Happy Father's Day To All Father's Everywhere

Happy Father's Day To All Father's Everywhere

Each Father we know has had their share

Of heartaches and trials along life's highway.

Many have sorrows that seem hard to bear

That will forever burden them day after day.

But Jesus is the Great Lifter of burdens,

He can make the heaviest burden seem light.

He can send to you your little child's smile,

That smile that makes your whole world bright.

He can give you the touch of your baby's hand,

Or a childish ,"I love you ,"from your little one.

Enjoy them now ,then store them, in your heart

For in passing of time the babe will be gone..

The babe will gradually but too quickly change.

There in their place stand a young lady or lad,

But fortunate are they ,whatever the gender

To have been blessed with a Christian Dad.

May The Lord give you a great wisdom

To guide them and direct the way to go.

We appreciate you, Dad, on Father's Day,

Now on your day we want to tell you so !


It seems sometimes that fathers get

overlooked in their role as a parent , as

a provider and the raising of their child.

A father is as important as a mother but

in different ways, a mother nurtures ,

loves and sometimes spoils the child

but at times father will have to step in

and change the rules. Children need

God fearing parents to grow up and

be all that God intended them to be !

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Johan Smulders profile image

Johan Smulders 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

Amen from a father!

clara kish@yahoo. profile image

clara kish@yahoo. 4 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio Author

Hello, Johan. Thanks for the comment. When someone new writes one I always go check their profile, When I saw your hub on old age I had to read ,I can relate to what you was talking about.I am 83 and I feel a lot older than that sometimes, Your hub was very interesting . Clara

glmclendon profile image

glmclendon 4 years ago

You are so right. If fathers will act like fathers we will all be blessed.

Stay Well

clara kish@yahoo. profile image

clara kish@yahoo. 4 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio Author

Thanks ,glm, I am glad that you approved , a lot of fathers and mothers want to be buddies with their children ,not parents.I guess I could go on about that but I am sure that was not God's intention in the first place ,God made fathers and mothers,too ,but children need someone to guide them, not someone to play with. clara

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

A great hub. In Australia we don't have Fathers' Day until September, so your hub may be read for a while yet.

clara kish@yahoo. profile image

clara kish@yahoo. 4 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio Author

Hello Blossom ,Thanks for the comment.I knew I had better put this on early so it would get to more people on time for Father's Day.Hope you have a good day. love, clara

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