Filling the Void: The Fall of American Fundamentalism

Prophecy: the double-edged sword

What they've always feared, they've prophesied. Thru their method of prophecy, they issued radical statements that shaped the following generations. As a people, we're witnessing the incredible decline of what was once an unassailable bastion of the "moral right."

They emulated their greats: Eisenhower, godfather of the military-industrial complex; Nixon, with his "no nonsense" support of the "silent majority" (ignore Watergate, that was just a misfortune!); and of course, the Holy Trinity, with Reagan, Bush A. and Bush B. navigating the helm. For decades, they kept legislation a reflection of the Holy Church (forgive the satirical capitalization, old habits die hard). They claimed that they owned and invented morality, that without their god we would merely plummet into our own destruction.

Jesus, they were right.

Holy mother of God, did the rapture happen?

Did I miss it? Am I left behind?

Be careful what you pray for...

Having grown up a pastor's kid, to be referred to affectionately as "PK" until further notice, I had a front row seat from 1985-1995 of the American Dream in action. Countless lawyers, bankers, doctors, carpenters...everything...flocked to the church when times were great. Boy, were they great, too! God was really blessing us Americans, since we officially had defeated godless communism and all that shit.

The yesteryear's hippies had deconverted and sold out to "the man." They became that day's yuppies, a far more dastardly and decadent race of subhumans. Repulsive, by every use of the word.

They raised their children with iron fists, too. There'd be no room for rebellion this time around, I'm sure was the thinking. "We don't need no more 60's" is the proper grammatical inflection necessary to convey they disdain I have for this mentality.

What followed was pretty much written before it happened: they prophesied their own downfall, and upon doing so spurned their children to take them up on their silly challenge.

It should be said, "Be careful what you pray might just receive it."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning of the end. If you bring your offspring to a weekly gathering (or, in most cases, 3-4 times a week) and have the same exact message perpetually hammered into their skulls against their will, you will receive heavy backlash.

The church, I feel, began to demystify during the height of Reagan's monarchy. There was a severance that had been present since the late 50's, yes, but nothing as raw and open as the spirits of the doomed during the roaring years of "trickle down" insanity. The underdogs were finally, truly underdogs, and the time was prime for a revolution of the mind.

It's our kids' fault!

Of course, the proper reaction when losing control of a situation that you'd handled with fascist derision for so long is to freak the fuck out. Lose absolute control. Go batshit nuts.

And they did. Westboro Baptist Church began railing their immorality on the rest of the population, and with the popularisation of the internet in the mid-2000s, everyone's sins were on the altar. There was no longer room for error, and your cronies no longer held the power to keep you in the pastor's seat whilst raping innocent children. Blogs went ablaze with account after account of hellish nightmare, being displayed without guilt and without remorse for an unsuspecting population to see.

The denial was palpable. On one side, you had the crazies who claimed that "only god may judge" and that "to say evil against the brethren of christ would be to doom the church." This is all translated from fancy-christian-jargon into "ok, so we hate admitting we're flawed, and we sure as hell ain't gonna fix it, are we?"

Turn a blind eye. Ignore the atrocities being committed in the basement.

Then, audacity struck with a deafening blow. They blamed their children.

God is dead

It wasn't long before my childhood compatriots and I trotted off to one of their esteemed and "chosen for you" colleges. I decided that Bob Jones University was the "safest" bet. I mean, for a naive american boy, who once thought the world worked akin to "Mayberry" on a Sunday afternoon, how was I supposed to know any better? It's what the regime had bred me, trained me, and abused me to do with singular focus. The problem was that, like me, my generation had very little interest in that focus.

In fact, we started voraciously consuming volumes of the "secularists" [translated: the devil's own]. Class after class of religious indoctrination did the exact opposite it intended: it created a thinking, feeling, and no-bullshit generation. Gone were the days where the pastor had the power of regional prime minister, where he could sway votes in any direction he pleased. Gone were the days where fathers could molest their sons and daughters, and where their wives sat and watched in catatonic despair. Behind us were sliding into the mire, lifetimes of misery and dis-ownership. We banded together against the storm, and the result was far more than our parents ever thought possible.

In less than a decade, we've uncovered scandal upon scandal. Sex, lies, drugs, more lies...the worst, though, was the documentation of the starvation of children in what effectively are concentration camps. They would send us there in an attempt to save our souls.

What we received was verbal flagellation on subjects like masturbation, looking at boobs/asses, thinking about kissing someone (yeah, that makes babies), and the evils of rock 'n' roll. In fact, the accounts are so devious at times, that anyone not an integral part of this cultish behavior would think it to be an exaggerated story merely to generate press.

I assure you, that while I have personally avoided most of the most wicked of sins committed by Christianity, I've watched as others succumbed to far worse than I. No one, ever, should be pushed to kill themselves merely because your parents told you god didn't love you anymore.

And, finally, we're seeing all of this surface. The once infallible have fallen, and you can berate me all you'd like in my taking pleasure in such circumstance, but I'm quite pleased that this has begun. There is still much more to accomplish, however, and I do think it's time to deliver their worst nightmare: a population dominated by people who aren't afraid to say...

God is dead.

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