Feng Shui Facing Direction For Home

First Step of Feng Shui in your home

If you want to apply Feng Shui in your own house, you do not need to be a believer as it will show you that it will work. Then you can decide whether or not to remain as skeptic. It is what you do with Feng Shui that will work with the result you maybe looking for in return.

This first step before doing the Nine sectors Flying Stars chart in your house is vitally important. If you do not apply correctly then the entire Flying Stars chart will not be accurate and it may do you more harm instead. So, you need to be 100% clear of what you need to do when taking the direction of your house for facing & sitting position.

Flying Stars Chart


How to take your compass direction for Feng Shui home

Before you begin to plot your Feng Shui home with Flying Stars Chart, you will need to get the accurate reading of Facing Direction for your house. This is very important factor of taking the accurate reading otherwise all the sectors in your Flying Stars Chart will be inaccurate. So, how does one takes the reading of the house for facing direction?

Quick Example Of Facing Direction

Below it a quick example of how you can take your facing & sitting direction of the Flying Stars Chart. Unfortunately to say, many people still do not understand and made mistakes as how the reading it being taken. Hope that when you view this video example, it can be clear as how it has to be done before you can start plotting the chart.

Feng Shui Compass Direction

The video is showing the correct method of taking your facing direction for your house. You require to take 3 different readings to know the actual facing direction.

1. First step is standing 3 feet away from your main door, using your compass or luopan pointing in the center of your main door and write down your first reading.

2. Second step is standing 6 feet away from your main door and take your second reading pointing in the center of your main door and write down the second reading.

3. Third step is standing 9 feet away from your main door and take your 3rd reading with the compass pointing the center of the main door. Write down the final reading.

Now you need to compare these 3 readings and make sure that it is not more than 15 degree differences otherwise you must re-take these readings again. It might means that you are having some electrical interference. If the repeat tests still show more than 15 degree difference then you may want to take these readings from outside your house instead.

If all the readings are the same then this will be the Feng Shui facing direction for your house. Using this reading to start plotting your flying stars chart.

Our next video will be showing you how you can plot your floor plan.

Summary of the reading taken

Follow the above steps closely and making sure that you totally understand how it is to be done so that the readings are accurate. Here are some of the common problems people had encountered during their readings of the compass.

1. Standing too close against the wall where there are electrical wiring that causing the reading to be erratic and inaccurate.

2. Not taken the reading at the center of the door which makes a great difference when plotting the chart.

3.Unable to get the readings as it varies too much for 3, 6 and 9 feet apart.

4. Influence of compass from top or bottom of your flat causing the readings to be inaccurate.

5. Wrong type of compass that does not show the actual degrees readings.

6. If you are unable to take the correct readings inside your house then you should try it from outside your home doing the same procedure of standing 3, 6 and 9 feet away. Make sure that you are having the compass is directly pointing in the center of the door.

7. If all these methods still giving inconsistent readings then you can try to take the reading outside the building. This will help to eliminate all types of electrical interference that you maybe facing within the building itself.

8. For taking the building reading, you will need to be 90% aligned for each reading.

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kikaystuff 3 years ago from Philippines

thanks for this

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You're most welcomed. Most people are confused of the facing direction and hoping this will clarify their doubts.

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