Faith in God - Do your duty

Faith in God and Your Duty

" Your faith in God must match your earnest effort", said Mahatma Gandhi.Gandhiji was a great devotee and also a great master of action.

For every success there must be primarily sincere human effort. Determination to achieve and skill in action are necessary in any endeavour.At the same time, to keep up self confidence to overcome obstacles one must call on one's inner strngth. Since for any effort to succeed there must be skill in work as well as concentration which are possible only when the mind is calm without agitation. Agitation and Panic will make your mind unstable and those decisions that are being taken in this state will never fetch you any favourable result.

Any great success either in sports, studies, business, surgery or in any other field is possible only with the combination of determination and skilful hard work.

By merely repeating the name of the Lord without strenuous effort will lead you nowhere. That is why in Bhagavadgita Lord Krishna tells Arjuna:" Always think of me but fight", that is think of the Lord, but do your duty.

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msms 8 years ago

Great! Faith heals your soul. "think of the Lord, but do your duty"

as duty is worship.

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