On Being a Fairy Godmother

Fairy Child So Beautiful So Bright

So delicate as the veil between worlds...
So delicate as the veil between worlds...

World of Fae

Fairy on the forest floor
Fairy on the forest floor
King and Queen, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
King and Queen, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Maypole, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Maypole, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Beautiful Fairy, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Beautiful Fairy, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Storytime, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010
Storytime, Fairy Festival Spoutwood Farm 2010

My Fairy Goddaughter

This was written for my fairy goddaughter, she said it was okay to share it with all of you. She thought it was so important to have someone in your life who loved you unconditionally, besides your birth mother, who was always there because they saw YOU for YOU. And that relationship goes both ways; she is such a blessing to me. We've always shared this special relationship, and always will. For C., I love you.

I wished for you and you came to me…

As if from a dream -

My faery child - the mother and child bond

That neither time, life, nor death could change

The cycle of life goes on with us…

I remember the last time we were together in a lifetime,

You looked up at me with those questioning eyes, so young and fair

An old soul with understanding of ages past

Waiting to be rekindled, yearning to know again

The magic and secrets you once knew.

They cycle of life goes on, and on.

And now here you are, born again unto me.

My fairy child – seven years ago this Mid-Winter’s Eve,

We left the Great Forest when you were just fourteen

The light from your Spirit shone through the leaves

Of every branch and leaf in this wooded hollow,

Awakening all the souls who dwelt in the faery glen.

The wee folk and creatures that lived

Came from leagues away

Just to see if the story they had heard was true –

The stories of their lives and magic would come to life again

Through the intensity and bravery of the talented Star Child

Who understood how to live in the outside world

Yet keep her soul enchanted and untouched by the negativity

Despair and stress,

She could teach other children how to see the stars, how to breathe in

The sparkling air and see the fairies - how to touch the other world

Those mortals left behind so long ago.

My fairy child, dancing barefoot in the sand, the Indigo –

She is the link between all worlds – naturally - effortlessly

Together, we traveled down the ancient pathways

She came to me to show her the Goddess and explain

How she touched everything

She wanted to know about Spirit – about gods and men

Rules and philosophy and laws of nature vs. man

She questioned everything she observed, smiling each time she

Realized that often I didn’t tell her what to think, I wasn’t to be

Her authority, but her guide, just to show her how to look within

And then look without and the answers would come. She read many

Books, studied art, made and floated with beautiful music and learned

That no one would tell her the answers for the questions she asked, only

What they perceived as truth. She often asked me what I thought of it all…

We talked for hours about different philosophies, religions, and the origins

Myths, realities and where the lines blurred and what was history anyway?

She knew that the truth for everyone was only their truth. And she delighted

In finding her own truth – we searched endlessly and interviewed and

Were captivated by the people we met, but we studied and traveled and flew

To every far off place and never judged people – just gathered jewels of

Information and beliefs and ceremony and respect to go through later with our

Own soul’s oculus.

We traveled by air, glistening wings

To see her face in every living thing

We grew together, and learned together

As mother and daughter should

All the world it seemed stopped for us

We had the faery gifts of bending time,

And making magic with the wave of a hand,

With only a thought we were connected,

We needn’t even speak a word.

Goddess poured down her knowledge

With the rising of every moon

There never seemed to be enough time

But we thought we had forever.

My Faery Child

Shining One

When the east wind blows too strong

When the south fire burns a little too hot

When the waves come at you too hard and too fast

And the chill of winter is a bit too cold

Come rest yourself here

In the arms of your Mother

Come gather your strength again

In the warmth of my love

For in the Garden of Faery

Where you where born

There is always a place for you to return

You, my love

Half woman, half child

Just on the edge of innocence

Questioning eyes

Seeking but knowing

Sometimes you know better than to ask

You’ve seen enough to know

The world has many facets

Yet you hold the hope it can all turn around

And you go forth every day

With the light and the love

From that faery garden from where you were born

Woman of Fey, one day you will lead us all

Woman of Fey, one day you will lead us all

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Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Oh wow this was beautiful, I see you are definitely on my wave length here! lol very lovely, thanks nell

caity 5 years ago

Momma Fey, my Faery Godmother, I love you sooooooooooo much. Thank you for this beautiful poem which I will cherish always. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Sending you warm rays of love and joy ~* ;)

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland Author

I love you Caity. xoxoxo

profile image

jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Awesomely Beautiful , inspiring and jovial , thank you for sharing such beauty , your God daghter is a lucky young lady , God Bless

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Jami, I'm the lucky one - watching her grow is one of the greatest joys of my life. And now that she is a young woman - I love the relationship we have! Being her faery godmother, is truly my brightest blessing. :)

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 4 years ago from New Zealand

How I have missed your writing. Deep and meaningful and full of love. Very beautiful.

I have seen fairies. Well at least their lights I have.

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