

Whether you believe in the stories of the Bible or not, Eve's story is significant to women's history because it forever established harmful and prevailing concepts about women.

Eve's Legacy In The Biblical Sense

The serpent targeted Eve because it suspected that she was mentally weaker than Adam, so he easily conned her into tasting the fruit - and his suspicion proved correct.

Adam gave in to Eve because her power of temptation was stronger to him than the advice of God (Wow). It is never suggested that Adam gave in to Eve because he simply was not very bright to begin with.

In the biblical sense, her story establishes that it was a woman who unleashed the burden of sin on all of humankind. Thus, all of womankind bears the blame for Eve's mistake.

'Can Surgery Cure Evil Women?'  An Actual Question in Jet Magazine
'Can Surgery Cure Evil Women?' An Actual Question in Jet Magazine | Source

In a Real World Sense

In a real world sense, there are three prevailing notions about women which have been damaging to the entire female sex:

  • Woman is Inferior to Man
  • Woman is Mentally Weaker than Man
  • Woman is a Relentless Temptress
  • Woman is Inherently Evil

Some, who are considered by the general public to be fanatics, still firmly believe in these concepts in the literal sense. We tend to think of these fanatics as being crazy, kooky people with a less than firm grip on reality.

Billions of everyday people place some belief in these notions, historically and still today.

Do You Believe the Notion that Women are Evil Began with Eve?

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An Interesting Animation of The Story of Creation

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kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Rachelle - Very true...everything you've written here. And this concept has been used throughout time in order to keep women subservient to men, especially in the Christian religion. So sad, really. Before the Bible was the Bible, women were considered in many cultures as equal to men, and in some more powerful than men for their abilities to give life and milk for nourishment. What the Bible doesn't tell us is that much of the books that were originally a part of the Bible were excluded...so I wonder how much of those books' knowledge has been lost? I wonder if women were portrayed any differently in those books?

Rachelle Williams profile image

Rachelle Williams 5 years ago from Tempe, AZ Author

Excellent observations kittythedreamer. Unfortunately, we may never know the contents of those lost books. We will always be left to wonder...

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

Rachelle you did a great job with this... and the video really topped it off.. Great hub.. I VOTED UP AND AWESOME..

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

How about the fact that Adam was stupid, because he listened to his wife and ate the forbidden fruit.

profile image

Derdriu 5 years ago

Rachelle, What a clear, effective, logical summary of the historical underestimating and misunderstanding of women! In particular, it's interesting the way you draw readers in by anecdotes, facts, interpretations, pictures, polls, and videos.

Thank you for sharing, etc.,


bethperry profile image

bethperry 5 years ago from Tennesee

Rachelle, great Hub. I feel the bias against women as advocated in Judeo-Christian doctrine (and another doctrine that comes to mind) speaks volumes behind the abuse women have suffered needlessly throughout history, and which, sadly, they often still do.

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