Exposure of the Psychic nature of man

The unknown psychic influences

 At the time of birth every being becomes a psychic being as well as a physical being. In the real sense of existence almost everyone misunderstand the concept of psychic nature. Perhaps to understand my point I would define the word psychic as I accept of the concept. Psychic is that part of being which is non-physical. By this I mean that it has nothing to do with our physical control. The physical control is that aspect of our lives which is controlled by our consciousness while the physic is of the subconscious or the part that relates to the "meta". I might be using some unpopular words here but bear in mind that we are talking about nature and the forces and unseen existence amongst us.

Man's psychic nature demonstrates itself on daily basis but people are unaware how it manifests. The manifestation of our psychic being does not hide itself. We have little control over psychic influence. We can train ourselves to be master of all situations instead of being victim of circumstances. To illustrate that part of psychic behavior in man let me tell a story of conclusion by a psychiatric doctor at a time so you can judge for yourself.

There was a time a man became controlled by evil forces which I term to be the negative psychic force in him. The man came up with the idea to test the most renowned psychiatric doctor about his intelligence and his ability to take good care of his patience through his diagnosis of the state of being of a person. The man went to the doctor and requested that he be diagnosed of any problems. After series of tests and examinations the doctor came up with conclusion that the man was physically and mentally alright. The doctor further made proclamation about his life’s span. After the man received his result, he called his children and kinsmen and informed them of his doctor's report and showed them the document. In the following night the man went into the bush and hanged himself. The following morning his body was discovered. The man's kinsmen went to the doctor to find out why he was unable to know that the man was sick. The doctor simply replied them that the man was normal at the time he was examined but that he could develop madness anytime in his life.

Unfortunately it was the negative psychic nature of the man that overpowered his consciousness of being that made the conscious to be dormant and not to realize that he would not live again to query the doctor. the psychic went ahead to instruct him to hang himself to prove the doctor wrong of his diagnosis while in essence the doctor has a clear view point that the man's madness developed after his result was issued. What a bad force.

In nature people perceive the psychic in different ways. Organizations recognize it with different symbols. Some people focus its existence as the third eye of being. Some symbols come in the form of an eye in a perfect triangle. Others come pictorially in some weird form of artistic design. But in all the images are meant to be scary so as to infuse into our being the consciousness of something that is not of physical nature.

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