Yin and Yang

I always wondered how some elements, directions and things can impact our lives. I never believed in Fengshui unless I actually experienced the changes in my life. I started using Fengshui because I really loved using wind-chimes, pyramids, photos, crystals and coins as a part of decorations. So now that I was going to use few of these things I thought why not atleast keep them in the right direction. And the changes in my life were unbelievable. So I am going to write few things that I know of Fengshui that I was told to follow by my interior designer who was again a Fengshui follower.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION BY MY INTERIOR DECORATOR: Fengshui is one of the oldest philosophical theories, almost 4000 years old. Fengshui means “wind & water”. According to the Chinese, CHI is a Universal Force which flows through the “wind & water”. Universe is made up of two types of forces i.e. YIN & YANG. Yin is the female essence of the Universal force and Yang is the male. When these two interact, the universal life force CHI liberates. CHI is the force, which bestows health, happiness and prosperity. If it enters the building in abundance and moves in coiled movements then it is known as inside CHI, it is bound to stay inside the building. It gets you all that you want. However it can prove harmful if the building is built in a way that the outside CHI enters. This is a harmful CHI which is responsible for disease, unhappiness and financial issues. Hence the objective of Fengshui is to get the inside CHI in the building and allow it to move slowly for long lasting benefits.


Fengshui classifies all houses as belonging to one of the two groups. East or West. If a house sits at one of the directions in Northeast, Southwest, West or Northwest, then the house is a West house. Otherwise it is an East house.

(P.S.: I have taken only West of Northwest and South of Southeast doors although Fengshui only states Southeast and Northwest without specifying the positive and negative parts of these directions. Probably when they say northwest they mean a door, which is kept at a corner angle facing northwest. In practice this gives bad results. Keeping a door by slicing off a corner is a bad energy design).

In practice, atleast in a large majority of cases the door is either placed in West of Northwest, which is right, or in north of northwest, which is wrong.

Similarly when it comes to Southeast, a door can come in south of Southeast and not in East of Southeast. Doors in east of Southeast and north of Northwest always gives bad results. These need a partition correction before employing cures.


According to the Chinese, we all belong to one of the two groups, east and west. If you’re an East group person then the directions South, North, East and Southeast will favor you, one of them being the direction of success. If you belong to West group then the four directions West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast will favor you.

To determine what group you fall into, you need to know your KUA number. Kua number can be found by a person’s year of birth; however, it is different for males and females. To calculate a females Kua number the formula is (last 2 digits of the birth year – 4)/9 and for males it is (100 – last 2 digits of the birth year)/9. The remainder in both the cases is the KUA number. Also, you can check which category you fall into the Chinese calendar, it’s pretty accurate and easy.

East group people numbers: 1 3 4 9

West group people numbers: 2 5 6 7 8

If you are an East group person staying in an East group house then the number of symbols(three legged moon frog, good luck coins, dragon turtle, golden pigs etc) needed will be less. If your success direction and the entry door are the same you can get much better and faster results. On the other hand if you are an east group person staying in a west group house then the numbers of symbols needed are less.

This is the basic that indicates Fengshui theory. In the next hub, I’ll write more on what symbols can be used for what purpose and more.

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Jyoti Patil profile image

Jyoti Patil 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

Thanks for the comment R J Lefebvre. Well i certainly do believe that every culture has some form of psychic perceptions of existence.We are born with cultural history and we go along with it. We follow what has been taught to us over years. I believe that the existence that we follow is a part of the history.

R. J. Lefebvre 4 years ago


Your yin and yang hub was interesting. Do you believe every culture has some form of psychic perceptions of existance?


carriethomson profile image

carriethomson 5 years ago from United Kingdom

hi jyoti thats a great piece of information!! the yin yang symbol shows how two completely diffrent forces are actually interconnected. they might be poles apart but depend on each other and flatter each others existance!!


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