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Luang Por Pae


Biolography of LP Pae

In Thailand, one of the most respectable Thai monk was Somdej Pra Sangkarat Pae or known as Luang Por Pae among the Thai people during the period of BE 2432 to BE 2487 in Thai Temple. He had done lots of good deed during his monkhood and well respected by people who had paid tributes to him. LP Pae was age 89 in BE 2487 on 26th of November where he was laid in peace. He came into this world in BE 2399 on 12th of November during the period of King Rama 4.

He was born in a family of farmers and they were Nut (his father) and Oon (his mother). In Tonburee at Bahng Lupoo Lahng where both of his parents had worked as farmers when he came into this world. When he had reached the age of 13, his father had brough LP Pae to Wat Raat Boorana to become a novice monk and took his education from Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Somboon). During his time in Wat Raat Boorana, Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Pae) had gone to Wat Torng Noppakun and studied Dhamma from Ah Jahn Poh. LP Pae had undergone to be ordained by Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Daeng) in BE 2422 when Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Somboon) had passed away due to illness.

At Wat Raai Pradit, LP Pae had practice Dhamma under Pra Sangkarat (Sah). In BE 2419, LP Pae had gone to the King's Palace to take his examination for Dhamma but unfortunately, he did not passed the examination. Then in BE 2425, he retake his Dhamma examination again and this time, he had passed the examinations. He was then promoted to Preai 4 in ranking. He strived to improve himself further by taking another Dhamma examination in BE 2428 at Wat Pra Seeratanahsasahdahrahm (Wat Pra Keow) and got a promotion to Preai 5 after successfully passed the examination. He had rose to the ranking of Pra Rahrahchah Kana at Pra See Sompoh in BE 2432. Later in BE 2441, LP Pae was again promoted to the ranking of Senior Pra Rahrahchah Kana at Pra See Sompoh. He rose to the ranking of Pra Tamagohsahjahn in BE 2443. The next promotion by the King Rama 6 in BE 2455, LP Pae had been promoted to Pra Prommunee. Again in BE 2466, Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Pae) had became Pra Somdej Praputtajahn in ranking. LP Pae became Pra Wanrat by the King Rama 7 as the most senior monk who took care of monk's conduct. In BE 2479, LP Pae was transferred to Bangkok by Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Jow) of Wat Rahborpit. LP Pae had became the Chief Invigilator of Dhamma examination in BE 2471 to BE 2474 when he was transferred to Sanahm Luang.

Somdej Pra Sangkarat (Pae) rose to the ranking of Pra Sangkarat of Thailand after the departure of Pra Sangkarat (Jow) who had passed away in BE 2481 on 15th of November.

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ken 4 years ago

phra somdej sangkaraj pae and lp pae of singburi are 2 different monks.

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Thanks for letting me know that there is another lp pae who stayed in Singburi.

ken 4 years ago

while your written content was about the famous phra somdej sangharaj pae, the photo which you attached was another famous luang phor pae of wat pikulthong, singburi. it would be good if you can correct your essay.

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Do you have info about LP Pae staying in wat pikulthong, singburi so I can make the changes? Or do you have the photo of my written content?

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