"Faye's Daily Words Of Encouragement # 228 Today's word Is : Ask"

"Faye's Daily Words Of Encouragement # 228 Today's Word Is : Ask"

The bible says we have not, because we ask not.
The bible says we have not, because we ask not.

"Faye's Daily Words Of Encouragement # 228 Today's word Is: Ask"

Defin ition of the word Ask: Means to make inquiries, to question, to inquire about or to make a request of someone.

Isaiah chapter 45 _ 11 : Thus saith the Lord, the holy one of Israel and his maker, ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.

Isaiah chapter 65 - 1 : II am sought of them that asked not for me: I am found of them that sought me not: I said behold me, behold me unto a nation that was not called by my name.

Matthews chapter 7 - 7 : It shall be given you, seek and ye shall fins: knock and it shall be open unto you.

Matthews chapter 7 - 9 : Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will be give him a stone.

Matthews chapter 21 - 22 :> And all things whatosever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall recieve.

Mark chapter 6 - 22 : And when the daughter of the said, Herodias came in and danced, and pleased Herod and them that sat with him, the king said unto the damsel, ask of me whatsoever thou wilt, and I will give it thee.

Luke chapter 11 - 13 : If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children : how much more shall you heavenly father give the holy spirit.

John chapter 14 - 13 :And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the father may be glorified in the son to them that ask him.

John chapter 15 - 7 :If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

James chapter 1 - 5 : If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God , that giveth to all man liberally, and upbraided not: and it shall be given him.

James chapter 4 - 2 : Ye lust and have not: ye kill, and desire to have and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

1 Peter chapter 3 - 15 : But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always ready to give an answer to every an that is in you with meekness and fear.

1 John chapter 3 -22 : And whatsoever we ask , we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.

1 John chapter 5 - 14 : And this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.

Today's daily Words of encouragement word Is Ask: The word Ask means to inquire or request of someon. If we read our bible it tells us that we have not, because we ask not. It doesn't just stop there, because when we ask , we also have to have the faith to believe that we will have what ever, we're asking for without doubting. When we want God to work in our favor, we must pray and ask God in prayer for what ever we want to happen and look for it to materialize into our lives. 

If you need love ask, if you need help ask, if you need guidance ask, if you need forgiveness ask, if you want the holy spirit, just ask God for all things that you need in your life. We must believe that God will answer our prayers without doubting in out heart and our prayers will be answered.

Benny Faye Douglass

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creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you again Veronica, I believe it,thank you for your comment and feedback. creativeone59

Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 6 years ago from Georgia

My favorite scripture that helps to impress on my mind that it takes persistences is Matthew 7:7,8 whick really helps us to see that if we keep on asking and seeking we will recieve and find the guidance we so need.

This is a great reminder Creativeone - that with persistence, great things can happen.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you Revlady,for your words of wisdom, I appreciate you stopping by, I missed your input. Thank you for your comment and feedback. God bless you. creativeone59

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you dahoglund, for your comment and feedback. You are correct if you don't believe it will never happen for anyone. You have to believe, once you ask. Godspeed. creativeone59

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona Author

Thank you Hello, for stopping by and leaving you comment and feedback.Hello, I want you to ask God for what ever and then believe he will give it you, with all your heart, all you have to do is wait on him. Godspeed. creativeone59

RevLady profile image

RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

A very thought provoking hub. God wants us to ask Him, through Jesus Christ, for our needs. Nevertheless, He has also outlined His conditions, including faith and obedience, which we must meet. Thank you for this inspiration.

Forever His,

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

I have a friend who is either an agnostic or athiest. He has said that prayers are not answered, but how does he know? If he asks without belief he might not be answered. Or he may be answered and not recognize it.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

At the moment I keep asking and asking. Not because I am greedy but I am at the end of my tether. I hope He listen to me, just fo r once.

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